Christmas Day 2009

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas morning was so fun in the Eads household! We got up about 7:30am and started the process of waking Lily up. We needed to get an early start to Mimi's, so I pushed the wake up call a bit, but she was in a good mood despite being woke up. Her little face when she came downstairs was priceless. Lily had a case of the toy ADD. When she walked in the room she didn't know what toy to play with first!

Santa brought her a clubhouse and a Sesame Street kitchen. She loved both! Mommy and Daddy bought her puzzles and books and a broom set so she can help Mommy with the chores with a more appropriate sized broom vs. her stealing mine and knocking everything down.

Mommy and Lily opening her puzzles.

She loves these block puzzles, especially the animal ones. We name the animals and the sounds. She is getting really good at recognizing shapes and where they go. And she knows most of the everyday animals now too. She has got the lion roar down!

Daddy got two big gifts. A 32 inch LCD for our bedroom and a TomTom. Funny story: Michael actually wrapped the TomTom himself. Payback for me having to stay up all night at Walmart to get the TV and the TomTom. I saw a women get bit for that thing! Anything for deal. I got the TV for $250! Worth the wait, huh? The hard part was hiding the gift until Christmas. My secret hiding spot? The bath tub! He never uses the shower in our guest bathroom so it wasn't hard to shut the curtain and let it be. Because even if he used the bathroom he wouldn't have seen it. I am the smartest woman in the world...feel free to steal that idea.

Lily insisted on taking all presents in the house to play with them. This was a good sign that she liked Santa's gift.

In and out that was the game of the morning. She was so inthralled by the house and kitchen, Michael and I were free to open our gifts in peace. I got a beautiful scarf, a flip camcorder and tripod, some more of my nativity set and a camera bag for my SLR.

The clubhouse comes with a funny story! Luckily Santa's elves were smart enough to not screw on the roof because it would not fit through the doorway or up the stairs to the playroom with it on. It took some finagling to get it up there. The thing is super light so that made it easier. I will show some pictures of the new playroom set up in a future post.

After gifts we ate a quick breakfast and got ready and packed to head to Mimi's and Paws for dinner and gifts with Michael's family. Dinner was so late we actually did gifts first because I thought Lily would start breaking down since she had a big morning.

Morgan liked her gifts! Apparently the new toboggan we got her was a hit and super soft! Lily has a matching one.

She was so cute, my beautiful niece!

Lily is getting to be quite skilled at this unwrapping stuff!

Uncle Kevin being super helpful...he probably just woke up.

Lily and Morgan got THE toy of the season of course. Not from me! Aunt Tanya stood in line many of mornings to get the girls ZhuZhu pets. I wasn't convinced this thing would make it one day in with our dog Cesna but he only got a hold of it once (so far!) All I know is I picked it up once and felt a little dog slobber.

Wayne and Lily. Notice her sleepy eyes? Momma knows best. The gifts probably wouldn't have went as well later in the night. She conked out not long after this.

The perfect end to a perfect night...Michael drinking a fake beer that contained underwear...from his Mom.

We put the girls to bed and Michael and I actually went and played Wii over at Dave and Jenna's house until the wee hours of the morning. It was a change and reminded me of the old Raleigh days before they moved away! SAD! But we had a lot of fun.

I have to say Christmas really was awesome. I swear as we get older Christmas just gets more and more stressful. But this year watching Lily so excited and interacting with Lyle and saying "HoHoHo" and dancing to Christmas Carols was just amazing. It reminded me how Christmas used to be as a and stress free. And I know Christmas is really about Jesus but it is also about Family. Even though it was just us three that morning it was a magical memory. I know it is only going to get better too. Because watching Christmas through a child's eyes reminds us of the innocence we lost with age. It is good to get that back...if only for a day.


New Year Resolutions

Every year I have a new one. I have tried to include one resolution each year to help me better myself other than just saying I am going to get those last fifteen (thirty) pounds off and eat better and exercise. A few years ago I vowed to only read NonFiction. It was nice I learned some things, read a really really boring book about the spanish flu, a hermaphrodite, and a few biographies. Needless to say I did not read nearly as many books as usual!

This year I have a good one. Michael is not on board with my resolution this year but says he will support me....but not by participating. Mainly because he is lazy and thinks I am trying to turn into a treehugger. Are you ready? Drumroll please.....

The big resolution for 2010 is:

I am going to start using reusable shopping bags!!!!

My other ones are......

I made a budget and we are going to stick to it. Not because we want to be but because we honestly have no other choice :)

I am going to lose the weight that I worked so hard to lose last year and then gained back during the Eadsfest Championship.

I am going to read at least one book a month. I would do more but Mommyhood prevents too much reading.

I am going to be better about following my mission statement that Michael and I worked so hard on last January and refer to it more when I start feeling impatient.

Now I try not to be too hard on the time I started a curse jar for charity and realized my whole paycheck was in it by the end of the week so I rightfully gave it up. But I am confident in my goals. I am predicting losing my Eadsfest weight by the end of February, having many fights with Michael and saying no to a lot more to stick to our budget, and lots of carrying baggage because I forgot my reusable shopping bag therefore forcing me to carry my goods.

If you would like to support my efforts in not using shopping bags in 2010 please send the reusable ones my way! I will be accepting donations.


Christmas Eve 2009

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Eve went on pretty much as planned. I worked a few hours in the morning and then headed home to make Christmas Eve Supper.

Cheap Walmart Ham (lessoned learned Honey Baked Ham only on the Eve from now on!)
Corn Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Double Stuffed potatoes
Pumpkin Pie (that had been in our freezer for about two years and did not get ate because of the odd color of the pie. We then left it in the trash and left for the holidays...that smelled great. Oops)

Not a bad set up and I got to use my awesome Christmas China from Pottery Barn. Lily even got a plastic place setting to match last year from Mimi
She is getting so good with the fork and spoon. She LOVED the double stuffed potato!
Lily loves Mama's cooking (at least someone does!)
Before dinner we decorated cookies for Santa. By decorate I mean we ate them all! Or at least Lily and Daddy did! She looks so she doesn't realize these were not for her!
Daddy enjoying "icing" the cookies.
Hard at work!
Yum Yum
Looking at Daddy for guidance on how to shove a whole cookie in your mouth
After Supper we each opened one gift per my family tradition. Michael got half of his basketball jumpsuit. Isn't he a handsome model?
Lily opened a gift from Aunt Meg and Uncle Craig. Which she loved! It was Elmo Books and what is not to love about that!

Brooke and Scott were so sweet to invite us over for Christmas Eve dinner with there family. We had plans of going to church for the first time (other than Christenings!) in ten years, so we couldn't make dinner but we decided to stop by and bring some holiday cheer in the form of my famous Chocolate Cheesecake. Lily was quite the entertainer with Tara's Rudolph ears.

Brooke modeling the ears while cooking.
The happy would never guess Brooke was six and half months preggers with little Dylan who is due in April! I forced her to take this "belly shot"
After visiting for awhile we headed to church. My friend Dana invited us to a church were her brother was playing in the guest symphony for the ceremony. We were nervous about two things 1) The church would burst into flames as we entered the doorway 2) Lily would yell out "aaaawwww shhheeeett" in the middle of the service. Luckily no fires escalated upon our arrival. But to say it went well would be a lie. She was pretty sleepy for the 7:30 service and started out very quiet and still but by the first prayer she needed entertainment. I pulled out my arsenal aka my purse and produced a book of furry animals. All is quiet she is flipping through the book we are praying and then she drops the book "UH-OH!" REALLy Loud! Quick recovery: Grab the book STAT. She then opens the book and in the dead silence says "DOG WUF WUF!" This produced a few chuckles from the congregation.

You can imagine what followed...a lot of squirming and fussing followed by Dada taking her to roam the halls. We made it to communion and then had to duck out. And by we I mean me. Michael may have saw ten minutes of the service. But hey he was in the building so it counts. In hind site we may need to skip the candlelight service and stick to the kids service for a few more years.

We hurried home and rushed through Twas the night before Christmas (they told the Bible Christmas story at church so I at least heard that) and said our goodbyes to Lyle. Then we tucked her in with a kiss.

We forgot to put out Christmas cookies for Santa...oops. But somehow he still made it to our house. All that work and we forgot to put the tin out Lily. Miraculously the cookies were still gone the next morning :) The toys got delivered and assembled and the stockings stuffed with little trouble.

We were all in bed before midnight waiting for the following mornings festivities.

And before you ask yes I had to Google wear the Christmas story was in the bible for the Christmas Eve reading...neither of us had any idea.


Christmas Traditions

>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

This year marks our first Eads' Family Christmas. I say this because although we have had Christmas together in the past this is the first year we get to make it out own. This year is bittersweet as tonight we will sit down to a dinner for three instead of our dinners for plenty. I felt a little tug on my heart this morning as I realized how much I would miss everyone tonight and in the morning.

But you know what? We are going to Rock it Out! Eadsstyle. Here is the plan:

I am working this morning (BOOOO!) but then I am going to go home and start cooking.

Corn Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Double Stuffed Potatoes
Pumpkin Pie

Schedule December 24th:
2:00pm: Make Christmas Cookies for Santa!
3:00pm: Eat Yum Yum
5:00pm: Go by the Bauers to spread some holiday Cheer!
7:30pm: Candlelight Church Service (please don't go into flames as we enter!)
8:30pm: Open a Christmas Present, Read the Christmas Story, and the Night before Christmas
9:00pm: Lily says Goodbye to Lyle and gets tucked into Bed
9:01pm Santa's Elves get to work!

Schedule December 25th:
7:00am: PRESENT TIME!!!
8:30am: Breakfast Casserole
10:30am: Head to Mimi and Paw's for Christmas Dinner (insert holiday drive here)
2:00pm: Family Time!

Sounds busy and fun!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you.


Daddy's Watch

>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is what happens when Daddy is in charge...

Lily gets into the toilet paper. A favorite past time of hers.

Then Daddy rolls it back up so elegantly.

Then there was the Pyrex Bowl that he put on the stove, proceeded to turn on a burner to boil water, put the bowl on that burner unbeknown to the fact he turned on the WRONG burner, I yell I smell something burning, he yells that I am crazy (but secretly goes and checks), realizes he is an idiot and moves the burning bowl sans gloves, bowl explodes...not shatters, EXPLODES, Blazing Hot Glass shards fly everywhere including but not limited to the dog food and water, counter, stove, sink, and oh yeah the FLOOR.

This is the aftermath......

Dear Michael,

Buy your wife a new floor. STAT.

Your Wife's Divorce Lawyer


Dancing Queen

Lily Dancing to Madonna.


Santa Baby

Seriously Mom? Why are you doing this to me?

We had a brunch for some of our friends this morning. Lily did so good! I was very proud. Although she was a little shy at first and sat in the laundry area by herself while I cooked and the other 11 people hung out in the living room, she quickly started talking to our guest once brunch started. She even smiled at some people and gave kisses to some of the people she always shys away from. She is getting to be such a big girl.

We stole this hat from MiMis house. It may have been cousin Renee's at one point. But it makes for quite the Christmas 2009 photo. We didn't get Christmas pictures or do cards this year. I may still do some cards since these turned out so good, but I think my shopping days are running out. How about New Years cards? Or how about you consider this post my Christmas Card. Deal?

Brunch was yummy yummy. I made tiny ham sandwiches inspired by my friend Kim. Hers are better as she has this dressing stuff she puts on them but all the guys gobbled them up so I think mine were still good.


French Toast
Ham Sandwichs (potato rolls with smoked ham and provolone, baked to perfection)
Hashbrown Casserole (BIG HIT!) See below for recipe.
Cinnamon Rolls and Biscuits
Fruits and Cheeses with Summer Sausage and Crackers (or "COOKIES" if you're Lily)
Grits (A Southern Staple)
Christmas Cookies
Juices, Sodas and Coffee

All prepared by ME...since my husband was a little "under the weather" from the previous nights festivities.

Lily ate up the food even though some doubted her ability to finish that whole plate...little did they know. We sat and talked and I showed off a little of my family video project. Sorry to bore you guys with it. But I am so proud and feel so savvy I have to show off a least I didn't make you watch it ALL!

Then Lily showed off and was dancing and flirting with everyone before they left. We had so much fun.
Thanks for joining us and Merry Christmas

At the end we asked Lily what she wanted for Christmas. The response...


HashBrown Casserole EadsStyle!

1.5 packs of the Shredded Hashbrowns (about 32 ounces)
2 Cans (10 ounce) of Campbell's Cream of Potato Soup
1 16 ounce container sour cream
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 10 ounce pack of cubed ham

Mix and put in casserole dish. Bake for 1 hour at 375. I finish off with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on top.

Easy Peasy and quite the crowd pleaser! You can add onions for a dinner side if you want!



Let the games begin....

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

I have not had a good week at all! I am sick and just not in the mood for it. And to top it all off....

A ficious cycle has begun. Which cycle you ask? The ear infection cycle. Mind you I just took Lily to the Ear Doctor for a check up and the tubes were loose but still in and no ear infections in seven months. He said we were probably in the clear.

Today was her 18 month check up and Guess WHAT!? No tube and an ear infection. MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS!!!

It gets worse. My insurance changes in January. To a crappier plan. Which means this surgery will cost me $3000 dollars come January. Yay for me. It is like 2009 is repeating itself. :Sigh: Pass the Alcoholic EggNog Please.


Aaaaa Sheet!

>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Picture are driving along through the Christmas hustle and bustle, Christmas music on the radio singing about Jesus and the reason for the season...yadayada.

Then your 18 month drops her Big Bird in the back seat and yells "Aw Shit!" (Aaaa Sheeeeet!) Then continues to repeat it until you pick it up and hand it back........



Haircut #2

>> Tuesday, December 08, 2009

For the sake of sheltering my child from embarrassing photos when she is older I doctored up her bad haircut for this picture. My remedy including fluffing and a bow.

Under normal conditions she looks like a cross between Suri Cruise and an Ummpa Lummpa.  Luckily her skin is not orange so she is still cute.

Just in time for the holidays. Thanks Asian Lady at Snip Its..we will send you a Xmas card.


Dave's 30th Birthday Party

>> Monday, December 07, 2009

Dave turned 30 this week. We totally skipped over the fact Jenna turned 29...don't you love how women do that. Maybe if I distract everyone with a shiny party for my husband no one will notice that I am in fact older as well. But whatever Jenna is still hot and Dave is still goofy so not much has changed.....

The two preggos held out nicely at the party. Jen is due later this month but seriously it is any day now. So we are all anxiously awaiting another Clark Boy. And by anxious I mean parents hearts are stopping all of the world with worry for their daughters. I think Jen only stayed late to watch the end of the Georgia Tech game but hey whatever keeps the party going. And I think Brooke was just offering moral support....because she didn't stay long after Jen left. Aren't they adorable!

Scott and Paula. Paula refed a few rounds of flip cup. That girl is crazy!

The Finleys!

A perfectly good shot that Scott ruined. And he didn't even make like a normal face it is weird scary creepy guy face. SCOTT!

Da Eads minus Scott. Yeah I totally love my new boots. They make me feel like I am twenty again. Mainly because only twenty years old should rock this look but hey I can dream right?

The married in Eads playing Flip Cup. See we do still think we are young!

You can never start practicing for Eadsfest 2010 too early.

This is Dave by the end of the night. Classic. I think this picture perfectly describes the night.

We had so much fun! And what a joy to get out for some Mommy and Daddy time. Live it up even if they are few and far between.

Top 10 of Dave's 30th Birthday Bash
1. Drunk Dave spitting triscuit in my eyebrows and trying on weave.
2. Drunk Stephaine telling Brooke she didn't look pregnant just like she ate one too many Wendys.....and thinking it was a compliment.
3. Michael "driving" home. And by driving home I mean getting so drunk he fell asleep sitting up on the couch therefore not being able to drive home.
4. Jenna and I arguing about how my boots did not constitute as a heel and should be allowed in the house. IT IS MY WHOLE OUTFIT!
5. Scott getting picked last by the Flip Cup Captains and not understanding why.
6. Scott sucking at Flip Cup and still not understanding why. 
7. Stephaine telling Paula she was univited to Eadsfest 2010 if she didn't say it was a tie.... in round 22 of Flip Cup.
8. Paula threatening to whoop Stephaine's she did at Eadfest. I had the bruises to prove it.
9. Did you know the average married couple has sex 84 times a year?
10. Stephaine justifying her 9 dollar drink by ordering the cheapest food on the menu. Priorities people!