Mommy and Daddy Time WHAT?

>> Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Darling Mother in Law gave me the best birthday gift ever. A weekend of babysitting. Listen up peeps, you heard it here. That. is. the. best. gift. you. could. ever. give. a. parent. Period. THE BEST! So remember that next time.

So at first we toyed around with what to do with our free weekend. The first idea was to sleep. mmmmm sleep. I am not going to lie...that was #1 on the list. Then we thought of the responsible things we could do like clean the house up, get some projects done inside and out that we have been delaying, have a date night and spend Mommy and Daddy time together or aka sexy time. We had a nice romantic evening planned at Ruth Chris and candlelight to follow. But then you know what we decided to do instead?

Drink our faces off.

Awwwww sweet decompression. It is just what the doctor ordered. No Elmo or singing Little bunny Fufu. One of my besties just moved to DC after a tortuous stay in Indiana while her hubby got his PhD. I kid you not they lived outside a tater tot plant. Okay maybe it was a corn oil plant or something but it smelled like a tater tot either way. We only visited them once while they were there and then the next month our wee one was conceived so not much visiting at all after that. We decided on Wednesday we were heading there so we didn't exactly give much notice. But I don't think they minded...too much.

Off to DC we headed giggling all the way. Our first mistake: leaving Raleigh at lunch time....putting us in DC at five. Doh! Anyone on the east coast knows to stay out of a fifty mile radius around DC near rush hour (3-8). But we made it there without too much traffic and ready to party down!

The first night we went to a restaurant called BlackFin in Bethesda. Yummy yummy. We hung out there until we felt like they were kicking us out to set up a dance floor. Then we headed to a bar that had a pool table area and a dance floor. The best of both worlds!

We played a lot of pool and I missed the Que ball at least a dozen times. I realized I am getting really old! I couldn't even see half of the balls if they were at the opposite end of the table. Note to self: optometry appointment stat. But then again it could have been the yummy blue moons me and michele were loving on all night.

Our Hosts the Habichts
Michele just got her hair cut off. Isn't it presh?
Ummm he was loving on the yuenglings!
Whooping up on some pool.

So randomly we saw Michael's office mate at the bar. Yes the guy he sits next to everyday in NC was in DC for the weekend for a wedding. Of all the bars to go to in the DC area we end at the same bar? How is that possible? Photographic proof!
Passon's friend and the girls. Lets just say we got a lot of attention on the dance floor when she came along.
Lessoned learned of the night?

The girls still got it! Oh yeah! Michele and I so got hit on the WHOLE night. I actually had a guy ask for my number. After I told him I was there with someone and that someone was my husband. Seriously? These guys actual exist!

Funniest story of the night?

Seeing a wingman in full force. We were dancing and these two guys came up out of nowhere to dance with us. After a few minutes a forty something year old Latino that had longer graying hair and is about 5'4 comes out of nowhere waving his ring finger at the two guys dancing with us. The guys originally blow it off but then as the wingman persists they then notice our wedding rings and scatter. Like coachroaches I kid you not. Wow. That is a good wingman. And all we wanted to do was dance! Haha!

The next day we headed to Georgetown to go shopping while the guys watched some Purdue basketball. In hindsight we probably should have taken the metro as we drove around a hour looking for a parking spot. Anybody that knows Steve knows about his legendary road rage. At that point in the day we were lucky to make it out alive! Everyone and their sister was out shopping because it was a gorgeous day!

Later that night we headed into Downtown DC with our other friend Phil in tow. We ate at Las Tascas which was a fabulous tapas restaurant. This was my first experience at this style restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised. If you are the type of person that always wants to grab a bite off everyone else's plate then this is for you. It is like ordering ten mini plates that everyone shares. This place also had great sangria!
Phil's friend Chris met us out as well. She just had a major career change and is now managing the tasting room at a local winery in Virginia. She was so sweet! I tried to talk Phil into asking her out STAT. For the completely selfish reason of getting wine, but that is besides the point. No really she is awesome and so nice.

This would be our third or fourth attempt at taking a picture. Michael is notorious for closing his eyes in pics. All of the previous had this issue. So scary clown face picture it is!
After dinner we headed to RFD World of Beers. A bar that made us feel really old. But we still rocked it!
Getting better with age!
The boys! See eyes half closed!
While we were out a friend from college and one of my other besties Jenna's bestie (are you following me?) met us out. Jenna was so jealous! Doesn't Laura look great!?
I think this picture is funny mainly because of Steve! He is half asleep in the background!
Michael called an old colleague and Eadsfest competitor that recently relocated to DC. Jimmy met us out at RFD as well. It was a mini reunion in DC!
We had a great time in DC. Seriously the best. This is us at the end of the night. We found this random shopping cart at our metro station. Some say shopping cart some say adult stroller!
Weekend Funness:
1. Michele and I are still hot and got it. At least with the latino region of fifty year old men. If only that wingman wouldn't have interfered!
2. That somethings never change..including Michele can fall asleep anywhere. Including in a busy bar.
3. Grocery Carts do not have maxium weight limits and can double as adult strollers.
4. We are not old and CAN drink two nights in a row like rockstars. Even if on Monday our sides hurt because our livers are shutting down.

On a more serious note I emailed Michele on Monday and tried to tell her how much the weekend meant to us. You see the moments you get to be your old self grow farther and farther as you loose yourself in parenthood. Yes you grow and change but you also lose little pieces of yourself along the way. You become that mom that only talks about your kid, the wife that is always on the search for a more efficient way to run her house or ways to make her husband remember the hot young college girl he started dating so long ago. You forget the woman you used to be! But they gave me that back if only for a weekend. What a great weekend it was.....


Trish March 10, 2010 at 8:58 AM  

i jus about peed my pants reading this! Sounds & looks like you guys had an great time.

And free babysitting...BEST GIFT EVER!!!!!!

Hope you had a few drinks for me, next time I may have to join you guys!

Eads Family March 10, 2010 at 9:07 AM  

Hey you barealy need a babysitter!