>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

As previously posted I went to my reunion this past weekend. I was completely shocked at the number of women that told me "Oh I already know what's up with you...I read your blog all the time!" Wow! Who knew? And here I was thinking that I was writing a know the private kind that no one reads, and makes you realize your life is really boring and lacks juicy moments.

So I have a request. If you read the blog on a regular basis please click the followers link to the right and sign up. This allows you to leave comments too! Which I definitely do not get enough of. Please don't be ashamed that one of the things you do to pass the time is read about my boring life. Thanks to all those that already proclaim their love of the Da Eads blog!



I have a sister that has started a photography business. She has got some great shots and really good prices. See the link above to check out her work.

Also see her company website

Nicole can be found on facebook and myspace as well.



This is a test

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If some of you have not noticed my blog has been acting up. I am not html savy so I am doing some tests. It appears when I have pictures the post drob below my side columns....very odd. Any see older post keep scrolling. I will have to shrink my pics a little with the new format. Not that it would bother too many people having my face on a smaller scale!


Ear Infections Galore!

This past Saturday I noticed a return of Snot Nose Lily. My first assumption was RSV which is running through daycare. Then I saw the "ear flick." Oh no...not again.

Sunday proved my theory when she was up every hour. I got hardly any sleep and when she nursed Monday morning it sounded like she was snoring there was so much congestion. Argggghhhh.

So I called the pediatrician early Monday morning to get an appointment for that afternoon. They have extended hours (5pm-6pm) just for sick visit so I figured it wouldn't be hard. WRONG! The latest appointment was 2pm. I explained I have a job, and after missing countless hours from daycare last week because of the weather I need something around 4:30pm. "Well we can only schedule until 2 unless its an emergency." Didn't she know it was about to be an emergency if she didn't give me the appointment? So "How do I get a later appointment?" Logical question..."Oh just call back after two" mmmmm okay! I swear that is my biggest complaint about this office. The stupid admin stuff! For example, you check out at one window, then go to a completely different one make an appointment. As if it is easy to cart a child around to different windows! And they have two windows to choose from to check in and make appointments. It never fails I walk up to one and they call me to the other! It really irks me. But anyway back to the story.

So I called back and got a 4:30 appointment. And just as Mommy suspected and ear infection. She had been tugging on right ear but he couldn't see very well in that one because of wax, but it didn't matter because she had a raging one in her left. I was hoping only the right since that one actually cleared up once but this dang left ear was the one giving me all the problems. So she is on a round of Vantin and has a referral to the specialist.

I left the doctor's office in tears. Just the thought of putting her under anesthesia is heart breaking to me. I can't take it! So I will call today to get an appointment. I really want tubes to be a last resort. So we will see....stay tuned. My the return of angel baby will be sooner than expected.


Chi Omega's Alpha Kappa Chapter 25th Anniversary

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday I celebrated Chi Omega chapter Alpha Kappa's 25th Anniversary. This had been months of planning by fellow sisters to bring our charter members and every chapter since together for a celebration. I was really excited about this event. Michael and I called Aunt Shannon from Gastonia to watch Lily and we partied the night away with many long time friends.

All I can say is what a blast! That was easily the best time I have had in years! Some of these girls I had not seen since I graduated and some I see all the time. It was great. We ate and once the "thrilling" speeches (no offense AR) aka Buzz kills were done we danced the night away.

Kristen during the Buzz Kill
Clayton Mommies

Me, Melissa, and Marian

Me and Tori. She is now at Wake Forest getting her MBA. I miss my work buddy!

If the guys won't dance with us we got each other

Jessie's Girl

It is almost impossible to get a serious picture of me and Morgan

Kelly, me, and Stephanie

Me and my Big!

My other date...aka Morgan's husband Hunter
The good sport! Not many men showed up!
I did drag Michael to the event. I talked to other girls and found most were not subjecting their husbands to the torture of hanging out with thirty year old sorority girls! But I found out Hunter was going so I RSVPd for Michael. He was such a good sport. And did the best any date can do...made sure I had a drink at all times! Hence my pics at the end of the night.....
Yeah...I think the song was over.
you know those really embarrassing drunk pictures in college? mmmm reliving the old days maybe?
The pics below are of the girls that stayed until the end. I would say total we had 300 come, and the number that stayed til the end. Of course my crew! haha! Now I did hear the party kept going at the bars but as you can see from above it was a good time to go home!
The Last Bus!
Why is it that my crowd is still around after the cut the lights on??
Really I just had an awesome time! Catching up, dancing! Michael said it was hysterical. Every song that came on we would scream, jump up and down and then start "dancing" or as I like to say drunk white girl moving. I love my sisters!

For my non sorority crowd....Here are some catch up pictures.

Lily's first NCSU basketball game

Lily taking a break from the world of playtime to snooze with her favorite toy...the remote
Panthers game (prior to the jersey incident)

Could I cheese any harder?
Til next post....not sure what I have upcoming....Lily's first Superbowl and return of the McChicken/Double cheeseburger platter!


Brought to you by the Letter L

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is a recent blog game...I know so nerdy right? Haha. Someone assigns you a letter and you have to list 10 things you love with that letter. I of course got L! So here goes.

1. LILY! The most beautiful baby in the world.
2. mom's middle name (that she used to go by so it counts) I heart Momma
3. Lilies. My favorite flower by far. Didn't you wonder why we named her that?
4. Lazy Days. My favorite kind of day
5. Lasagna. Especially Michael's recipe
6. Love. My favorite emotion
7. Laugh. My favorite activity
8. Little Babies. What I wish Lily would stay like forever
9. LOST. The best show ever made
10. Lorelai. What I am naming my next baby girl no matter what Michael says about the Gilmore Girls.

L was actually kind of hard! Whew. Can I add an unofficial michaeL to the things I love?

Now I get to assign Letters!
Sharla: J
Camden: V (oooo hard!)


Snow Day 2009

>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The first snow of the year...and a substantial snow at that! We got about 5-7 inches starting Monday night and going into Tuesday afternoon until about four. Unfortunately work did not shut down...not exactly sure why but they didn't. With Michael leaving for Nashville this morning and daycare being closed I was forced to take a vacation day. No biggie it was fun. I really didn't do much except read, play with Lily, and relax. I actually didn't even shower. Gross I know but ahhhhh it was nice. Didn't really sleep in because I was trying to figure out if daycare/work was open but it was still nice.

Outside the window during the worst of the storm

We did venture outside for a very short time. I would say no more than ten minutes. For that ten minutes of fun we spent an hour preparing for the event. Lily was kept warm in tights, socks, fleece sleeper, mittens, hat, jacket with hood, and an attempt at putting on boots. Unfortunately the boots were too small once I put the three other layers on her feet. I have a parka so I was fine. I had a brilliant idea of taking our new baby swing on the swing set and taking pictures of her. So I trudged out there while she napped to clean the swing off. When we finally made it outside after layering up I was really nervous. As I stared down the steps of my deck the images of tumbles, sprains, and breaks clouded my thoughts. What if I fell carrying her? I was alone, Michael is out of town. What if I slipped? But I edged forward and safely made it down the stairs with baby and expensive camera. Now my thoughts switched to that. What if I dropped my camera? Can it get wet with snow? mmmm maybe I should go back in. But I edged on. We made it to the swing and I slid her in without undoing the tray. We did our photo op with her even getting a sorry excuse for a mini snowman to play with. Of course she couldn't really play with it through her mittens or really bend her arms through the layers of clothes but she kinda looked at it without much interest. So then it was time to go in. I put the camera around my neck and went to pull her out. She didn't move an inch. A tugged a little harder...nothing. Mmmmm the tray had frozen to the swing and her layers were preventing her exiting. This may be a problem. So I pulled and pulled meanwhile trying to avoid the panic that was slowly rising inside me. The dang camera was getting in my way around my neck. So back to the camera dilemma. I looked around without any obvious place to set it. Did I mention that she is screaming bloody murder by now. Maybe she sensed my panic. I brush the snow off a beam and take my glove off to place the camera on it. Praying the whole time it did not fall. Then back to my mission. I pulled and pulled but she did not move. The swing was almost upside down with me trying to get her out. The neighbors probably thought I was abusing her by now! Then I started considering alternatives. Maybe I should get a ladder and take the whole swing down to bring inside. Or maybe take off some clothes to make her skinnier therefore sliding right out. Just as I was about to call the fire department to use the jaws of life to cut her out...slip! Out she was. Whew. Crisis averted. Drama while Daddy is away. So Lily got her first taste of snow or at least as close to the snow as I would let her get.

Since it has been so long since I posted I have a few updates. Lily went to the doctor Monday for an ear check and shots. The two and half month ear infection is gone! Praise the lord! YAY! So tubes are off the table for awhile. She is now caught up on shots as well. She weighs 18.8 pounds on my at home measurements. That officially knocked her to the nine month clothing size. I am finally running out of clothes! I had a lot of the smaller sized but as I get towards nine months I am finally going to start running out!

Lily's new obsession....Dada. She just says it all the time. This morning she woke up and all I heard was "Dada!" She almost whispers it with a little sadness sometimes. Like yesterday when Michael left. It would have broke my heart if I wasn't still ill she won't say Mama. I will say "Say Mama" and then she goes "Dada" and laughs. Life is so unfair.

Michael will be back tonight. Then he gets baby time! While I go take a warm bath and read my new addiction...the Twilight series. If you haven't read them. Go buy it! Read it! Love it! As my friend said "I want Edward to bite me..." He's a really hot vampire in case you didn't know. I am on the third book and I only started reading them last Saturday.


My Sports Curse

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

Anyone that knows the Eads Family knows we are sports cursed. Our teams all fall in the end. They tease you. A win here a win there. Then one day...BAM! A devastating loss. The only thing that holds our family together after these horrific games and keeps us coming back? THE TAILGATE! Because without that, my friend, we would have given up a long time ago.

My sports week began so good last week. I was pumped up (much like Dave below) Anticipation of my first NFL game was high. The tailgating plans were being made. Then Friday I heard the first of the Trifecta. The Braves had traded Smoltz. Now I am not an avid baseball fan like some but I like the Braves. Always have. Even I knew this was bad news! It is not even baseball season yet and my sports curse has taken affect.

I get up Saturday morning. Pumped about the game. Haul it down 85 to get there, drop off the baby, meet up with friends, and let the games begin! First we get lost downtown in the Garden District. At least it was a pretty drive. We get parked and set up! Everyone starts showing up. We eat, get tatted up, play some corn hole, drink a lot of beer, and head in.

Oh the excitement! The stadium buzzed with anticipation and high expectations. This is going to be a blow out. The Panthers were favored by ten points and we were on a roll and playing good so everyone thought ten points was a gross underestimate. We climbed, and climbed, and climbed to our seats on the upper level. As I walked out of the tunnel to get to my seats I saw the glow of stadium lights, heard the sounds of cheers, and then saw the magnificent field.
Oh it was beautiful! Hootie sang the National Anthem and we drove the ball straight down for a touchdown in just the first few minutes. Then that's when it sports curse.
It was all downhill from there. Delhomme threw a total of five interceptions and fumbled the ball once. By the end of it the Panthers got beat 33-13 by the Cardinals. Wow. The only word to describe it....horrible.
Meanwhile......Michael has ripped his Delhomme jersey off his back, thrown it down, stomped on it, and threw it down the stadium. Told a concession stand worker to "keep the damn drink if its five dollars" and stopped talking all by the end of the first half. I may have the sports curse but he has the sports rage. What a lovely couple we are.
But that was not the end of it. To complete the Trifecta we had the Chargers. My saving grace. They could make my sports week all better with an awesome game by Philip Rivers and an advance to the division championship by the team. But alas, another loss.
Why do the sports gods frown on me so!? What have I done? Am I not a loyal fan? I cheer for the Wolfpack, give me a break please! I just want a Championship for one of my teams. Pick one I am not greedy. Any team.
This year like the ones that have passed will bring another year of false hope. A tease that my hex has been lifted. But that little glimmer of hope is what keeps us coming back....


New Year...New Look

>> Thursday, January 08, 2009

All this week I will be featuring new layouts. Please check in and vote to help me pick the new look!


Baby Jesus and Birthdays

>> Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A weekend full of Chucky Cheese and Baby Jesus?! Does it get any better? This weekend we celebrated my little cousin's FOURTH birthday. God I remember staying up all night at a hospital waiting for her to be born and now she is all big and adorable. I unfortunately do not have any pics of her celebrating with the big mouse. Michael was on camera duty go figure. I was way too busy playing skeeball with her to take pictures. He did manage to get a picture of Morgan and Brent though. Men...

Another wonderful event was Morgan's Baptism. At least one of the grandkids isn't a heathin'. And like I have always said you only accept Baby Jesus into your heart once so make it count. Well she did! She was so good and cute! Now this also marked Lily's first church experience. I was a little concerned we were going to catch on fire as I walked through the doors but luckily we were safe. She was awesome. The only baby that did not go to the nursery! She got a little "talkative" and I popped a bottle in her and ZZzzzzz the majority of the service. She seemed to like the singing, etc. As Michael says...he can totally see how church could make you a little sleepy.

So it was a good weekend! We had fun. Lily had fun! Good times with the family. Does anyone feel like bursting into a chorus of "we are family?"


Happy New Year 2009

We were very lucky to get to party with the big dogs over New Year's...AKA our non-baby friends that are really old like us and can't seem to bring ourselves to fight the bar scene on a crazy night. So Aunt Linda babysat while we went to dinner with the crew at Bogarts. Very Yummy! Then she dropped her off and we were off to the Bauers to stay the night and party until at least 12:01AM. Well we made it a little longer than 12:01AM and so did Lily. She has an impressive bed time of 1:15AM, with Brooke and I being the last to go at a whooping 4:45AM! Holy Cow! Yeah we both totally paid for it the next day. But we got some girly time in.
Michael putting "Lily" to sleep! ha! He did get back up...eventually
Highlights of the evening:
-Ringing in the new year with a kiss from my hubby and my baby girl
-Hanging out with great friends
-Pomegranate Martinis
-Dave prank calling with a noise maker (Ouch!)
-Dave waking Lily up with noise maker
-Michael taking noise maker and hiding it
-Bogarts hashbrown thingy...mmmmm
-Tara out drinking Jon
-Scott falling on crutches (post foot surgery) into Christmas cards. He was okay!
-Three Man
-Drunk Driver (the game not the act of)
-Jenna getting diarrhea of the mouth after one too many whatever she was drinking-Oh I love drunk Jenna
-Getting Panthers Playoff tickets after waking up hung over on the first!

Brookie and Michael
The McCarty's (Pre Three Man)
Tara and Me

Jenna and Me
Oops I did it again...
"Thrrreeee Mannn"
"Why do Mommy and Daddy always do this to me???"