How to save yourself from a "biting"

>> Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So I called Rex Hospital Lactation Services yesterday to discuss our recent biting issue. After my standard "google" there was not much she offered me that I had not found on my own. See our problem is not biting down and holding its more of a nick here and a chomp there. Most of the information she had was for how to get her to let go. For example, holding her nose so she has to open her mouth to breath, thus causing her to let go. That seemed to be consistent across the board from many sites. Second most popular is stopping the feeding, telling her "No! Biting hurts Mommy" and setting her down. The final advice she offered was to just pump and give her bottles.

Let's put it this way I am glad phone advice is free because that did not really help me. Oh well.

On a similar note since Christmas my supply has dropped significantly due to a vacation from pumping. Having two weeks off has really affected it. So I am pumping like five times a day plus nursing trying to increase but the biting may no longer be an issue if I dry up! haha! Michael asked me if maybe it was time to wean. We will give it another month and see if it picks back up. I am a little hesitant with the constant ear infections to stop until I know what the deal is with her ears. And supposedly it helps with ear infections. Although I cannot imagine it being much worse....eight weeks of ear infections is a little extreme. Therefore I don't know if it is benefiting the ear situation much. So we will see.

I take Lily for her last shot of antibiotics today. I do get to leave early (does 15 minutes count?). It is suppose to be gone by tomorrow if this worked. The infamous diaper rash is also back with the antibiotics overload. I have a feeling we will be at the Ear, Nose, and Throat next week. Did I mention the ENT is in the same building as the her doctor? Do you think they are in cahoots?