Great Wolf Lodge

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Sunday we packed up the girls and headed to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC. I had been hearing about it for months on radio commercials and felt this was right up our alley.  Indoor waterpark? Perfect. 

This place rocks. As it should for the steep weekday price of $300 dollars a room. Wow right? But although I was skeptical that we would get our moneys worth I was proven wrong.  First, it is a waterpark. The average admission is about 50 dollars a person for these not including a room. Second our room slept six (four adults and the two girls in a pack and play each). So we split the cost between the two families. Third, at the girls current age they were free. 

I can honestly say it was worth the $150 dollars. This place was immaculately clean. I am kinda of a freak about feet and fungus and stuff. It is one of my fears. And I walked around bare foot all weekend with no worries. Our room was HUGE!!! The bed was sooooo comfy. The staff was fab. And the girls?Well they were in little girl heaven. 

In another year or two this place will be even cooler for them. This year there was only one section dedicated to toddlers and they were too small for most of the rides. But the section for toddlers was a decent size and it was just right for them. Lily could stand in the water unassisted and walk around the toddler pool. There was two slides she could do by "herself" with us catching her at the bottom.

Lily showed no fear all weekend. She wanted to slide and slide down the "blue slide" which was the bigger of the two toddler slides. And she wanted to "splashy splashy" with Cousin Morgan and Tanya.

Both girls loved the big pool as well. The water was so warm and toasty. I hope it was heated by something other than pee! But seriously the water seemed really really clean as well as the facilities and room. They use some sort of salt water shocking mechanism to sanitize the water so it wasn't overly chloriney smelling.
Life jackets are provided for the kids and they fit Lily perfectly. That made me a lot more comfortable with her walking around the toddler pool. The pool was a good size for them to wander in but I would actually let go of her hand because the jackets rocked. They do not allow outside swim supporters such as floaties.
Both girls would get so worn out they would just conk out on our laps after about three hours of water fun! It gave a nice break when I felt like a prune! We did have to stop for a snack every two hours because I think their appetites increased from all the activity. Morgan even passed out at the dinner table before she ate and slept soundly the rest of the night!!

The girls were inseparable most of the weekend. They didn't fight they just splashed and laughed. Even in the room they shared their snacks and did their baby talk to each other. Who knows what they were saying??! I didn't. Maybe it is like twin talk only cousin talk? 

This is Morgan about twenty minutes before she put her head on the dinner table and passed out!

While Morgan bowed out early we headed down to Great Wolf Story time! At 8 o'clock the wolf comes down and reads the kids a story in their pajamas.

This is the only pic of me the whole weekend. I swear I was there. Oh the life of a Momma behind the camera all day.  We didn't have time to put on our jammies before story time but all the kids were so cute in theirs! I was jealous. I did see a Dad actually fall asleep during the story! Hey this place wears out the parents too! 

The Great Wolf!

They read the Napping House. What a cute book. I have to get it for Lily.

The next day (the nights stay includes check in and check out day at the waterpark) was much of the same. Splashy Splashy and blue sliding!
Now don't get me wrong the adults had fun too! That is the advantage of going with another family. You have someone to take the kids while you go do the big kid rides! Which were awesome! They had about six big kid rides and all were fun. I won't ruin it but some are REALLY fun. Lets just say you will have to try them for yourself to see.

This is Michael doing the Lily pad obstacle. Waiting patiently for his downfall!

Oh he might make it......

Through the first one....hahahaha!

Can Wayne do better?
Oh he is almost across...will he make it? 
Uh that is a negative....I swear some kids hopped across like champs. I think being an adult weight is a disadvantage! 
Splashy Splashy
Snack time! 




This was Lily at the end of the second day. The stillest I have ever seen her. Plum wore out! She just laid there bundled up while we packed up. All done Mommy, All done. 

We made the rule of no swimsuit shots only head shots for picture taking. Well at the least the girls did. So I thought this was hysterical. It makes it look way dirtier than it really is! 

Overall I give the place 4.5 stars out of 5.  I only deduct a half for the price and the food price/quality. I highly recommend this place. A few tips though.

1. Stay more than one night.  The place has so much to offer we didn't get to do most of it!
2. Stay during the week. We stayed Sunday through Monday and it was DEAD on Monday and just a little busy on Sunday. I could see how the weekends could be packed in there though.
3. I brought my own snacks and drinks in. Saved a lot of money.
4. We should have went off site for dinner. The food is so expensive and I wasn't overly impressed with how good it was.
5. Pack a bag for your check out day that includes shampoo and soap. You will want to shower before you head home. The salt water mix sticks to you.

We will be going back. I can see this being a yearly trip! 


What I love....

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Martha Rivers Easter Egg Hunt

This weekend we took Lily to see her cousin Morgan. The girls are starting to get so close and fun to hang out with it! When did that happen? Most times I look at them and think about all the trouble they will get it when they are older and I just can't wait. But other times I look at them and think how the hell people with twins do it. Whew. This Momma is tired! 

As you can see this was a very complicated easter egg hunt. Hundreds of eggs were "hidden" everywhere. By hidden I mean tossed into the grass. Even well laid plans fail sometimes. For example, lets get all the five and under kids to hunt together. Fail. There is a BIG difference between an almost two year old and a five year old. Not to even throw in the biggest five :cough cough NINE: year old I have ever seen RUNNING and getting every egg out from underneath the kids. Saw her later pissed off and throwing her eggs back out. hahaha! 

Basically Lily didn't get one egg.  Oh well. Luckily Mommy and Daddy let you cheat and grab a couple before the actual hunt started. Remember we will always take care of you! 

I don't think Morgan liked the hunt as much as Lily. But I don't think it was the hunt Lily was crazy about, more like the fact she was outside and it was beautiful. 

They had a real bunny the kids could pet. Lily wasn't too sure about that part. 

But what a surprise when the Easter Bunny showed up too! Lily gave him (her??)  five.
Mommy and Lily!
Up until this weekend Lily really only talks about MiMi, Paw and Cousin Morgan. But now I haven't stopped hearing about Aunt Tanya. Where's Aunt Tanya, Night Night Tanya, Call Tanya. What was she doing slipping her candy when I wasn't looking. I mean I fed Morgan a whole bag of Reese Pieces, is she talking about me?

Morgan's cousin cute! He was so well behaved..I actually don't think I saw him misbehave once.
Will...the boy Lily and Morgan will be fighting over in about twelve years. Watch out ladies that is real camo he is wearing there.

Lily loves riding on shoulders now. Unfortunately she is way to heavy for me these days. But Uncle Brent didn't seem to mind! 

And neither did I as long as I got to hold this cutie! 
No Babies No Babies...look away from the cuteness! 
Remember what I said about people with Twins? I think this man could obviously handle it.

mmmm we didn't quite figure out how to get all three on the lap. Triplets?? Ha!
I love these Sassy Pics! 

It was such a nice day and the kids were so good. Martha Rivers Park in Gastonia, NC is so nice. If you are ever in the area check it out!
Coming Soon: Great Wolf Lodge Review!