Bad Fall...

>> Thursday, September 03, 2009

Last Thursday we had major drama in the Eads' household. I think most of you know I am not a freak out, over paranoid Momma. I am laid back and don't hover. If she falls? So be it. She is a kid! That is how they roll. But then I turned around for a second....


I look back and she has tripped in our child danger zone of a garage and face planted directly into the wooden stair. I swooped her up as the howls started. I checked her mouth and nose for blood first since I had no idea how she had hit and didn't see anything. As I am rocking her and moving her hair to give her kisses I see it....

Her head directly between her eyebrows is BLACK! I mean black. I dialed Michael and immediatetly start panicing. She is screaming bloody murder and I am convinced her IQ just dropped significantly. "Should I take her to the ER? Do you remember Natasha Richardson? OMG I killed our child!" By the end of the phone call I am hysterical. But I calm down long enough to take a pic with my phone and text it to him. Yeah she is still screaming. He said get her a cookie and see if she stops crying....

Yeah that totally worked. I still felt awful but within a half hour she was walking around like nothing happened. Unfortunalty the lasting imprint of the fall did last. Within an hour it looked a lot better!

These pictures are from the day after. You can see she has a shiner, but it doesn't compare to the blackness that preceded it. I swear it was so worse.

I swear kids are little Wolverines with amazing healing powers.

But as you can see...she was fine. Just a minor Mommy freak out.

Here are a few shots of us reading yesterday. I have never really sat her in the glider alone but she loved it.

Of course Elmo had to get a kiss after the story was finished. What is so screwed up is Elmo gets more kisses than Momma!

Then we all know that today is opening football day for College football. But more importantly NCSU Football. The ladies of the house had to sport the Red and White!

She looks a little sleepy huh? She had just woke up.

I remember the good old days when she would look at the camera and smile...:sigh:



Trish September 4, 2009 at 12:08 PM  

Hey there! I found your blog thru Heir To Blair...isn't she teh Greatest!

Anyway, your caught my attention becuse I to live in NC....are we just both cool or what????

So I just want to pop in and say hello. Your lil girl is just too cute(even with he battle wound)

Drop by my blog sometime!

Eads Family September 4, 2009 at 1:17 PM  

I do totally love her. The funny thing is I know her I just can't remember how??! haha! I will start keeping up with your blog. Thanks for sharing.