29 Week Appointment

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

Well that was awful! I had to drink the disgusting drink that all my pregos warned me about. Let me just say imagine chugging cough syrup. Then I got pricked (TWICE!) for the blood draw. THEN I had to get my RhoGam shot. I don't like needles so it was overload. The drink made me feel yucky afterwards, kind of light headed and tingly. Then the baby started going crazy from all the sugar. And the shot HURT! They gave it to me in butt since "it is kind of thick" as the nurse put it. Kind of! OUCH! I guess I should have prequeled with I am a weenie when it comes to just about anything but definatly shots.

On a brighter note I lost a pound and am back on track measurement wise. Maybe she slowed down the growth a little. She knew mom was freaking out about the 10 pound baby birthin'!

I did mention to the doctor that I have started having Braxton Hicks contractions and they seem to be radiating down my legs. She said to pay attention to these because this could be a sign of preterm labor (a small percentage of women have their contrations as a form of leg pain). Her heartbeat was 160.

Go back at 31 weeks!



>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Chunky Monkey

>> Friday, March 21, 2008

Wow! I got some pictures from the baby shower. I didn't realize how big I have gotten. No good belly shots but this a good one of the "overall" weight gain. Oh the things we do for pregnancy! She owes me for the massive body blows I am recieving. And don't worry I will remind her of it every time I pull the Mom guilt trip-heheh!

Umm could I get another chin please??

One of the owl outfits I got!

Michele and Brooke making onesies

Lovely Food Display

New nursery photos coming soon.


28 Weeks

>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to the third trimester! Only about 12 more weeks to go. Let the countdown begin. This past week has been a busy one. I spent a lot (I mean a lot) of time cleaning last week. I had my baby shower of Saturday. It was wonderful! I am spoiled rotten by all my family and friends. I think if the baby came out today we would be okay. We got all of our major items including our car seat, pack and play, swing, exsersaucer, and stroller. We also got tons of cute clothes (LOTS of Pink!) and other baby necessities. The cutest was the little owl outfits I got. I love owls (my sorority mascot) and it is not always easy to come by. The cutest part of the shower was the make your own onesies station. I got tons of cute onesies made by all of our friends. Until the guys got a hold of the extras at the party following the shower...lets just say not all will make it onto baby Eads' body! The food was awesome (you know preggers has to give a shout out to the food!) and overall a great time. Michael and I had to go register for more stuff since we have a family shower next month! I hope she knows how lucky she is.

That night we threw a BBQ since everyone came intown from such distances. The longest travelers being Mom from Florida and BFF (yeah I am trying to bring it back) Michele from Indiana. Most family and friends came from Gtown and then a lot of our Raleigh crew. Well it was a big party and was fun even if I could not join in on all the drinking festivities. That is the worst about being pregnant. I need some ALCOHOL!

I have been feeling so so. I actually had to go to an unscheduled appointment yesterday because I have not been able to get the swelling down in my feet. I was starting to get a little concerned when they would stay swelled up overnight after rest. Everything seems to be fine though I just need to take it easy put my feet up more. And maybe there is hope for this extra baby weight I am gaining. I think half of it is water! I have an appointment next week for my glucose test (argh!) and my biweekly appointments have begun. Are any of my other pregnant chicks tired of going to the doctor? I have never been so much in my life! On a side note my appointment last week put me two weeks earlier than previous measurements. Does anyone predict a May baby? I am keeping my fingers crossed because it could just be a sign she is going to be BIG!

This weekend will be spent organizing the nursery with all the new goodies, a little shopping, and following doctors orders of taking it easy and putting my feet up. I am looking forward to it. If only it was Friday.


Small Rant....

>> Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If one more person tells me what is good and bad for me I am going to scream!!! Already today I have had my boss ask me why I was eating something, and a random team member asking me to go on a walk because it would be good for me. By the way he stops by everyday and asks and tells me how good it would be for me and I say no (I don't take lunch breaks very often) so QUIT ASKING! I think I should just post a sign on my door that says "would you like to make anymore comments about how fat I am???" I know people! In case you haven't noticed I am pregnant!!!

Okay I feel better. Mainly because I have accepted that people are stupid.

I will post pics of my consignment shop goodies later.


Weekend Update

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

We had a busy weekend. It started on Saturday with a much deserved pampering day. I woke up and went to Jolie's in Cameron village for a facial and a pedicure. Pregnancy has reeked havoc on my skin so it was nice and relaxing. My only complaint about that was lying on back and some nerve pain during the process. But some wiggling got me comfortable enough to relax. My pedicure was nice as well...since I can no longer reach my toes very well it was nice for someone to spruce them up. After that I went to N. Raleigh to get a prenatal massage from a girlfriend of mine. It was awesome! For the first time in months I was relaxed and comfortable for at least a few hours. A funny prequel to this story is Michael shaving my legs the night before. I was embarrassed to get a massage all hairy, and its so hard to reach the bottom of my legs without some acrobatics involved. He is so sweet and he did a good job! I could get used to this...

The rest of Saturday and all of Sunday was spent spring cleaning (nesting anyone?). I cleaned out all of our second story closets and drawers and organized a lot of areas, including our diseaster of a closet. I got a lot done! But boy Sunday when I laid down to go to bed I was hurting. I am still paying for it today. But it was worth it. Michael started some spring yard work. He cut back our millions of crete mrytles and raked. Today he is doing the first mowing of the year in prep of this weekends activities.

Today I am going to a consignment sale after work. Hopefully I will rack up on some goodies for the Princess. I also have a shower this weekend that I am super excited about. I have a lot of people migrating from Gtown to come. So the rest of the week will be preparing for all of our people to come in. I can't wait to see everyone.