15 Months Old

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lily is 15 Months today. Is it bad that I am sad? I have been diligently working on our family video with my new computer and getting all sorts of memories from 2009 refreshed. Some of it seems so long ago. Like our trip to Sesame Place in PA. That was only May...but Gosh it feels like last May.

Current Milestones:

Running and Dancing and can climb stairs although I am discouraging this.
Just yesterday I got her to give us the "Peace" sign! haha!
Talking more each day and trying to repeat words...her favorite? B words. She babbles consistently and talks and talks in her own little world. I often wonder what is going on in that mind! Her main form of communication is grunting or pointing.
She can put the puzzles together than Melissa got her for her birthday without guidance. You know the shape ones (or in the case animals) by the matching them with their home.
She is getting more and more self awareness and can point to her nose and mouth.
Can bring toys on command.
Loves pulling stuff out and putting it back in...such as drawers, baskets, etc. I found my hair pick in the sock drawer this morning after looking for it for days.
This weekend I gave her a make up brush and she started rubbing it on her face! She also grabs the washcloth and starts rubbing her legs in the bath.
Loves coloring and art.
Tantrums, tantrums and more tantrums. This week she threw a thirty minute fit about what? Who knows! But threw herself on the kitchen floor and proceded to "scoot" herself all the way across the kitchen on her back all the while kicking and using her legs to move. We are using the ignore tactic at this point, but god help us if she starts this in Public...which she will.

What I am looking forward to? Spoon usage! I really want to start working on this. It is my next goal.



Trish September 10, 2009 at 12:05 PM  

Man, don't they grow up too fast! Mine turned 13 this summer and I was so depressed over it!

You have a cute "lil lady"! Good luck with the tantrums :O)