What Adult Time?

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

We had a good weekend. On Friday we did what seems to be out Friday night ritual....we went to ChickFilA. What is my life coming to when this is the highlight! I texted our expecting friends to give them the heads up that this is what we consider exciting now. But we spiced it up with a trip to BJs to by diapers!
Saturday morning we took Lily to Chuck E Cheese. I am convinced we love this place as much as her. Skeeball, Basketball, football, pinball, oh my! She just really likes the rides and honestly we can take her to the Kmart and they have those out front. The food is not bad and it is affordable so we consider it a wholesome family activity.
But on Saturday afternoon the Aldens hooked up with tickets to the new Durham Performing Arts Center to see Cirque Dreams Illuminations with their families. So we dropped Lily off with her Aunt Linda and headed to Durham. The show was great and actually held the hubby's attention as a set of the stars were Chinese Contortionist. Four women...crazy positions....doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why he was entertained. Afterwards we went to have drinks at the American Tobacco District that is right beside the DPAC and Durham Bulls Stadium. It was so much fun to hang out as an adult and talk about adult things like jobs, money, sports, etc. Ahhhh adults. Haha. After everyone left Michael and I headed to the Mellow Mushroom for more drinks and pizza. Yummy. I love there Calzones so much. An amazing night. Show, Friends, Date with my Hubby, a babysitter. Heaven on Earth I tell ya.

Lily did really well with Aunt Linda. I was very proud. It is funny how you can start to see her form attachments to people other than us and daycare workers. Now that I have said that is sounds sad but she really does see them as much as us. The two people I have noticed her taking a liking to the most are Uncle Kevin and Aunt Linda. Uncle Kevin is visiting now and you would think he hung the moon as she just follows him around all night. She even feels comfortable enough to walk up to him and steal green beans off his plate. Even after Mommy explained how rude that was.