12 Weeks

>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

Michael and I went for my first trimester screen this morning and it was amazing! The baby has changed so much in just over a month. The above picture shows Peads shining moment of waving at Mommy and Daddy. To be exact there was a somersault and then a wave. Peads was showing off for the cameras, just like Mom. If you look closely you can see all five fingers on the hand. It really was just awesome to see the features start forming. Peads had arms, legs, fingers, a distinguishable nose, and little feet! It even had a fat little belly. And the movement was outrageous. How Peads is moving around that much and I cannot feel it is crazy. You would think it was a gymnastic ring in there.

More importantly all the measurements came back well within range. Now we just have to wait on the blood test results which I am positive are fine. The baby measured about five centimeters and had a heartrate of 151. Still kind of high....might mean it is a girl!

Here are some of the other pictures.

A good shot of the face and a foot right next to the face on the left.

Another good shoot of the face and the button nose.

You can see an arm extended here with a foot on the left.