>> Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Once again our team pulled off the victory! It was a two point win! I swear it is not rigged we are just superior in every possible way. No really we are. Look above...we don't even look that bad and there was a handful of people that couldn't even make it to the end and we are still going strong!
This year went great and only enforces the fact we will be planning this again next year. Start training for the Third Annual Eadsfest 2010!
Michael and I enjoying our awesomeness.
It was a rough start. Or team actually lost the first round of every event. I should mention I was usually involved in that round. But I was 1-1 in all round events! I just had to get my groove. During BeerBall the DrunkenBauers destroyed us. No really...Scott and Tara are brutal. I mean check on the usual outfits. They meant business about not getting last place like 2008!

Meg and I during a breather!
It was HOT!!!

Craig and Brent....I think Brent was trying to get some of our Mojo!
My boys!
Our awesome refs. We were lucky this year to have such a great team of refs. They made the event possible, took a little abuse and didn't complain once. I guess I should be thanking most of their husbands since most of them were preggers! Well Kev is underage...and Tanya and Meg thought their service were better used as refs. Although Meg saved a team and stepped in for an event as needed for people that couldn't finish the events. They were DQ'd but still she is official the "party starter" or should it be finisher?

I have to admit that next year we have made the decision to scale it back. We are getting to old for this at full force. We have some discussions about how to do this, but right now it is looking like we are cutting an event and scaling back the rounds. Nothing is final but we had quite a few people not make it to the end this year. Just proves we are not as young as we like to think!
At the end of the day we ended up with no drama, a broken baby gate, a bush with Tommy's body imprint in it, and another championship! A day well spent! See ya next year.
All pictures courtesy of Meg! Yeah she was sober enough to take them....us not so much. More coming next week from Tanya!


CLARK711 September 2, 2009 at 11:13 AM  

Are those two guys at the bottom from Awesomeville?