25 weeks

>> Friday, February 29, 2008

Not much new to report this week. I have been feeling pretty good. My main complaint this week has been sleeping position. It is a chore to change positions in the middle of the night and even if I get a fair amount of sleep I have been exhausted in the morning. But by lunch I have been feeling better. Definitly growing still!! I looked down the other day and realized my feet are no longer visible, AND a girl at work noticed I am now tying my shoes on the "inside." Which means I am no longer able to bend down and tie them comfortably. I am starting to get really excited. It comes in waves usually followed by complete terror. Although Michael says he is not anxious at all. I wish I could say the same! It is an emotional roller coaster that is for sure.

As far as the baby is concerned my AFP test came back normal! Another good sign. And her activity has increased tremendously over the past few weeks. I actually saw my stomach move for the first time last week as she bounced my hand off my belly! Of course her favorite acorbat time is right when I lay down at night to fall asleep. Usually a good thirty minutes of intense movement followed by a few jabs here and there. I can also tell where she is at throughout the day based on the shape of my stomach. It is not always centered and more often than not you see a bulge on one side or the other. She probably has her momma's butt!

Monday was my birthday and Michael and I spent the day together after playing hookey from work. We did some nursery activities and hung a ceiling fan in the nursery. Yes I lost that battle, no mini chandelier for me...sad. Don't worry Michael completely messed up the ceiling hanging it and now has repair work and ceiling painting to do. Wouldn't have happened if we hung the light I wanted! Momma knows best....


Pregnancy Humor

>> Monday, February 18, 2008


Nursery Update

>> Sunday, February 17, 2008

We got the bedding as mentioned in previous post, so here are some pictures. We also hung some "wall art" over the weekend.

Unfortunatly they were out of "My Mother is the Queen" wall hangings!

On a side note Sharla finally had the baby today! Yay! He is adorable. Check it out on their blog http://blogs.the-collins.net/CollinsFamily/Default.aspx


23 Weeks (Almost)

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

I had another doctors appointment this week. I saw another male doctor. This time it went a little smoother. AKA no fat comments. Actually no weight gain talk at all since I only gained five pounds this month which is about normal. I had my stomach measured for the first time, and listened to the baby's heartbeat. I have to say normally they had to feel around a bit with the doppler to get the heartbeat but this time it was a quick put the contraption on my belly and then "boom boom boom" Her little heart must be getting big and strong! It was awesome as usual. She had a heartbeat of 150 beats per minute.

I did talk about my backpain a little more with the doctor and he said to schedule a massage and start heating pads at night to ease up the pain with an occasional tynenol on the bad days. I also mentioned my feet had started swelling and he told me to elevate them at night. So nothing new basically...suck it up. Next appointment is with my actually doctor who I had not seen since my original appointment so that will be nice.

As far as nursery updates we got the bedding from the previous blog and we decided to keep it. It looks sweet and Michael did not hate it so we decided its a keeper. He hates just about anything I like so it will have to do. This weekend I am going to start the search for some material to recover the glider. Now the debate will be to try it myself or pay someone to recover it. It really just depends on how I feel after I buy it.

I would like to say a good-bye to nonbaby Valentines Day as we celebrated our last solo love day last night with a Pizza Hut Pizza and an episode of Lost. No more quiet evenings to spend together for awhile. Luckily Michael shows me he loves me daily so I don't need a day, but it is nice to get pampered every once in awhile. Luckily my birthday is coming up :)


22 weeks

>> Monday, February 11, 2008

This week has been a good one. Nothing too bad. Michael was out of town all last week for business so I actually had to get off the couch to get my own drinks all week. Oh it was good for him to be back on Friday and then resume by couch potato position.
We traveled to Gastonia on Saturday for Michael's little brothers B-day party. So I pretty much just ate and sat in a car all weekend. My back has been pretty sore from that. We arrived home Sunday to find that some pesky teenagers decided eggs would be a nice addition to our house. So Michael spent an hour or so cleaning that up yesterday.
We did recieve the crib mattress this weekend and hopefully the bedding will be in by Wednesday at the latest. I am anxious to see it in person since we picked it offline and are unsure of the design. Here is what we picked.
I do want to give a shout out to my girl Sharla who is pateintly (or not so pateintly) awaiting the arrival of their little one. I am rooting for you this week and hopefully this is your last week! PS eat some mexican food!! http://blogs.the-collins.net/CollinsFamily/Default.aspx


Why does no one like my names??!?!?!?

>> Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Alright why are Michael's names getting all the votes! Need I remind you I am carrying the child? I think my names are going to be booted to a middle name....

Okay we will switch it up. Revote.


21 Weeks

>> Monday, February 04, 2008

My mother has threatened me if she did not see another belly shot. This is not a good picture and lacks a hairdo or makeup but you get the idea. I am big! I have a had a productive week despite my ginourmous belly. I have felt pretty darn good for the past week, and have gotten a lot accomplished. My energy is picking up a little, and my aches have not been as bad. Hopefully the next few weeks will be the same.

We got the nursery in general set up. Michael and I finished the trim painting and hung crown moulding during the week and then spent Friday and Saturday assembling the furniture. My overall impression of the furniture is good quality for the price. The crib is awesome, easy assembly, great qualtiy, and looks great. The dresser was a pain in the arse to put together, but looks good and matches really well. The qualtiy is not the highest, especially compared to the crib, but I will remind you that is was $200. We had some issues with the camlocks and actually had to finagle a drawer to fit properly. Michael cussed during the assembly, but it is together and looks great. We also got a cute little bookshelf at Target out of the Simply Shabby Chic line that matches the vintage white of the other two pieces. Below are some pictures of the nursery. We still have to paint the glider and possibly recover depending on the bedding we pick, so that will eventually match.
Michael is out on business this week so I don't think too much will get done except maybe a little shopping on my end :)

Speaking of shopping. Thought I would add a side note to all the savings I recieved this weekend. I found baby monitors for 25 dollars on Clearance at Target. Then my $60 bookshelf rang up as $30 dollars in line. THeN the biggest saving of all, I found a Medela Pump in Style breast pump on clearance for $175, regularly $250!!! A total savings of $130. Whohhoooo! I was most pumped about the breast pump...no pun intended!