Chi Omega's Alpha Kappa Chapter 25th Anniversary

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday I celebrated Chi Omega chapter Alpha Kappa's 25th Anniversary. This had been months of planning by fellow sisters to bring our charter members and every chapter since together for a celebration. I was really excited about this event. Michael and I called Aunt Shannon from Gastonia to watch Lily and we partied the night away with many long time friends.

All I can say is what a blast! That was easily the best time I have had in years! Some of these girls I had not seen since I graduated and some I see all the time. It was great. We ate and once the "thrilling" speeches (no offense AR) aka Buzz kills were done we danced the night away.

Kristen during the Buzz Kill
Clayton Mommies

Me, Melissa, and Marian

Me and Tori. She is now at Wake Forest getting her MBA. I miss my work buddy!

If the guys won't dance with us we got each other

Jessie's Girl

It is almost impossible to get a serious picture of me and Morgan

Kelly, me, and Stephanie

Me and my Big!

My other date...aka Morgan's husband Hunter
The good sport! Not many men showed up!
I did drag Michael to the event. I talked to other girls and found most were not subjecting their husbands to the torture of hanging out with thirty year old sorority girls! But I found out Hunter was going so I RSVPd for Michael. He was such a good sport. And did the best any date can do...made sure I had a drink at all times! Hence my pics at the end of the night.....
Yeah...I think the song was over.
you know those really embarrassing drunk pictures in college? mmmm reliving the old days maybe?
The pics below are of the girls that stayed until the end. I would say total we had 300 come, and the number that stayed til the end. Of course my crew! haha! Now I did hear the party kept going at the bars but as you can see from above it was a good time to go home!
The Last Bus!
Why is it that my crowd is still around after the cut the lights on??
Really I just had an awesome time! Catching up, dancing! Michael said it was hysterical. Every song that came on we would scream, jump up and down and then start "dancing" or as I like to say drunk white girl moving. I love my sisters!

For my non sorority crowd....Here are some catch up pictures.

Lily's first NCSU basketball game

Lily taking a break from the world of playtime to snooze with her favorite toy...the remote
Panthers game (prior to the jersey incident)

Could I cheese any harder?
Til next post....not sure what I have upcoming....Lily's first Superbowl and return of the McChicken/Double cheeseburger platter!


Mickie January 28, 2009 at 10:49 AM  

I had so much fun at the reunion too! I'm glad we went but think I'll NOT make Jack go next time! He was a good sport too, but I probably would still have been there for the 'last bus' if I'd been on my own :)

And I love the pic with Lily sleeping with the remote! Jaxon plays with the remotes & the Xbox controllers too.. but I've not caught him sleeping with them!