Just Call Me Izzy Stevenson....

>> Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I went to the Dermatologist yesterday for the first time. My OB had recommended I go last August at my post birth check up because of a 'suspicious' freckle on my leg. I admit I have been putting it off for a number of reasons. First, I tried to schedule an appointment and it takes months to get in. Second, I found out it was not "preventative" so I would have to pay more to go. Third, I just hate going to the doctor.

But finally I went. More because I wanted to get a spot removed off my face that has been bugging me and I have some arm bumps that irritate me and I wanted some prescription lotion to eliminate it. Completely vain reasons I know.

The visit was fairly quick, and pretty much what I expected until...

He pulled out a needle and a 'scoop' device with the comment "I see why your OB wanted you to get this checked out...let's get a biopsy" Say what? You are going to do a what with that? Yeah I hate hate hate needles, shots, pain. I am a weenie. "There is also a spot on your abdomen I want to check out too" Poof another needle appears. By now I am woozie. He starts approaching and I say "Wait a minute...is this going to scar?" Maybe a little bit of vanity comes into play here.

While I am questioning about the scaring he STABS me in the leg with the needle and shoots me with Lytacain with a response of "only a small one." If you have every had this shot you know it HURTS!! "Mother effffeeeerrrr!" Was the response he got. Amazingly it didn't hurt as bad on my stomach, probably the baby fat helped me out there. And I don't mean the baby fat from yesteryear. I should rename it Lily Fat.

"We will call you in a week. Oh and if it is something remind me you are worried about scarring and we will send you to a plastic surgeon to get it removed." Insurance lingo for "not covered"

As I left the doctor's office I wondered if a lot of people call him a Mothereffer when he biopsies them....

Now the waiting game. Oh and they can't take care of my face spot and told me my arm bumps are normal and I should exfoliate more. And he wonders why I called him a Mothereffer.



Trish September 30, 2009 at 1:28 PM  

Hope everthing goes well!

I had a skin tag taken off at I was the same way...HOLY CRAP!

Nicole Faby September 30, 2009 at 2:22 PM  

I had the same thing done recently on my back.. I cried and I made the nurse hold my hand! It came back pre cancerous so now I am on high alert!! scary! let us know how it turns out.