Labor Day Weekend 2009

>> Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We had a fun Labor Day weekend with Michael's Family in town. We did a picnic at Pullen Park near NCSU. It was a beautiful day and we found a shaded spot next to a pond with "FISHIES" which pleased Lilybug. She ran around and refused to eat the lovely display Mommy prepared straight from KFC. How Rude! But we were drawn to Pullen because it has an awesome play ground we wanted to try out along with a Carousel and Train. We did not get to the play ground but the other two were awesome and cheap! Only a buck a person to ride. We will definitely be going back.

Standing in line for the Carousel.
Carrousel was really cool. Too Bad she didn't agree. She only cried occasionally but I got one little outburst!
I struggled through the whole ride to get her to look at me for a picture. Everywhere I would stand she would look the other way. The little stinker! This was at the end of the ride I tricked her and ran to the other side. This was as good as it got!
Da Eads getting ready for the Choo Choo!
Rock on Train!
Not super thrilled to be on the train but not mad. An improvement from the line which equaled mad. Mad, hot, and thirsty. I was skeptical about how this was going to play out but she seemed to enjoy the breeze and the scenery. She even waved at a few people as we passed them.
I finally got her to sleep about three for her nap. Just a few hours overdue you think? She had hit her limit and resorted to screaming and flailing...que nap. So peaceful...when she is sleeping.
We ended the weekend with a Durham Bulls Game. Our first in many years (2?). With being pregnant and then having a newborn it was not easy to make it out there. We love going though so it was a treat. Our seat were amazing and it was only 11 dollars each. We were first three rows on the visitor bench. Got some good shots!
Grandpa loving at the game
"It's not easy being Big" Her favorite book.
I love this pic even though it is not that flattering. Michael is so handsome in it!
The Lemonade was a special sweet treat she LOVED! She drank this whole cup.
This is what she did the majority of the game...Looked at her Elmo/Big Bird Book. This is the flavor of the week in the Eads Household. We must read this book continuously for an hour each day.
Daddy and Lily singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Only eyes for Mommy
Complete Cuteness
Lily was really good...most of the time. Look at this pitiful face! This sadness was all over a straw. Poor baby right?
Happy Labor Day!

It was an exhausting weekend and we got nothing done around the house. But sometime it is just nice to spend time together and do fun stuff. The park and the game made the weekend fabulous. I am sad to see the summer go but am looking forward to fall fun. This month we have the Pumpkin Patch and next month Halloween. We decided on a Halloween costume and I can't wait to roll it out!