This is my confession....

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is my confession. I have an addiction like a big one.I feel like a little piece of myself died this spring. Twice. No really. Maybe a little piece got left. On the island that is.

I am of course am talking about the end of two of my favorite shows. Lost and 24. I lost two Jacks in one week. Sniff Sniff. But how sad is it that sadness on TV can carry over into your everyday life. That is when you know you have a problem.

It is insane how much TV I watch. How do I have time? I am not quite sure. I blame DVR. I was anti-DVR for years. Much like I was anti-texting, and anti-facebook. Now I know why. BECAUSE NOW I AM ADDICTED TO TV. There I said it. That is the first step right?

You know I tried to talk Michael into canceling cable a few months back. But I just realized it won't help me. At all. All of my shows are on local stations. It wouldn't matter. Then I thought of canceling DVR. I just couldn't. I tried I really did. But I hate commercials more than mayonaise. And ya'll know I hate mayonaise. Plus it takes less time to watch a show with DVR right? So really I am saving time. Or allowing more time for more TV.

Seriously no wonder I am a lard-arse.

Why do you love TV so much Steph? Well it started when I had a baby and realized my life ended at about eight every night. Well you can't exactly go out and party after the kid goes to sleep. So what better way to relax that to laugh, cry, or be happy in other people's endings. But let me be clear...if it doesn't have a semi happy ending then I don't want to see. (Just for the record I was completely emotionally satisfied with the end of Lost-although my scientific needs were neglected my heart is content.) Life sucks enough in the real world I don't need to pay to see more crappiness. I watch TV to escape.

Want proof I have a problem?

24 (cancelled)
Heros (cancelled)

Lost (cancelled)

Modern Family

Vampire Dairies
Grey's Anatomy
The office
30 Rock
(do you hear my DVR creaking in pain?)

True Blood
Big Love

Guilty pleasures
Bill Maher
Deadliest Catch
Office, Grey's, Bones, Gilmore Girls reruns
Redbox Chick Flicks

But now it is summer. Oh what shall I do? And I have no Lost, 24, or Heros to look forward too. I know it is sad but I am really really really going to miss Lost. Like really. I almost named Lily Kate if that proves my dedication. And I got really excited when two friends named their kids Jack and Sawyer because it would be inevitable that they would have a love triangle.

So I need some new shows to fill the void for summertime (like I need a hole in the head). Currently my only active show is True Blood. Any recommendations?

PS Can I give my parents a suggestion? I know the season just ended...but that new show Parenthood is AWESOME! Very real life- what it is like dealing with family in general but more specifically single parenthood, a child with autism, teenagers, aging parents, divorced parents..all tied up with one nice family friendly show. I love it! And not just because Lorelai from Gilmore Girls is in it.



pinkflipflops June 17, 2010 at 5:59 PM  

I hear ya. I also like gilmore girls and parenthood! Modern Family somewhat..
I watch Burn Notice and In Plain Sight on USA in the summer.. hubby likes royal pains on usa.. I also like secret life of the american teenager and pretty little liars on abc family ;) i don't have a dvr but i do have charter on demand and it makes it bad haha.

Dana J. June 17, 2010 at 8:06 PM  

I'd recommend that new show person's unknown. Its on Mondays in the summer. Really good.

Also, so you think you can dance and last comic standing are also good reality ones!

ps- i told you i read your blog! :)

Katherine June 17, 2010 at 8:52 PM  

I'm going to check out The Gates, a new vampire serious (you know I heart my vamps). It starts this Sunday. You don't watch So You Think You Can Dance???

Brandon June 17, 2010 at 9:17 PM  

I have a gaping void of missing Jacks as well. Provided you can actually trust my recommendations, I have a few for you that I think you might like. It's a little long, but I can't just "list" them!

Burn Notice is good. Shannon and I watch that and The Closer, which starts at the beginning of next month on TNT. It's kind of an avenging angel MacGyver-style spy show with a strong premise.

The Good Guys looks like it might be a humorous cop show, got it on the backlog.

I don't think you get Showtime, but Dexter and Californication are two of my favorite shows there. The previous seasons of both are on DVD. I'm sure you can get them on Redbox.

Breaking Bad turned out to be a really good show, though it is a little more dramatic than I had expected.

One show I highly recommend if you don't watch it yet is Community on Thursday nights. To me, it's the shining star of the past 2009-2010 season. Each episode is smart and funny, with some great characters and storylines.

Parks & Recreation, on Thursday nights as well, started off really slow, but has built up a lot of steam in the second season. It was on shaky ground, but once the characters got going and the show moved forward with things, it got a lot better, moving beyond trying to be a copycat of The Office into something more.

Lastly, Chuck might be a little more in the nerdy category, but it's another great "spy" show with a premise I didn't think would last very long, but has turned into something well beyond what it was originally.

I could probably recommend more, like Desperate Housewives (My personal guilty pleasure), Hung, and Fringe, but that's a good base of shows I think you might like.

Eads Family June 17, 2010 at 9:28 PM  

Totally just realized I left off Fringe. I love Fringe. Updated post.

We don't have Showtime but I have heard tons of good things about Dexter and am considering renting the series.

I also occasionaly watch Hung. Funny.

Uh the Gates is on my radar waiting to feel it out.

I have heard of so many good USA shows and I have yet to try any out. mmmm also will add that.

OMG I am such a loser. hahaa.

Suz June 18, 2010 at 10:51 PM  

go check out my blog. I gave you an award!
I am feeling the same loss about the Jacks!
We've been watching Burn Notice & Royal Pains this summer on USA. And I love So you think you can dance too. We're TV addicts year round!