>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remember when Lily licked her potty hand? Well today we had a similar experience. By similar I mean I threw up a little in my mouth again.

So we are on Day Four of Badass Potty training. On average we are having one poop and one pee accident a day. Including at daycare. Yesterday she was accident free at daycare! So not bad for diaper free week one. We even braved the public eye last night. We went out to eat and to Wal-mart. Two successful public restroom visits. Although I had to fight back my OCD that my two year old was going to get a STD from the public toilet seat, all in all it was a good experience. I now will carry clorox wipes at all times thank you very much.

But we have yet to be successful with a poopy in the potty. Like most toddlers Lily is scared to poop in the potty. How do you teach a toddler not to be scared of this? It is irrational. Much like my fear of UFOs. And there is no talking me out of that fear. So she kept telling me she had to poop and we would sit on the potty and she would cry and I could tell she was uncomfortable. So I stalked her with the potty. I sat on the floor of the bathroom and read to her and tried to calm her so the process would get 'moving' but nothing. Until she ran in our bedroom and shut the door. Then when I opened the door she was hysterical.

Because she pooped on the floor. Poor thing was so upset because she knew she wasn't suppose to poop on the floor.

So I scooped her up and set her on the potty to finish. Of course there was nothing left.

In more ways than one.

When I went back to show Lily how the poop on the floor belonged in the potty it was gone....with my dog standing over it.

Yep my dog ate the poop.

FML. :Barf:

But seriously any ideas how to get her not scared of the pooping? She is doing so good with the peeing. Like awesomeness! Let's put it this way I had a ten minute argument with a two year old when she asked to put on a diaper to poop. No we poop in the potty. No Poop in DIAPER MOMMY! No poop in potty. No poop in diaper! You get the idea. 



Suz June 22, 2010 at 10:03 PM  

My coworker gave her son change (he LOVED coins) to encourage pooping in the potty. It worked.

Lindsey June 22, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

We are potty training ourselves right now as well. We have also struggled with the poop and everyone has told me that they wont do it till they are completly ready. Just give them time. This is our 3rd attempt and finally he has pooped 2x in 2 days. Woo Whoo for us! Good luck!

Trish June 23, 2010 at 8:40 AM  

M&M's....every girl loves her chocolate!
She gets 1 for doing #1 and 2 for doing #2
Good luck!