My Sports Curse

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

Anyone that knows the Eads Family knows we are sports cursed. Our teams all fall in the end. They tease you. A win here a win there. Then one day...BAM! A devastating loss. The only thing that holds our family together after these horrific games and keeps us coming back? THE TAILGATE! Because without that, my friend, we would have given up a long time ago.

My sports week began so good last week. I was pumped up (much like Dave below) Anticipation of my first NFL game was high. The tailgating plans were being made. Then Friday I heard the first of the Trifecta. The Braves had traded Smoltz. Now I am not an avid baseball fan like some but I like the Braves. Always have. Even I knew this was bad news! It is not even baseball season yet and my sports curse has taken affect.

I get up Saturday morning. Pumped about the game. Haul it down 85 to get there, drop off the baby, meet up with friends, and let the games begin! First we get lost downtown in the Garden District. At least it was a pretty drive. We get parked and set up! Everyone starts showing up. We eat, get tatted up, play some corn hole, drink a lot of beer, and head in.

Oh the excitement! The stadium buzzed with anticipation and high expectations. This is going to be a blow out. The Panthers were favored by ten points and we were on a roll and playing good so everyone thought ten points was a gross underestimate. We climbed, and climbed, and climbed to our seats on the upper level. As I walked out of the tunnel to get to my seats I saw the glow of stadium lights, heard the sounds of cheers, and then saw the magnificent field.
Oh it was beautiful! Hootie sang the National Anthem and we drove the ball straight down for a touchdown in just the first few minutes. Then that's when it sports curse.
It was all downhill from there. Delhomme threw a total of five interceptions and fumbled the ball once. By the end of it the Panthers got beat 33-13 by the Cardinals. Wow. The only word to describe it....horrible.
Meanwhile......Michael has ripped his Delhomme jersey off his back, thrown it down, stomped on it, and threw it down the stadium. Told a concession stand worker to "keep the damn drink if its five dollars" and stopped talking all by the end of the first half. I may have the sports curse but he has the sports rage. What a lovely couple we are.
But that was not the end of it. To complete the Trifecta we had the Chargers. My saving grace. They could make my sports week all better with an awesome game by Philip Rivers and an advance to the division championship by the team. But alas, another loss.
Why do the sports gods frown on me so!? What have I done? Am I not a loyal fan? I cheer for the Wolfpack, give me a break please! I just want a Championship for one of my teams. Pick one I am not greedy. Any team.
This year like the ones that have passed will bring another year of false hope. A tease that my hex has been lifted. But that little glimmer of hope is what keeps us coming back....


Mickie January 19, 2009 at 2:21 PM  

You always make me laugh! I'm sorry that the Panthers lost but how fun that you got to go to the game! Our Steelers are doing pretty good! :) Wish we could make it to Tampa for the big game, wouldn't that be wild?