Thanksgiving Weekend-Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

>> Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we headed to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens for the Christmas Lights Display they host every year. The rest of our family went last year and talked us into going to visit Santa and check out the lights. It was a little chilly but not unbearable. The lights were McAdenville but nice enough. The highlight of the trip was definitly going to see Santa.

We showed Santa to Lily and she was not overly impressed. She peered at him suspiciously around my shoulder. But when I asked her if she wanted to go talk to him this was my response....

This picture just makes me laugh. She really didn't want to go sit on his lap....

But Morgan was all smiles and was saying "Hi Santa" and waving.

But oh how the roles reverse. Lily was no longer suspicious once we placed her on his lap. More intrigued..."Who the heck is this dude?"

"And seriously dude what is up with your beard?"

"Wait! He gave me candy...Sweet"

"mmmm this is the guy that fits down our chimney?"

"Yeah Mama and Dada are crazy...this guy won't fit"

And remember the "hi Santa!".....

Mommy and Daddy had to swoop in to save her. "Get me away from this scary man!!"

Santa has a tough job.....

After that we bundled the girls up and headed outside to see the lights. We found one area for the girls to run around in. Lily looked so cute in her new hat.

Old Navy! 10 dollars. Too precious.

MiMi and Paw with the grandkids.

Couple far in between.

The Finleys

Here are few shots of the grounds as we walked around. My camera does not do awesome night shots without a tripod but I got a few.

One of my favorites

The carolers were really good and I was suprised at how young some of them were.

I would go again. Lily liked the lights and was really well behaved. She also surprised me with how good she was with Santa. I think it might be a little pricey for what it is (10 dollars per adult) but if you count the take it your self Santa pictures it isn't too bad.