Happy New Year 2009

>> Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We were very lucky to get to party with the big dogs over New Year's...AKA our non-baby friends that are really old like us and can't seem to bring ourselves to fight the bar scene on a crazy night. So Aunt Linda babysat while we went to dinner with the crew at Bogarts. Very Yummy! Then she dropped her off and we were off to the Bauers to stay the night and party until at least 12:01AM. Well we made it a little longer than 12:01AM and so did Lily. She has an impressive bed time of 1:15AM, with Brooke and I being the last to go at a whooping 4:45AM! Holy Cow! Yeah we both totally paid for it the next day. But we got some girly time in.
Michael putting "Lily" to sleep! ha! He did get back up...eventually
Highlights of the evening:
-Ringing in the new year with a kiss from my hubby and my baby girl
-Hanging out with great friends
-Pomegranate Martinis
-Dave prank calling with a noise maker (Ouch!)
-Dave waking Lily up with noise maker
-Michael taking noise maker and hiding it
-Bogarts hashbrown thingy...mmmmm
-Tara out drinking Jon
-Scott falling on crutches (post foot surgery) into Christmas cards. He was okay!
-Three Man
-Drunk Driver (the game not the act of)
-Jenna getting diarrhea of the mouth after one too many whatever she was drinking-Oh I love drunk Jenna
-Getting Panthers Playoff tickets after waking up hung over on the first!

Brookie and Michael
The McCarty's (Pre Three Man)
Tara and Me

Jenna and Me
Oops I did it again...
"Thrrreeee Mannn"
"Why do Mommy and Daddy always do this to me???"


Suz January 11, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

you look really pretty in the NYE pics!