29 Week Appointment

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

Well that was awful! I had to drink the disgusting drink that all my pregos warned me about. Let me just say imagine chugging cough syrup. Then I got pricked (TWICE!) for the blood draw. THEN I had to get my RhoGam shot. I don't like needles so it was overload. The drink made me feel yucky afterwards, kind of light headed and tingly. Then the baby started going crazy from all the sugar. And the shot HURT! They gave it to me in butt since "it is kind of thick" as the nurse put it. Kind of! OUCH! I guess I should have prequeled with I am a weenie when it comes to just about anything but definatly shots.

On a brighter note I lost a pound and am back on track measurement wise. Maybe she slowed down the growth a little. She knew mom was freaking out about the 10 pound baby birthin'!

I did mention to the doctor that I have started having Braxton Hicks contractions and they seem to be radiating down my legs. She said to pay attention to these because this could be a sign of preterm labor (a small percentage of women have their contrations as a form of leg pain). Her heartbeat was 160.

Go back at 31 weeks!