Snow Day 2009

>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The first snow of the year...and a substantial snow at that! We got about 5-7 inches starting Monday night and going into Tuesday afternoon until about four. Unfortunately work did not shut down...not exactly sure why but they didn't. With Michael leaving for Nashville this morning and daycare being closed I was forced to take a vacation day. No biggie it was fun. I really didn't do much except read, play with Lily, and relax. I actually didn't even shower. Gross I know but ahhhhh it was nice. Didn't really sleep in because I was trying to figure out if daycare/work was open but it was still nice.

Outside the window during the worst of the storm

We did venture outside for a very short time. I would say no more than ten minutes. For that ten minutes of fun we spent an hour preparing for the event. Lily was kept warm in tights, socks, fleece sleeper, mittens, hat, jacket with hood, and an attempt at putting on boots. Unfortunately the boots were too small once I put the three other layers on her feet. I have a parka so I was fine. I had a brilliant idea of taking our new baby swing on the swing set and taking pictures of her. So I trudged out there while she napped to clean the swing off. When we finally made it outside after layering up I was really nervous. As I stared down the steps of my deck the images of tumbles, sprains, and breaks clouded my thoughts. What if I fell carrying her? I was alone, Michael is out of town. What if I slipped? But I edged forward and safely made it down the stairs with baby and expensive camera. Now my thoughts switched to that. What if I dropped my camera? Can it get wet with snow? mmmm maybe I should go back in. But I edged on. We made it to the swing and I slid her in without undoing the tray. We did our photo op with her even getting a sorry excuse for a mini snowman to play with. Of course she couldn't really play with it through her mittens or really bend her arms through the layers of clothes but she kinda looked at it without much interest. So then it was time to go in. I put the camera around my neck and went to pull her out. She didn't move an inch. A tugged a little harder...nothing. Mmmmm the tray had frozen to the swing and her layers were preventing her exiting. This may be a problem. So I pulled and pulled meanwhile trying to avoid the panic that was slowly rising inside me. The dang camera was getting in my way around my neck. So back to the camera dilemma. I looked around without any obvious place to set it. Did I mention that she is screaming bloody murder by now. Maybe she sensed my panic. I brush the snow off a beam and take my glove off to place the camera on it. Praying the whole time it did not fall. Then back to my mission. I pulled and pulled but she did not move. The swing was almost upside down with me trying to get her out. The neighbors probably thought I was abusing her by now! Then I started considering alternatives. Maybe I should get a ladder and take the whole swing down to bring inside. Or maybe take off some clothes to make her skinnier therefore sliding right out. Just as I was about to call the fire department to use the jaws of life to cut her out...slip! Out she was. Whew. Crisis averted. Drama while Daddy is away. So Lily got her first taste of snow or at least as close to the snow as I would let her get.

Since it has been so long since I posted I have a few updates. Lily went to the doctor Monday for an ear check and shots. The two and half month ear infection is gone! Praise the lord! YAY! So tubes are off the table for awhile. She is now caught up on shots as well. She weighs 18.8 pounds on my at home measurements. That officially knocked her to the nine month clothing size. I am finally running out of clothes! I had a lot of the smaller sized but as I get towards nine months I am finally going to start running out!

Lily's new obsession....Dada. She just says it all the time. This morning she woke up and all I heard was "Dada!" She almost whispers it with a little sadness sometimes. Like yesterday when Michael left. It would have broke my heart if I wasn't still ill she won't say Mama. I will say "Say Mama" and then she goes "Dada" and laughs. Life is so unfair.

Michael will be back tonight. Then he gets baby time! While I go take a warm bath and read my new addiction...the Twilight series. If you haven't read them. Go buy it! Read it! Love it! As my friend said "I want Edward to bite me..." He's a really hot vampire in case you didn't know. I am on the third book and I only started reading them last Saturday.


Mickie January 23, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

oh my .. your posts always make me laugh. such great photography too!