Hello Lover.....

>> Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dear PC,

You were a work horse for so many years. By work horse I mean you let me facebook stalk, check my email and pay a bill or two. It is hard to say goodbye but alas it must be done. I have grown. Many things in my life have change post baby including my love of photo and video. Your 60 GB hard drive is almost laughable. I need more than you can offer so I feel we must sever all ties. It's not you...it's me. Really it is. I swear no one will ever replace you.

Good bye comfortable relationship......

Hello lover......
Yes I admit it...there was someone else.
Someone twice your size with a 640 GB hard drive....yes ten times more than you could ever offer me. What can I say? I like them big, bright and with lots of built in features.
Don't be mad...my brother made me do it.

Love Always,

The new and improved iMac Eads Family