To My Darling Daughter on her 2nd Birthday

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Dearest Lily,

Today you are two. Wow that still hasn't sunk in yet. Once again I have that same sad feeling as last year. How has another year gone by? I feel like I haven't soaked in enough of you yet. Whereas last year I was plagued by the firsts that would never be firsts again, this year I long for the days of snuggleing and cooing and dependence you used to have for me. But those days are far and few between.

You are too busy to snuggle with Mommy now. You are chasing the dogs, sliding or swinging. All without the help of your Mommy or Daddy. You are so full of life. Maybe I am a bit jealous because your doe-eyed view of the world is heartwarming and I long for your thoughts and energy.

You are becoming the girl I so wanted you to be. Independent, strong-willed, fearless, smart, and beautiful. And although this year has been filled with battles, and tantrums I know that is just you coming into your own.  Who I am to stand in your way? I am here to guide and teach but at times let you learn the hard way. I just hope you know, someday, that everything I do...every time out, every count, every scolding, is a way to guide you. Believe me Mommy has been on edge more than once over the last six months! It is not easy being the parent of an independent toddler. But I know you are teaching me. Teaching me patience, teaching me understanding, and compassion. I don't always pass the test and I am by far not a perfect parent. But know that no one loves you more, and together we can find our way.

One of my favorite memories of you over the last year was the first time you told Daddy you loved him. One of your first words was "dada" so I shouldn't have been surprised when he got the first I love you. Everyone knows you are Daddy's little girl. Of course, you were just repeating. But it is amazing that you know now what it means. Because just last week you called to me as I put you down to go to sleep and said "Mommy?....I love you! Night Night!" Your sweet little angel voice brought me such happiness that I had to turn around and steal another kiss.

Or this year at Christmas when you came around the corner and saw what Santa had left you. The joy on your face and big saucers for eyes were amazing. Christmas with a child is magical. Or this Easter when we bought you your first tricycle. I was so dilegent about you wearing a helmet. You got it. Everytime you walked towards your tricycle you would yell "my hat Mommy, my hat"

Some of your favorite things right now? Well Elmo and Abby of course. Princesses, in particular Cinderella. Applesauce and yogurt. The cows at Chick-fil-A. Playing the "WAKE-UP!!" game. Playing with the puppies. Splish-Splashing. Sliding. Swinging. Dancing to Brittney Spears. No I didn't just make that up. You love Lady Gaga too!

This year was a big year. You moved out of your crib into a big girl bed. You started putting on your own shoes. You learned your ABCs, your colors, how to count to ten in English and Spanish. You are talking up a storm. Repeating. EVERYTHING! I swear you a little sponge. And songs...oh do you love to sing. All day you sing songs. And not just Twinkle, Twinkle anymore. You teach Mommy and Daddy songs all the time! My favorite right now is the Apple Song...where two red apples fell down, mmmmm mmmmm good. Your little face when you're singing it is priceless.

If this year was big I can only imagine what next year will be. We have already booked your first trip to Disney World. You will be such a big girl by then! But who am I kidding you will always be that little baby they placed in my arms that Tuesday eveing in June. With the chubby cheeks and black curly hair, wearing a little red knitted cap.  Crying until you heard Daddy's voice and then all was quiet. Like you already knew that you were where you belonged. In my arms.

Love Always,



Mandy June 10, 2010 at 11:58 AM  

Beautiful Post - she's so lucky so have such amazing, loving parents!