8 Weeks to Go!

>> Monday, April 21, 2008

Okay nothing too exciting this week. So we will keep this short.

Mom update: I am slowly moving from uncomfortable to miserable. This has been a bad swelling week. Probably because it has been warming up weather wise.

I did try a breathe right strip this week to help with the sleeping issues. It did help I think. But the gunck it left on my nose may not be worth it. I am vain and skin ripping off my nose or glue particles under my makeup are not appealing. Michael said I still sounded like a freight train because of the snoring that started in the last few weeks. I feel no sympathy for him, because I have lived with his snoring for years! Although I have to say I am impressed I have woke him (and myself) up with the volume of snoring I am producing. It is mainly a breathing thing. We are looking to buy a recliner in the next week or so to aliviate the breathing and swelling issues. I have heard from many women they had to sleep in a recliner the last few months.

Baby update: Sometimes I am convinced she lays inside my belly and thinks of ways to torture me, but this week hasn't been bad. She is getting bigger because this past week I noticed a significant change in belly size. Still moving a lot, even waking me up sometimes. A few more braxton hicks...comparable to a bad period cramp.

So that is it. We are working on the floors this week so when we are done hopefully I will have some pictures.