Might have to buy Depends....

>> Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I swear it is not that I have been dreading admitting defeat that has stopped me from posting this...it is more insane business.

Potty Training Update:

Lily will be wearing diapers until she is thirty. So right about the time I let her start dating. Wait this could aid in my no dating until you are thirty battle. Who wants to date Depends girl?

No really. I wouldn't say I am a failure. But some factors definitely played into my lack of success (aka failure). Negative Lessons learned:

1. Having a husband that was more than verbally on board would be nice. Sure he talked a big game but after two panty changes he was tapping out.
2. Being in the right mind set. As I said last week I have been in a funk lately. Maybe not the best weekend to start.
3. I need to buy a pillow or something to sit on...that floor was hard.
4. No Elmo/Videos on training days...then they don't want to leave to go potty.
5. You should not alter their fluid intake. I tried to pump her up with fluids to increase the chances of a peepee on the potty but all it did was make her continuously pee...but on my floor.
6. Not sure if the baby on her potty was the best idea. Now that is the baby's potty not hers, and she only used the big girl insert.

Saturday was tough but somewhat successful. She went three or four times. I set the timer every ten to fifteen minutes. I spent most of her waking hours on the bathroom floor singing elmo songs and stories and the Bunny FuFu song which is her favorite now. I tried to pump her full of fluids to make it easier to get a peeppe on the actually potty. This backfired and led to constant drizzling in every room. Michael was busy detailing my car for my birthday so I was alone. By the time he came back in I was exhausted and sore from sitting with her and lifting her on the potty. I mean my sides were aching from all the lifting and FuFu hand motions. I was so glad when bedtime came and I just passed out.

Sunday was not nearly as good. Not one time on the potty. I let her take in her normal fluid intake which was my major change. We don't usually let her carry around liquids. Just at measl and snacks and if she asks. Which isn't that often. Yet it was impossible to get her to go on Sunday. Coincidence that I was gone most of the afternoon and night? I think not. Coincidence that the US vs Canada hockey game was on so undivided Daddy attention was not provided? I think not. But he tried...and it took him twice as long to watch the game due to potty breaks. He did not utilize the timer like I did though.

Which leads me to positive lessons learned:

1. Timer setting is essential.
2. Undivided attention is good. Follow them around. That is the only way to observe, catch, swoop, and place on potty midstream.
3. Get a rug to sit on and lots of entertainment.

Funny Stories:

Only one poopoo so far in naked potty training. It was a shocker too. I never saw her do it. I just pulled down her panties and it fell in my hand. Gross. So Gross. So extremely gross.

Monday morning she totally played me. I ran upstairs to grab my bag and while I was up there she finished eating. This is what I hear:

Lily: Moooommmmyyyy? All done.
Lily: Moooommmmyyyy? All done!
Lily: Mommy I peepee! I PEEPEE!
:ThudThudThud Down the stairs:
Me: Lily do you have to peepee? Lets go potty!
:unstrapping her out of booster and putting her down:
Me: Lets go potty!
Lily: NOPE!
:Proceeds to run away:

Dang! I got out smarted by a 21 month old. That ain't right.

Sunday while I was gone she climbed in a box and squatted to pee.

Sunday while I was gone she looked at Michael, squatted and peed, and then yelled I PEEPEE! Like she was the smartest kid in the world.

Sunday while I was gone I am pretty sure Michael just made those stories up and put a diaper on her. Although I did see the pee stain in the box which adds validity to his story.

So we are going to regroup and retry in two weeks. This weekend my in laws are coming to take Lily for the weekend while we have a nice weekend at home. This was their gift to me for my birthday along with a giftcard to Ruth Chris which will be used on Saturday. Yay!

Even better I am pretty sure steak is on my diet and I have already dropped five pounds since my renewed commitment. I slowly feel myself coming out my funk! Although I think the funk is related to this awful winter weather. Spring come and take my bad mood away. Please?


Nicole Faby March 3, 2010 at 12:49 PM  

awww.. poor mommy. Luke has been a potty training trooper! Daycare has REALLY HELPED when he can see other kids doing it. they do every hour though so we do the 30 minute timer at the house! maybe a little less pressure for her and frustration for you?! We also waited to start trying until he showed interest on his own. I had not planned on trying until 2.5! Surgery has set us back a little bit though! Good luck if you need moral supprt call me! He only wants to use the big potty too. So the $50 i spent on those was a wste. He has the elmo insert too and a stool to get on! He insists on taking off all his clothes to go though. No idea why!! Good Luck!!

Anonymous March 3, 2010 at 1:24 PM  

I take offense in being the #1 reason that Lily was not successful in potty training her. I followed her around most of Sunday and some on Saturday. By the end of the weekend you couldnt drag that girl onto the potty. I did the best I could but she was not cooperating.