14 Weeks

>> Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I went this morning for my 14 week check up. Everything was fine. I talked to my doctor about my constant headaches and how to relieve them. She offered to prescribe me something that could be used sparingly but I declined. She also suggested that Michael start rubbing my neck and upper back to help alleviate them. I will take that advice starting tonight! The appointment was short they only found the heart beat and measured me.

On a very bright note on my end I have slowed down on my weight gain which is awesome. At the rate I was going I would be 250 by the end of the pregnancy. But I only gained a pound this past month which puts me right back on target for healthy weight gain. Most people that know me well have heard my concerns about getting ginormous during the pregnancy since my weight is so volatile. I was cursed with a horrible metabolism and a lazy streak :)

This week my Mom and StepDad are coming into town for an early Christmas celebration. I am looking forward to that. We get presents twice in the same week. Whoohhoo. Luckily I only have a little bit of stuff to pick up today and my shopping will be done. I finished up Michael's on Sunday but standing in line for about three hours in freezing rain to get him a Nintendo Wii. I have been looking for about a month and then final got some info about Best Buy and Target getting some on Sunday. So I started at one Best Buy at 5AM and then was at the second one by six. I was number 95 there and they got in 93! Talk about irritating. After that I hauled butt over to Target and got one! Of course Michael was aware of me getting it since I was gone at six when he woke up so I went ahead and gave it to him. His present was all the effort I went through to get it for him. I have never worked so hard getting a gift for someone. It felt good.

Hopefully I will get to post before Christmas but if not Merry Christmas!


13 weeks

>> Friday, December 14, 2007

Well this has been a pretty good week other than a run in with pink eye. Yes pink eye, the annoying infection I thought only rugrats carried around. Thanks go out to my lovely co worker that infested me! And not just in one eye but both. So I missed a day of work, for which I had no vacation left and got to stay home and watch lifetime all day.

To be more specific I watched "A Baby Story" and "Bringing Home Baby." I have decided no more baby story because it really just makes me cry or cringe over the birthing process. Furthermore, bringing home baby just confirmed the fact that I will not get any sleep or relaxation during my whole maternity leave so I may as well just not watch that show either. Both shows left me in tears and sadly I don't think I can blame it on hormones. Mainly because I have always been a bit of a softy.

We did get the results of our first trimester blood screen back yesterday. The news was excellent and I will be passing on the second trimester testing. Although I sounded so confident in my last post a pregnancy friend recently told me her horrifying experience with false positives and this test so I was convinced I would be part of the percentage that this happened too. But alas all is well. This test only gives you percentages but even for the statistically challenged like myself the numbers were good.

This week I have been trying to adapt to sleeping on my left side which has left me a little unrested and cranky in the morning. I do have a body pillow which is helping in the debacle but my back and shoulder are not feeling much relief. Of course my rest is also being interrupted by a snoring spouse. Putting the body pillow over his face doesn't really mask the sound either.....Oh I miss my first trimester exhaustion that let me sleep so well only a full bladder could awake me!


12 Weeks

>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

Michael and I went for my first trimester screen this morning and it was amazing! The baby has changed so much in just over a month. The above picture shows Peads shining moment of waving at Mommy and Daddy. To be exact there was a somersault and then a wave. Peads was showing off for the cameras, just like Mom. If you look closely you can see all five fingers on the hand. It really was just awesome to see the features start forming. Peads had arms, legs, fingers, a distinguishable nose, and little feet! It even had a fat little belly. And the movement was outrageous. How Peads is moving around that much and I cannot feel it is crazy. You would think it was a gymnastic ring in there.

More importantly all the measurements came back well within range. Now we just have to wait on the blood test results which I am positive are fine. The baby measured about five centimeters and had a heartrate of 151. Still kind of high....might mean it is a girl!

Here are some of the other pictures.

A good shot of the face and a foot right next to the face on the left.

Another good shoot of the face and the button nose.

You can see an arm extended here with a foot on the left.