Chi Omega Convention 2010

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

I leave in the morning for Chi Omega's annual leadership conference. I got the opportunity to go and I jumped on. I always wanted to go as an active sister but never got the chance. Now as an active alumnae I get to see it in a different light! 

I am so excited, and plan to share a lot over the next few days. Not only on the convention but in general blog catch up! I will have four nights baby free. Will I make it? Just wait and see! This is definitely the longest Michael has had her alone. Will he make. Definitely wait and see. 




>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remember when Lily licked her potty hand? Well today we had a similar experience. By similar I mean I threw up a little in my mouth again.

So we are on Day Four of Badass Potty training. On average we are having one poop and one pee accident a day. Including at daycare. Yesterday she was accident free at daycare! So not bad for diaper free week one. We even braved the public eye last night. We went out to eat and to Wal-mart. Two successful public restroom visits. Although I had to fight back my OCD that my two year old was going to get a STD from the public toilet seat, all in all it was a good experience. I now will carry clorox wipes at all times thank you very much.

But we have yet to be successful with a poopy in the potty. Like most toddlers Lily is scared to poop in the potty. How do you teach a toddler not to be scared of this? It is irrational. Much like my fear of UFOs. And there is no talking me out of that fear. So she kept telling me she had to poop and we would sit on the potty and she would cry and I could tell she was uncomfortable. So I stalked her with the potty. I sat on the floor of the bathroom and read to her and tried to calm her so the process would get 'moving' but nothing. Until she ran in our bedroom and shut the door. Then when I opened the door she was hysterical.

Because she pooped on the floor. Poor thing was so upset because she knew she wasn't suppose to poop on the floor.

So I scooped her up and set her on the potty to finish. Of course there was nothing left.

In more ways than one.

When I went back to show Lily how the poop on the floor belonged in the potty it was gone....with my dog standing over it.

Yep my dog ate the poop.

FML. :Barf:

But seriously any ideas how to get her not scared of the pooping? She is doing so good with the peeing. Like awesomeness! Let's put it this way I had a ten minute argument with a two year old when she asked to put on a diaper to poop. No we poop in the potty. No Poop in DIAPER MOMMY! No poop in potty. No poop in diaper! You get the idea. 



Who needs to be a Badass when your kid can do it for you?

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

Remember my BadAss Potty Training 101? I am a little hesitant to write this because I may be jinxing myself. But guess who was diaper free this weekend? No not me....but my BadAss daughter.


I am so proud of my big girl. We only had one accident (peepee). And that accident occurred with her squatting beside the toilet. Hey give her a break it can happen. I dare one person to say they haven't accidently missed the toilet a time or two. Who cares if alcohol was not involved in this instance?

She is currently at daycare in her big girl panties. We got a call this morning that said she was accident free so far.

Is it bad that I am a little teary eyed thinking about how big she is? Or maybe these are tears of pride.

But lets be honest we all know it is because I am just happy she is as BadAss as her Momma.



New Year of Toddlerhood Means a New Look!

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

Like the new header? A special thanks to Nicole Faby Photography who made my vision come true with this picture and the ones below! I had an idea and she brought it to reality with her talent and patience.



To My Baby Daddy...


I know I don't say it enough but you are the best father I know. Your patience, your silliness, your style is completely opposite of mine and that is why it works. I see so much love in Lily's eyes every time she looks at you or simply talks about you. Just this morning I peeked around the living room door and saw you cuddled up on the couch watching Sesame Street together like it was the most natural thing in the world. No complaining, no eye rolls, no thinking of the house work: just being content.  I know I wish I could be more like that. But you are, without even trying. Not only are you the provider for us but you are a role model as well. You are teaching Lily how to have fun, but work hard and do the best she can. You encourage her, and you guide her. I see so much of you in Lily that it makes me proud. Proud that we are doing something right.

I didn't think I could love you anymore. But then you became the father of my child. That is another level of love I didn't know existed. You help me to be a better parent everyday. And together we make the perfect team. Thank you for all you do.  I love you.



This is my confession....

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is my confession. I have an addiction like a big one.I feel like a little piece of myself died this spring. Twice. No really. Maybe a little piece got left. On the island that is.

I am of course am talking about the end of two of my favorite shows. Lost and 24. I lost two Jacks in one week. Sniff Sniff. But how sad is it that sadness on TV can carry over into your everyday life. That is when you know you have a problem.

It is insane how much TV I watch. How do I have time? I am not quite sure. I blame DVR. I was anti-DVR for years. Much like I was anti-texting, and anti-facebook. Now I know why. BECAUSE NOW I AM ADDICTED TO TV. There I said it. That is the first step right?

You know I tried to talk Michael into canceling cable a few months back. But I just realized it won't help me. At all. All of my shows are on local stations. It wouldn't matter. Then I thought of canceling DVR. I just couldn't. I tried I really did. But I hate commercials more than mayonaise. And ya'll know I hate mayonaise. Plus it takes less time to watch a show with DVR right? So really I am saving time. Or allowing more time for more TV.

Seriously no wonder I am a lard-arse.

Why do you love TV so much Steph? Well it started when I had a baby and realized my life ended at about eight every night. Well you can't exactly go out and party after the kid goes to sleep. So what better way to relax that to laugh, cry, or be happy in other people's endings. But let me be clear...if it doesn't have a semi happy ending then I don't want to see. (Just for the record I was completely emotionally satisfied with the end of Lost-although my scientific needs were neglected my heart is content.) Life sucks enough in the real world I don't need to pay to see more crappiness. I watch TV to escape.

Want proof I have a problem?

24 (cancelled)
Heros (cancelled)

Lost (cancelled)

Modern Family

Vampire Dairies
Grey's Anatomy
The office
30 Rock
(do you hear my DVR creaking in pain?)

True Blood
Big Love

Guilty pleasures
Bill Maher
Deadliest Catch
Office, Grey's, Bones, Gilmore Girls reruns
Redbox Chick Flicks

But now it is summer. Oh what shall I do? And I have no Lost, 24, or Heros to look forward too. I know it is sad but I am really really really going to miss Lost. Like really. I almost named Lily Kate if that proves my dedication. And I got really excited when two friends named their kids Jack and Sawyer because it would be inevitable that they would have a love triangle.

So I need some new shows to fill the void for summertime (like I need a hole in the head). Currently my only active show is True Blood. Any recommendations?

PS Can I give my parents a suggestion? I know the season just ended...but that new show Parenthood is AWESOME! Very real life- what it is like dealing with family in general but more specifically single parenthood, a child with autism, teenagers, aging parents, divorced parents..all tied up with one nice family friendly show. I love it! And not just because Lorelai from Gilmore Girls is in it.



Preview of Lily's 2 Year Photo shoot

>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here are a few shots from this mornings photo shoot with Nicole Faby.

I feel a blog makeover with the new pictures coming on don't you? 



To My Darling Daughter on her 2nd Birthday

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Dearest Lily,

Today you are two. Wow that still hasn't sunk in yet. Once again I have that same sad feeling as last year. How has another year gone by? I feel like I haven't soaked in enough of you yet. Whereas last year I was plagued by the firsts that would never be firsts again, this year I long for the days of snuggleing and cooing and dependence you used to have for me. But those days are far and few between.

You are too busy to snuggle with Mommy now. You are chasing the dogs, sliding or swinging. All without the help of your Mommy or Daddy. You are so full of life. Maybe I am a bit jealous because your doe-eyed view of the world is heartwarming and I long for your thoughts and energy.

You are becoming the girl I so wanted you to be. Independent, strong-willed, fearless, smart, and beautiful. And although this year has been filled with battles, and tantrums I know that is just you coming into your own.  Who I am to stand in your way? I am here to guide and teach but at times let you learn the hard way. I just hope you know, someday, that everything I do...every time out, every count, every scolding, is a way to guide you. Believe me Mommy has been on edge more than once over the last six months! It is not easy being the parent of an independent toddler. But I know you are teaching me. Teaching me patience, teaching me understanding, and compassion. I don't always pass the test and I am by far not a perfect parent. But know that no one loves you more, and together we can find our way.

One of my favorite memories of you over the last year was the first time you told Daddy you loved him. One of your first words was "dada" so I shouldn't have been surprised when he got the first I love you. Everyone knows you are Daddy's little girl. Of course, you were just repeating. But it is amazing that you know now what it means. Because just last week you called to me as I put you down to go to sleep and said "Mommy?....I love you! Night Night!" Your sweet little angel voice brought me such happiness that I had to turn around and steal another kiss.

Or this year at Christmas when you came around the corner and saw what Santa had left you. The joy on your face and big saucers for eyes were amazing. Christmas with a child is magical. Or this Easter when we bought you your first tricycle. I was so dilegent about you wearing a helmet. You got it. Everytime you walked towards your tricycle you would yell "my hat Mommy, my hat"

Some of your favorite things right now? Well Elmo and Abby of course. Princesses, in particular Cinderella. Applesauce and yogurt. The cows at Chick-fil-A. Playing the "WAKE-UP!!" game. Playing with the puppies. Splish-Splashing. Sliding. Swinging. Dancing to Brittney Spears. No I didn't just make that up. You love Lady Gaga too!

This year was a big year. You moved out of your crib into a big girl bed. You started putting on your own shoes. You learned your ABCs, your colors, how to count to ten in English and Spanish. You are talking up a storm. Repeating. EVERYTHING! I swear you a little sponge. And songs...oh do you love to sing. All day you sing songs. And not just Twinkle, Twinkle anymore. You teach Mommy and Daddy songs all the time! My favorite right now is the Apple Song...where two red apples fell down, mmmmm mmmmm good. Your little face when you're singing it is priceless.

If this year was big I can only imagine what next year will be. We have already booked your first trip to Disney World. You will be such a big girl by then! But who am I kidding you will always be that little baby they placed in my arms that Tuesday eveing in June. With the chubby cheeks and black curly hair, wearing a little red knitted cap.  Crying until you heard Daddy's voice and then all was quiet. Like you already knew that you were where you belonged. In my arms.

Love Always,



Second Birthday Gift

>> Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We shopped for months for a playset for Lily's birthday. A few weeks later, lots of trial sliding, and a mild heart attack over the pricing we decided to build our own. 

We had an existing swing beam from the previous owners and just wanted to add on. 

What we started with....

Kevin...aka Grizzly Adams, was a poor indentured servant during the debacle. He did enlist a carpenter handy friend, Aaron to help. He was awesome....Kevin....was.... well he was there. 

This is Kevin after leveling out the ground. The hardest part. And the guys got attacked by chiggers. Imagine this...Aaron was smart and wore pants. 

Michael and Aaron hard at work! 

End of day one...not too impressive huh? Well apparently it took way longer to level than planned. 

The frame is up! 

Floors and everything! 

End of Day Two. Much better! 

We got the slides up and finished about a week later, after they arrived via freight. 

The finished product! 

In a few months we are going to stain the set to match. The wood has to dry out first. Then it will look even more awesome. 

Total cost to build ourselves: $1100 (The twisty slide itself was 450!)
Price if we would have bought commercial: $3000-$6000

Big difference huh? And I have to say this is way sturdier than a lot of the sets we looked at. Some were only rated for 150 pounds....seriously? I better not get up there on a skinny day. 

Lily's face was priceless. As soon as she saw the slide go up she started screaming "ssssllliiidddeee mmmmyyy sllliiiddde" from inside the house. The guys could here her she was so loud. 

Totally an awesome gift huh. All the guys worked so hard. At one point we had five or six of our guy friends the day before Eadsfest putting up the twisty slide. Thanks to all those that helped. Lily has played on it constantly since it was finished! 



When Daddy is #1

>> Monday, June 07, 2010

Lily saw a picture of Snow White and Prince Charming today. She referred to it as "Snow White and Daddy" 

I think so too, Lily. 



Lily's 2nd Birthday Party

We had Lily's Birthday Party over the weekend. I know her birthday isn't until Thursday but a special show just happened to be in town....ELMO LIVE. A dream come true for this 2 year old! So we rounded up the troops, and got group seating for the show.

We toned it down majorly this year. Last year we had 50+ people at her first birthday party. This year we kept it to family and four friends. Lily had so much fun with her buddies. And in an event that shocked the world the party was fairly drama free considering we had five two year olds. 
Out of the three Mom's that attended TWO were pregnant ( a third preggo couldn't make it at the last minute). I felt so bad for them!!! Look how cute Steph B. is though?!!! At least she had Daddy reinforcements. But who would need it with this cute little girl?

This is Sharla and Jackson. Who traveled from three hours away for the day and drove back after the show! My oldest friend by far! Middle school rocking like whoa!
Our other resident preggo! Alice was a champ and came without her other half. Not only did she take care of this adorable little man she so graciously took tons of pictures with our camera. So sweet.
The two castaways missing from the group picture. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Linda! Let me tell you how entertained the 20 year Uncle was at Elmo Live. The things we do for our adorable nieces.

Mimi and Paw and the Grandkids
This is the fabulously themed cake that Aunt Shannon made special for Lily's party. After all who is more appropriate than Abby Cadabby for my angel? 
Pretty impressive huh? You should have seen it before the 90+ degree weather got to it!

A few family shots during Happy Birthday

Thanks again Alice! 

Happy Birthday dear Lily......
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

I love this one!

Blowing out the candles
Toddler Heaven: Juice Boxes and Elmo
How Shannon could cut into her masterpiece I am not sure....
Cake Time!

The one fit we had the whole day was when I tried to give her a piece of cake. Look at this face!

Oh Wait this is YUMMY!

Really Yummy!

Morgan eating cake

The Fork Patrol
I think the fork goes here! 


In case you are wondering...Lily was dressed up like Abby Cadabby. She refused to wear the headpiece (bye bye eight dollars) but did carry around her wand most of the day. I made the tutu and then bought the leotard at Walmart. I figured she better live it up while she can. I am not sure what the cutoff age for leotards is but I know it can't be too far off with her genes. 

After the show we did a tailgate type party in the parking lot near the arena. Just like in the old college days. Amazingly all I had to say was "meet me in the NCSU drunk zone" and everyone showed up in the right lot. Mmmmm what does that say about our college days? The lot was empty! Except for these little friends and their extended family which provided lots of entertainment for the kids! 

This year Lily's party really got me thinking. I looked at Lily's smiling face during the show and my niece dancing like crazy and realized we made the right choice. I battled with this idea because it meant the party was a lot smaller, not everyone could be invited, and it was pretty much going to be torture for the parents and/or family without kids. But as happy as the kids were it was totally worth it. It is hard to remember these parties are for the KIDS. Not the parents, not the family, but for Lily. And she had a BLAST! I couldn't have picked a more perfect place to have her party.

Granted it was five million degrees for the after party. Both preggos had to leave or face heatstroke or nausea. All the parents were on a short fuse because did I mention sweat was pouring off our faces!! But....the kids had fun! So with that being said...thanks to everyone that came and tolerated the heat. I know it was rough and not ideal. I can't say I looked at one kid during the entire show that did not looked thrilled to be there so I hope you agree it was worth it. You all made Lily's 2nd Birthday very special and for that we are grateful. We love you all and I year there will be air conditioning or a pool involved. If Disney Princesses aren't in town......