Lily's First Hair Cut!

>> Saturday, September 05, 2009

My child has a mullet. Let me rephrase. HAD a mullet. You know the old fashion 'Business in the front and Party in the Back' Mullet. So against the wishes of ....well just about everyone I took her to get her femullet under control. That is what Mommy's are for! To make sure you do not make those big fashion mistakes until you are least in your teens.

We went to Snip Its in Raleigh which is a kid place that charges way too much to take five minutes with your kids. But to put it in percepective it is still a third of what my haircuts costs. I had a coupon for half off so that made the deal sweeter.

The place is very bright and kid friendly. At the end of the hair cut we got a certificate and a few locks of hair to keep. She got to explore the "prize" machine that made such a loud noise upon launch that it sent her running in the opposite direction...until she spotted the plastic lizard it spit out for her "great" performance.

She did wonderful. Did not cry once. She looked a little skecptical to begin with as you can see below but she was never upset.

She was in a great mood helped to sleep on the way to the salon!
Here are some snap shots

A shot of the mullet from the side
Looking at Uncle Kevin who tagged along. She loves her Uncle Kevin!
Realizing it would be nice to have the hair out of her eyes. OMG my mother used to say "get your hair out of your eyes" all the time! The circle of life!
Cleaning up the natural layers
All done! So pretty!
Our eccentric but odd. She did a great job!