Eadsfest 2K10

>> Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Stephaine, are you there? We haven't seen a post in over a week! Why you ask?

Because I have been hungover for the whole week! The Third Annual Eadsfest was over the holiday weekend. What is Eadsfest? Why a beer olympics of course.  Once again we had a successful, safe event. I am so glad everyone came and put up a good fight. Even if you didn't stand a chance against the three time champs of the household. 

Yes I (WE) won (that is us on the end with the me and the #1)....

But I swear I am getting knocked up before the Fourth Annual Eadsfest just to get a pass from the four day hangover. 

Oh and just because it wouldn't be a beer olympics without an embarrassing story about the hostess. Apparently I should quit smack talking so much. Because in the middle of smack talk (post victory of course) I proceeded to turn around, run into a pole, fall down flat on my back, get up and scream "It don't matter if I ran into a pole, I still won bitches!!" Yep that is victory drunk Stephaine at her finest! 

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Annie June 2, 2010 at 9:07 PM  

Oh that is HILARIOUS! :)