Ear Infections Galore!

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This past Saturday I noticed a return of Snot Nose Lily. My first assumption was RSV which is running through daycare. Then I saw the "ear flick." Oh no...not again.

Sunday proved my theory when she was up every hour. I got hardly any sleep and when she nursed Monday morning it sounded like she was snoring there was so much congestion. Argggghhhh.

So I called the pediatrician early Monday morning to get an appointment for that afternoon. They have extended hours (5pm-6pm) just for sick visit so I figured it wouldn't be hard. WRONG! The latest appointment was 2pm. I explained I have a job, and after missing countless hours from daycare last week because of the weather I need something around 4:30pm. "Well we can only schedule until 2 unless its an emergency." Didn't she know it was about to be an emergency if she didn't give me the appointment? So "How do I get a later appointment?" Logical question..."Oh just call back after two" mmmmm okay! I swear that is my biggest complaint about this office. The stupid admin stuff! For example, you check out at one window, then go to a completely different one make an appointment. As if it is easy to cart a child around to different windows! And they have two windows to choose from to check in and make appointments. It never fails I walk up to one and they call me to the other! It really irks me. But anyway back to the story.

So I called back and got a 4:30 appointment. And just as Mommy suspected and ear infection. She had been tugging on right ear but he couldn't see very well in that one because of wax, but it didn't matter because she had a raging one in her left. I was hoping only the right since that one actually cleared up once but this dang left ear was the one giving me all the problems. So she is on a round of Vantin and has a referral to the specialist.

I left the doctor's office in tears. Just the thought of putting her under anesthesia is heart breaking to me. I can't take it! So I will call today to get an appointment. I really want tubes to be a last resort. So we will see....stay tuned. My the return of angel baby will be sooner than expected.


Alice January 27, 2009 at 11:00 AM  

I am soooo sorry! I dread the tubes thing too and have a feeling I will be paying a visit to the DR this week too due to the yellow snot. That is how it starts out with R too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mickie January 28, 2009 at 10:45 AM  

I had to have tubes when I was little.. (well old enough to sort-of remember it) but then I went nearly 20 years without another ear infection. So it's not all bad. I hope she's ok without it though!

PS - which doc do u use? The setup sounds kinda like ours but I've never tried to get an appt after 2. We usually go for a near lunch appt so I can hit up the Mexican restaurant afterwards :)