I started this blog in 2007 with the idea of keeping a journal of my pregnancy and the first year of Lily's life as an Eads. Basically a Baby Book I could tolerate. But now it is so much more....I blog for me and for my family. We live away from the majority of our family so this is a way to keep them in touch and a way to capture some of the craziness of our day to day activities. This is a short version of our story.

My husband and I met the fall of my freshman year. After a crazy relationship, and a few crazy college years we settled down, got real jobs, and moved into together. We got engaged and then married in the Summer of 2005.  Not long after we started living the suburban dream and bought a house outside the city with a little land and our dogs in tow. Fast forward to 2007 when Peads (Lily) was conceived semi-unplanned. Although if you talk to my husband he claims he was seduced. Since when did saying yes to your husband become seduction? Lily arrived in June 2008 and we have not been the same since.

I graduated from NC State with a degree in Microbiology and now work in Pharma during the day and play Mommy and Wife by night. Those that know me would say a talk a lot...I mean ALOT! It is actually annoying. I am not sure why I still have friends. But I hate talking on the phone. Yeah it is weird. I love writing and would love to write a book someday or maybe move into it professionally. I still have a hard time believing anyone would care what I had to say though! I love "..." and run on sentences so I might need to work on that. I am currently collaborating with Impact Dash on a Greener Parent column called Baby Steps. Stop by and check out some parenting for the not so green parent. Also in my spare time I work with my local sorority chapter of Chi Omega. Alpha Kappa!

I enjoying reading, am addicted to more TV shows that I am willing to admit, constantly struggle with self body image like every other woman on the planet, LOVE my convertible and the sunny days I get to drive it, always think I could be a better mom and a better wife, am totally guilty of envying Mom's that stay at home but know the grass is always greener, struggle with Mommy Guilt on a regular basis, realize I need a project at all times to be happy, am addicted to celebrity gossip, am team Kate Gosselin and team Jen, curse way to much in front of my child, and am kind of a schedule Nazi. I am a laid back parent about things most parents obsess about but am a Nazi about bed times and currently potty training. I think my kid is the smartest in the world and don't try and tell me otherwise!

Michael also graduated from NC State but with a fancy degree in Electrical Engineering. He is currently an Engineer designing substations and power stuff I never understand. We pretty much avoid talking about work since neither of us understands the others profession. He is the smartest man I know, even though he tries to hide it. He pretty much got me through college physics and for that my degree is ever grateful. He is a fantasy football freak. By January I am about to start slitting throats waiting on the season to be over. He is an awesome Daddy and my best friend. Hell he tolerates me so you know he is a good guy. And he never says I talk to much...just gets the glazed over look. I am not sure what that is about.

Lily is a great kid and looks like a carbon copy of her Daddy. If I hadn't carried her for nine months I would doubt her heritage. She is pretty much the smartest kid ever. I mean she can walk and talk at the same time. She knows all the places she is not suppose to go...like drawers with knives, the fireplace, and the stairs. She knows because she is constantly there and I find her and put her butt in time out. She loves to dance, adores animals, and thinks Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street Gang hung the moon. If she could watch Elmo and dance to Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga all day she would be the happiest kid in the world. She has Daddy wrapped around her finger, belly flops on the dog, and loves applesauce and bananas.

Our last family member is three wrapped into one. I present the three amigos. Cleo is our basset hound/doberman mix. Yeah I wonder how that happened all the time. She is our first love and the oldest. Next we have Charlie  our Bishcon Frise (mixed with a little poodle, but don't tell him he is kind of a breed snob). Finally we have Cesna our 100 pound black lab that might quite possibly the stupidest dog in the world. Fortunately he is also the sweetest. You will hear me talk about them a lot. Mainly in a cursing manner between sweeping my floors and researching shavers or Roombas.

So here we are.... living the American Dream. One day at a time.