Lily's 2nd Birthday Party

>> Monday, June 07, 2010

We had Lily's Birthday Party over the weekend. I know her birthday isn't until Thursday but a special show just happened to be in town....ELMO LIVE. A dream come true for this 2 year old! So we rounded up the troops, and got group seating for the show.

We toned it down majorly this year. Last year we had 50+ people at her first birthday party. This year we kept it to family and four friends. Lily had so much fun with her buddies. And in an event that shocked the world the party was fairly drama free considering we had five two year olds. 
Out of the three Mom's that attended TWO were pregnant ( a third preggo couldn't make it at the last minute). I felt so bad for them!!! Look how cute Steph B. is though?!!! At least she had Daddy reinforcements. But who would need it with this cute little girl?

This is Sharla and Jackson. Who traveled from three hours away for the day and drove back after the show! My oldest friend by far! Middle school rocking like whoa!
Our other resident preggo! Alice was a champ and came without her other half. Not only did she take care of this adorable little man she so graciously took tons of pictures with our camera. So sweet.
The two castaways missing from the group picture. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Linda! Let me tell you how entertained the 20 year Uncle was at Elmo Live. The things we do for our adorable nieces.

Mimi and Paw and the Grandkids
This is the fabulously themed cake that Aunt Shannon made special for Lily's party. After all who is more appropriate than Abby Cadabby for my angel? 
Pretty impressive huh? You should have seen it before the 90+ degree weather got to it!

A few family shots during Happy Birthday

Thanks again Alice! 

Happy Birthday dear Lily......
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

I love this one!

Blowing out the candles
Toddler Heaven: Juice Boxes and Elmo
How Shannon could cut into her masterpiece I am not sure....
Cake Time!

The one fit we had the whole day was when I tried to give her a piece of cake. Look at this face!

Oh Wait this is YUMMY!

Really Yummy!

Morgan eating cake

The Fork Patrol
I think the fork goes here! 


In case you are wondering...Lily was dressed up like Abby Cadabby. She refused to wear the headpiece (bye bye eight dollars) but did carry around her wand most of the day. I made the tutu and then bought the leotard at Walmart. I figured she better live it up while she can. I am not sure what the cutoff age for leotards is but I know it can't be too far off with her genes. 

After the show we did a tailgate type party in the parking lot near the arena. Just like in the old college days. Amazingly all I had to say was "meet me in the NCSU drunk zone" and everyone showed up in the right lot. Mmmmm what does that say about our college days? The lot was empty! Except for these little friends and their extended family which provided lots of entertainment for the kids! 

This year Lily's party really got me thinking. I looked at Lily's smiling face during the show and my niece dancing like crazy and realized we made the right choice. I battled with this idea because it meant the party was a lot smaller, not everyone could be invited, and it was pretty much going to be torture for the parents and/or family without kids. But as happy as the kids were it was totally worth it. It is hard to remember these parties are for the KIDS. Not the parents, not the family, but for Lily. And she had a BLAST! I couldn't have picked a more perfect place to have her party.

Granted it was five million degrees for the after party. Both preggos had to leave or face heatstroke or nausea. All the parents were on a short fuse because did I mention sweat was pouring off our faces!! But....the kids had fun! So with that being said...thanks to everyone that came and tolerated the heat. I know it was rough and not ideal. I can't say I looked at one kid during the entire show that did not looked thrilled to be there so I hope you agree it was worth it. You all made Lily's 2nd Birthday very special and for that we are grateful. We love you all and I year there will be air conditioning or a pool involved. If Disney Princesses aren't in town......