Just Call Me Izzy Stevenson....

>> Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I went to the Dermatologist yesterday for the first time. My OB had recommended I go last August at my post birth check up because of a 'suspicious' freckle on my leg. I admit I have been putting it off for a number of reasons. First, I tried to schedule an appointment and it takes months to get in. Second, I found out it was not "preventative" so I would have to pay more to go. Third, I just hate going to the doctor.

But finally I went. More because I wanted to get a spot removed off my face that has been bugging me and I have some arm bumps that irritate me and I wanted some prescription lotion to eliminate it. Completely vain reasons I know.

The visit was fairly quick, and pretty much what I expected until...

He pulled out a needle and a 'scoop' device with the comment "I see why your OB wanted you to get this checked out...let's get a biopsy" Say what? You are going to do a what with that? Yeah I hate hate hate needles, shots, pain. I am a weenie. "There is also a spot on your abdomen I want to check out too" Poof another needle appears. By now I am woozie. He starts approaching and I say "Wait a minute...is this going to scar?" Maybe a little bit of vanity comes into play here.

While I am questioning about the scaring he STABS me in the leg with the needle and shoots me with Lytacain with a response of "only a small one." If you have every had this shot you know it HURTS!! "Mother effffeeeerrrr!" Was the response he got. Amazingly it didn't hurt as bad on my stomach, probably the baby fat helped me out there. And I don't mean the baby fat from yesteryear. I should rename it Lily Fat.

"We will call you in a week. Oh and if it is something remind me you are worried about scarring and we will send you to a plastic surgeon to get it removed." Insurance lingo for "not covered"

As I left the doctor's office I wondered if a lot of people call him a Mothereffer when he biopsies them....

Now the waiting game. Oh and they can't take care of my face spot and told me my arm bumps are normal and I should exfoliate more. And he wonders why I called him a Mothereffer.




>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009



A few catch up pics....

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

I have a few catch up pics that I just went through and edited, etc. Night pics are tough! Haha. Above is Meg and I after the Cirque Show last weekend. Look how long my hair is! It is very mullet like in this pic as well. haha! I have since got a cut at which my hairdresser informed me it had been FOURTEEN weeks since my last one. Yeah I usually go about six so no wonder I had raggedy hair!

Meg and Erik. Erik was the doll baby that got us the tickets. He is in charge of marketing for the show.

We have been tailgating the past few weeks with the Aldens. Here is Lily enjoying some applesauce

Daddy and Lily! Go STATE! I am not sure what this face is she is making.

Lily doing an impression of Uncle Scott. Where is my black tshirt!??

GrandPeg giving Mommy a break from walking.

She loves wearing Daddy's hat. Always has.

Uncle Craig and Lily

A GodParent Shot!

It is really dark and pretty grainy so you could see the pictures....but these are of Craig toting Lily back to the car on his shoulders. At one point she fell asleep with her head resting on his. It's tough destroying a team like Murray State. What's a girl to do?



Cold Stone and Make a Wish

>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

As many of you know I have gotten involved more heavily with my Chi Omega chapter at NCSU. I came on board as an advisor to the chapter last fall a few months after Lily was born. It was probably awful timing considering I had a newborn but this year I finally feel like I am getting a handle on my roles, and juggling meetings. My only complaint is the stuff is late during the week and I miss some nights with Lily. AKA I am old and have a hard time keeping up.

In addition I try to stay involved with the Alumni Chapter in Raleigh as well. This has definatly proved taxing as there is only one me! But when I heard about the event they were hosting at Cold Stone Creamery I was like.."Uh...YEAH" Ice cream and charity? It was like God was sending me a sign.

This event was special because a Chi O Family member lost her Father recently. His name was Jack Daniels. A little back story...their family store is right next to our first house. I admit we didn't go alot but I hear they have awesome deli sandwhichs and breakfast! Kara Daniels, my sister, is also part of my family in Chi O. I think technically she is my Grand Big? But with that being said her father was a major supporter of our chapter and I was more than happy to spend this day honoring Make a Wish and Jack.

It was a nice set up. A local Fire Department came by and let the kids tour the truck and "drive" and they had a balloon artist. Lily may or may not have had ice cream for dinner that night.....

Here are few shots of her FireTruck fun!

I think Daddy had more fun that her!

Vroom Vroom!

Driving all by herself

Standing on the front of the truck...there was a nice little ledge there begging me to take a pic on it!

This is her new "stranger" look. If she doesn't know you this is what you can expect to see.

I know I am very behind on blogging. I have a slew of things to post including tailgating pics, corn maze pics and Pumpkin patch pics from Nicole. Whew!



Mommy Time

>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am finally getting my hair cut today...let us hope I make this appointment without getting lost. So I get thirty minutes to just me. :sigh: Heaven.

I also went at lunch and shopped at Old Navy to get us some outfits for our Photo Shoot with Nicole Faby this weekend. We are going to be adorable...can't wait! I got lots of cute clothes on the CHEAP! I got a dress for $5 dollars, a couple of tops for $2 and some stuff for Lily for $2. Even PJs for her for $5. That is a good day.

So all in all enjoying a me moment.



Last Day of Summer

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

What? Today is the last day of summer? NO! I have so much left to do! We didn't make it to the beach, we didn't break out the pool nearly enough, and I somehow managed to stay pasty white well into the month of September! How did this happen? Soon the long summer days will fade into darkness and I will be stuck wondering what could of been. I could have taken Lily on long walks in the evenings; I could have drove to Wilmington for the day. I could have done so much more....

But alas all good things must come to an end. Instead we look forward to cooler nights, lower power bills, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, changing leaves, and although the summer is gone I am happy to say fall is my favorite!

Enjoy the last day of Summer!



What Adult Time?

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

We had a good weekend. On Friday we did what seems to be out Friday night ritual....we went to ChickFilA. What is my life coming to when this is the highlight! I texted our expecting friends to give them the heads up that this is what we consider exciting now. But we spiced it up with a trip to BJs to by diapers!
Saturday morning we took Lily to Chuck E Cheese. I am convinced we love this place as much as her. Skeeball, Basketball, football, pinball, oh my! She just really likes the rides and honestly we can take her to the Kmart and they have those out front. The food is not bad and it is affordable so we consider it a wholesome family activity.
But on Saturday afternoon the Aldens hooked up with tickets to the new Durham Performing Arts Center to see Cirque Dreams Illuminations with their families. So we dropped Lily off with her Aunt Linda and headed to Durham. The show was great and actually held the hubby's attention as a set of the stars were Chinese Contortionist. Four women...crazy positions....doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why he was entertained. Afterwards we went to have drinks at the American Tobacco District that is right beside the DPAC and Durham Bulls Stadium. It was so much fun to hang out as an adult and talk about adult things like jobs, money, sports, etc. Ahhhh adults. Haha. After everyone left Michael and I headed to the Mellow Mushroom for more drinks and pizza. Yummy. I love there Calzones so much. An amazing night. Show, Friends, Date with my Hubby, a babysitter. Heaven on Earth I tell ya.

Lily did really well with Aunt Linda. I was very proud. It is funny how you can start to see her form attachments to people other than us and daycare workers. Now that I have said that is sounds sad but she really does see them as much as us. The two people I have noticed her taking a liking to the most are Uncle Kevin and Aunt Linda. Uncle Kevin is visiting now and you would think he hung the moon as she just follows him around all night. She even feels comfortable enough to walk up to him and steal green beans off his plate. Even after Mommy explained how rude that was.


15 Month Check Up

>> Friday, September 18, 2009

We took Lily to her 15 Month check up this morning to get her Dtap shot and check development, etc.

He said she was looking great. Hitting all her milestones perfectly and besides a few patches of dry skin (mainly from bug bites) she looked great. The nurses did give me a hard time about having her on 2% milk. The funny thing is I specifically asked at her 1 year appointment and the DOCTOR said it didn't matter if we used Whole or 2%. Mmmmm maybe I should trust the guy that went to school for a million years. Whatever...she had just weighed her. I don't think the child is starving.

She is a whooping 26 lbs 3 oz and 33 inches tall. This equals out to the 90% for weight and 60% for height. Here is the funny part...she is off the charts for head circumference.

Like the nurse was telling me something I didn't already know....I TRIED TO PUSH HER OUT!

I say it is to hold her big brain. Not that I am biased or anything :)



Military Appreciation Game...oh that was the Murray State Game

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

We were lucky enough to get our dear friends (Thanks McCartys!) football tickets to the NCSU vs. Murray State game last weekend. They have season tickets that they were not using that weekend so we jumped on the opportunity. We used to have season tickets but got tired of the commitment of going EVERY Weekend and the chore it became to find parking etc. Ideally I would love to split some season tickets with another couple. That would be awesome. But alas we are stuck scrounging for tickets when we can.

This was my first time sitting in the end zone and I love it. You can see our view above. We were a little nervous about taking Lily to A. A night game B. to a game at all. She is in the state where she wants to be on the run constantly! It is exhausting to say the least. But she was AWESOME! The tailgating was a little cumbersome because if she wasn't getting into something or running away she was not happy. But she sat through the game and clapped and danced to the cheering like her genes ingrained the love of football into her blood. She clapped to the fight song and laughed when everyone cheered. So proud! Sniffle Sniffle my little Wolfpack fan! She lived up to her cheerleader outfit!

It was Military Appreciation day as well so after every (of the MANY) touchdowns a "who-ha!" came over the loud speaker and they did a fantastic flag ceremony at halftime. It was pretty impressive.

Overall a very pleasant experience despite our nervousness. We need to have a better plan for containment during tailgate but we got the game down!

Here are a few pics of the night.

It was hot! But luckily I had some Juice boxes on hand. BTW totally brought a huge diaper back of goodies in just in case we had meltdown thirty. Didn't need it but realized could totally sneak in some "drinks" because they barely check it!

This pic was so close to being good and she jerked her hand up at the last second. So close and BAM! ruined in a half a second!

A few shots of the field at half time! It is nice to Support our Troops on a random day not just September 11th! Although I am not convinced this wasn't linked! I mean it was the 12th!


Remembering 9/11

>> Friday, September 11, 2009

I heard on the radio today that President Obama has declared today a National Day of Service for the first time in the eight years since the 9/11 attacks. People all over the country are performing beach clean ups, preparing packages for soldiers overseas, etc. How awesome is that? It is times like this that I wish it was mandatory that all companies gave you at lease eight hours of community service paid. That is the kind of legislature I would like to see passed! Well that and a decent maternity policy.

It is hard to believe that 9/11 was eight years ago! It seems like a lifetime ago that I was a sophomore in college. I remember when Michael walked in to turn on the news after his class got cancelled. We just watched the news and I just cried. What an awful day full of so much uncertainty. What would the future hold? Yet life has went on but we still remember.

I think today is a day of remembrance but also a day of appreciation. For all that we have. But more importantly why we have it. I have a sister whose husband was deployed to Iraq just last month. They are newlyweds and she was having a hard time with him leaving much like all military families do. The words of encouragement I offered her brought a smile to her face..."Just remember that if he wasn't who he was we wouldn't be who we are and you should be proud."

Today remember and honor the lives lost, remember and honor the event, but be thankful and proud of where we are and the freedoms we have because of all of our brave Military Personnel. And if you can try and help someone today. We may not get the day off but we can participate in this National Service Day in our own way.


Sneak Peak Eads Family video

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sneak Peak of Eads Family 2009 Video




15 Months Old

Lily is 15 Months today. Is it bad that I am sad? I have been diligently working on our family video with my new computer and getting all sorts of memories from 2009 refreshed. Some of it seems so long ago. Like our trip to Sesame Place in PA. That was only May...but Gosh it feels like last May.

Current Milestones:

Running and Dancing and can climb stairs although I am discouraging this.
Just yesterday I got her to give us the "Peace" sign! haha!
Talking more each day and trying to repeat words...her favorite? B words. She babbles consistently and talks and talks in her own little world. I often wonder what is going on in that mind! Her main form of communication is grunting or pointing.
She can put the puzzles together than Melissa got her for her birthday without guidance. You know the shape ones (or in the case animals) by the matching them with their home.
She is getting more and more self awareness and can point to her nose and mouth.
Can bring toys on command.
Loves pulling stuff out and putting it back in...such as drawers, baskets, etc. I found my hair pick in the sock drawer this morning after looking for it for days.
This weekend I gave her a make up brush and she started rubbing it on her face! She also grabs the washcloth and starts rubbing her legs in the bath.
Loves coloring and art.
Tantrums, tantrums and more tantrums. This week she threw a thirty minute fit about what? Who knows! But threw herself on the kitchen floor and proceded to "scoot" herself all the way across the kitchen on her back all the while kicking and using her legs to move. We are using the ignore tactic at this point, but god help us if she starts this in Public...which she will.

What I am looking forward to? Spoon usage! I really want to start working on this. It is my next goal.



Eadsfest Pics Part Deux

>> Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You asked for more and you are getting it! Team pics, etc. from Eadsfest 2009

Celebrating our victory with the younger version of my Hubby!
This is me giving Michael a pep talk..aka MAN UP! because he had the jitters in our first round of Flingo!

This is Kevin announcing the Winners. The Best...look at Scott's Face! It looks like someone took the cookie straight out of his hand! Good try DrunkenBauers...you went from last place in 2008 to a tie for 2nd with Michael's Bitches.
Jon quieting the party down! Yeah don't think it is working Jon.
The most Bucked Tooth Frenas pictured together throughout the whole night. They are sly those Frenas
What the Heck are you doing in the house! I photographic proof you are not following the rules of Eadsfest! Point Deduction!
Michael associating with the enemies...aka our arch Nemisis
DrunkenBauers....Most Improved and Best Dressed
The Champions! Pre Championship
Michael's Bitches
Team B
Debbie Does Eadsfest

Had fun! Can't wait til 2010!