The Finished Product

>> Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Michael and I have been attempting to put new floors in our living room. Mainly because we have three dogs and stain covered, ten year old carpet. Baby Lily needs a cleaner environment in my opinion. After much debate we decided to put down Pergo floors last week. With the help of Aunt Linda we now have a brand new living room! We also purchased the rocking recliner this past weekend.

Do we notice a theme of Cesna laying around? The other dogs were cowering in the corner!

My new happy place!


Even Celebs get big ol' bellies

>> Monday, April 28, 2008

These two pics off of made me feel a little better this morning. I declined to put the ones of Tori spelling in a bikini, and Halle Berry up here since they should just be shot for their little basketball bellies.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Melissa Joan Hart)

Niaomi Watts


7 Weeks to go!

Mom Update: A Really good weekend. I saw my ankles for the first time in weeks. Of course as soon as I head back to work they will be huge again but I enjoyed my skinny feet while it lasted. I relaxed most of the weekend and sat with my feet up. Michael bought a recliner this weekend for me (aka him) and it helped a lot with my feet. I went for a checkup on Friday. All is well. Her heart rate was the slowest it has been, in the 140s. I am thinking it is because she is getting so big! I am also measuring ahead of schedule again. Only about a week though. I am putting on weight like a champ even though my appetite has decreased significantly. Mainly a space issue. I did ask how far over they would let me go and she said usually about a week. She could tell by my face I was none to happy with that answer and said there were always special circumstances. I also have to start my kick counts for an hour a day.

Baby update: she is getting bigger and bigger. I had some middle of the night contractions that woke me up this past week. They were in my legs again and my lower back, which is a new one. It only kept me up about an hour though. She also got her first case of hiccups! I almost cried it was so cute! I can tell she is head down by how she is moving and the "area" the hiccups were felt. Who knew I would ever feel hiccups below the equator!

Next Saturday is our birthing class...SCARY! Although seeing Michael watch the birthing video might be entertaining.


8 Weeks to Go!

>> Monday, April 21, 2008

Okay nothing too exciting this week. So we will keep this short.

Mom update: I am slowly moving from uncomfortable to miserable. This has been a bad swelling week. Probably because it has been warming up weather wise.

I did try a breathe right strip this week to help with the sleeping issues. It did help I think. But the gunck it left on my nose may not be worth it. I am vain and skin ripping off my nose or glue particles under my makeup are not appealing. Michael said I still sounded like a freight train because of the snoring that started in the last few weeks. I feel no sympathy for him, because I have lived with his snoring for years! Although I have to say I am impressed I have woke him (and myself) up with the volume of snoring I am producing. It is mainly a breathing thing. We are looking to buy a recliner in the next week or so to aliviate the breathing and swelling issues. I have heard from many women they had to sleep in a recliner the last few months.

Baby update: Sometimes I am convinced she lays inside my belly and thinks of ways to torture me, but this week hasn't been bad. She is getting bigger because this past week I noticed a significant change in belly size. Still moving a lot, even waking me up sometimes. A few more braxton hicks...comparable to a bad period cramp.

So that is it. We are working on the floors this week so when we are done hopefully I will have some pictures.


Family Baby Shower/ 9 Weeks to Go!

>> Monday, April 14, 2008

This Saturday Michael's Aunt Linda (with the assistance of his mom and sister) threw a baby shower for Tanya (Michael's oldest sister) and me. She is due May 15th, so exactly one month ahead of me. Michael actually came to this baby shower so he got to see all the secret baby shower things we do! They even planned a game for him to play. Wayne (Tanya's husband) and Michael got to 'live a day in the life of Mom.' Basically they had to live in the world of childcare including all of our daily distractions. It was hysterical! We role played distractions and pretty much sent Michael over the edge in less than five minutes. He even got to wear a cute little apron. I can't wait to get some pictures of that! At one point he yelled at the "neighbor" just because she wanted to borrow some salt. Oh and did I mention he left the baby on the counter, and picked her up by her neck? I almost peed my pants.

The biggest surprise was that my Mom ended up showing up. She flew all the way from Florida to surprise me. Boy was I surprised. I started crying I was so happy! It was nice since it was all Michael's family. Of course she came bearing half of the registery items as well. I wonder if this baby will be spoiled rotten?

We loaded up on lots of baby stuff. We got our convertible car seat, the rest of my feeding supplies, and some adorable outfits! And they were all bigger sizes so just what we needed. It was a really good time, and great to spend time with the family since we probably won't be traveling again until the baby is born.

Sunday we did a little floor shopping...the fiasco never ends. We still are iffy but have it narrowed down enough so Michael is able to go make a purchase today. We then went to BRU to return some duplicates and get a few things we needed on the registry. I spent the rest of the day unpacking gifts and organizing while Michael watched the Masters golf tournament.

Mom Update: A good week. I think I have seen an improvement with the iron supplements. My energy has increased some. Don't get me wrong I am still tired, but I can feel a slight improvement. Or maybe my body is adapting to the lack of sleep! I went for a 31 week checkup Friday. All was well. I didn't have any complaints this week...shocker I know. I did however gain six pounds in two weeks! It didn't concern the doctor or me since my ankles were the size of my calves. Mainly water weight. I am trying to make a conscence effort to drink more fluids and elevate more. My feet are constantly swollen now, not just after a long day on my feet. That is my only pregnancy woe this week. I wonder if it is possible to get stretch marks on your feet? I feel like the skin is ripping....mmmmmm that sounds like a google search for a bored lunch hour.

Baby Update: No change this week except she is now getting rib kicks in. Still a lot of movement.

Dad update: Michael took the PE on Friday so he is DONE! Unless he has to retake it in the fall. But we are staying positive. He gets the results back in July. So now he gets to do projects on the house for eight weeks straight! Starting with my FLOORS! He is very excited :)

I will try and post some pics of the shower this week.


Random I know....

>> Thursday, April 10, 2008

People that know me well know that Michael and I are huge Harry Potter fans. Well I ran across a review for the actor Daniel Radcliff's new Broadway play with this promotional picture. Apparently he gets BUCK NAKED in the play. Who knew Harry was such a Hotty! Is he even legal yet?


Rocket Scientists? I think not....

>> Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Over the weekend Michael and I decided to make sure the car seat fit into my completely fabulous yet tiny car. When registering we chose the Graco Snugrider Infant Carrier based on safety reviews (#1) and the compact size. Perfect for a tiny back seat much like the one in my Eclipse. I have bucket seats so I was a little concerned about larger car seats fitting.

So we grab all of our gear, instruction booklet, car booklet, etc. and head to the garage to snap this sucker in. This should be easy right? An Engineer and a Scientist? A Cake walk!

Flash forward an hour and half later...

-Lily has learned many new curse words
-I have decided Britney Spears had the right idea with riding with her kid in her lap
-The damn car seat is STILL not in properly

If I had a video of Michael and I standing on this thing trying to tighten it and get it latched in, I might have laughed (many years later). The base just kept jiggling around. And how is it suppose to keep from flipping up? The only way I could get it in there securley was to wedge it with the passenger seat..thus not installed properly. How do idiots install these and two educated people are clueless? I am going to make a trip to the firestation this week to get the hunky firemen to install it properly. Michael will be left at home for that trip :)


10 Weeks to Go!

>> Monday, April 07, 2008

I have decided to start a countdown instead of a count up! It makes me feel better...especially since I am in single digits next week. This has been a rather boring week but for the sake of an update.

Baby Update: Very active this week! The "Alien Invasion" has begun. I can lay down and say waves of motion vs. the occasional jab. It is fun to feel around where she is laying. She responds to our voices and her name! Michael talks to her and tells her funny stories and she usually responds with some movement. Our favorite game is to poke my belly and watch her respond by kicking it away. Let us hope she doesn't come out with dents in her head from our entertainment.

Mom Update: I have been feeling pretty good. Decreased mobility especially from a sitting or lying position. If I sit too long I get achy and stiff and almost need assistance getting up. I think it is because my center of gravity is so low (short people rock!) and getting that amount of weight up is tedious. I also got a phone call from the doctor this week and although my glucose came back normal I am anemic so I began taking Iron supplements this week. This may explain the complete exhaustion. I actually feel better now than I did in my second trimester. I have also been struggling with sleep. On average during the week I am getting about four hours total. May as well get used to it right? But it is proving taxing while I am still working.

Dad update: Michael has been studying, studying, studying. He has pretty much been out of commission during the past few months because of the looming PE (professional engineering) exam which is this FRIDAY! Send good vibes his way. It is not easy to pass and has taken up so much time it would suck to take it again. After that he can start helping with a few house projects we (AKA I) want to get done prior to Baby Eads' arrival.

Nursery Update: We have done a lot to the nursery over the past few weeks. Mainly just getting stuff organized and shopping. I can tell I am nesting in certain ways. I went and bought children's Tylenol last week! Yeah I know I am weird. Here are some pictures. You may notice a name in one of these pictures if you had not been told yet....Just some quick snaps. I have a few more I may add later this week or next.

I made the pictures from a Pottery Barn Kids inspiration.

Next week should be a good update! Michael will be done with his test, I have a doctor appointment Friday, and a Family Baby Shower Saturday. Keep ya posted!


Funny Nesting Story

>> Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So this past Sunday at 5AM I woke up with the uncontrolable urge to move furniture. I know it's crazy! So I snuck downstairs while Michael and the puppies slept and focused on the living room. Anyone that has seen our living room knows there is not much you can do with it because its long and narrow. But I had seen some pics in a magazine, that I am ashamed that I was readying at the ripe age of 26 so it will remain nameless, that I liked. So I moved (or scooted with my big ol' butt) the furniture around and sat down very pleased with my new masterpiece. Then Michael came down about 7AM. He looked at me laying on the newly positioned couch and said "What the hell did you do?" He hated it! All my hard work and he hated it. The main reason... "We have lost valuable TV viewage." Such a MAN!! Did he not understand that I had rearranged the living room to better encourage talking and family time!! Have we really become the Americans that bond over TV? To answer that question...Yes we have. Because I went back upstairs to take a nap at about 8:30AM (moving furniture is tiring!) and came back down an hour later to find the room rearranged AGAIN! In a more TV friendly environment. My nesting attempts have been thwarted by the man laws!

Don't worry we will see what happens the next nap he takes.....To Be Continued