Family Baby Shower/ 9 Weeks to Go!

>> Monday, April 14, 2008

This Saturday Michael's Aunt Linda (with the assistance of his mom and sister) threw a baby shower for Tanya (Michael's oldest sister) and me. She is due May 15th, so exactly one month ahead of me. Michael actually came to this baby shower so he got to see all the secret baby shower things we do! They even planned a game for him to play. Wayne (Tanya's husband) and Michael got to 'live a day in the life of Mom.' Basically they had to live in the world of childcare including all of our daily distractions. It was hysterical! We role played distractions and pretty much sent Michael over the edge in less than five minutes. He even got to wear a cute little apron. I can't wait to get some pictures of that! At one point he yelled at the "neighbor" just because she wanted to borrow some salt. Oh and did I mention he left the baby on the counter, and picked her up by her neck? I almost peed my pants.

The biggest surprise was that my Mom ended up showing up. She flew all the way from Florida to surprise me. Boy was I surprised. I started crying I was so happy! It was nice since it was all Michael's family. Of course she came bearing half of the registery items as well. I wonder if this baby will be spoiled rotten?

We loaded up on lots of baby stuff. We got our convertible car seat, the rest of my feeding supplies, and some adorable outfits! And they were all bigger sizes so just what we needed. It was a really good time, and great to spend time with the family since we probably won't be traveling again until the baby is born.

Sunday we did a little floor shopping...the fiasco never ends. We still are iffy but have it narrowed down enough so Michael is able to go make a purchase today. We then went to BRU to return some duplicates and get a few things we needed on the registry. I spent the rest of the day unpacking gifts and organizing while Michael watched the Masters golf tournament.

Mom Update: A good week. I think I have seen an improvement with the iron supplements. My energy has increased some. Don't get me wrong I am still tired, but I can feel a slight improvement. Or maybe my body is adapting to the lack of sleep! I went for a 31 week checkup Friday. All was well. I didn't have any complaints this week...shocker I know. I did however gain six pounds in two weeks! It didn't concern the doctor or me since my ankles were the size of my calves. Mainly water weight. I am trying to make a conscence effort to drink more fluids and elevate more. My feet are constantly swollen now, not just after a long day on my feet. That is my only pregnancy woe this week. I wonder if it is possible to get stretch marks on your feet? I feel like the skin is ripping....mmmmmm that sounds like a google search for a bored lunch hour.

Baby Update: No change this week except she is now getting rib kicks in. Still a lot of movement.

Dad update: Michael took the PE on Friday so he is DONE! Unless he has to retake it in the fall. But we are staying positive. He gets the results back in July. So now he gets to do projects on the house for eight weeks straight! Starting with my FLOORS! He is very excited :)

I will try and post some pics of the shower this week.