11 Weeks

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lily is doing great! This week she is sitting up (with assistance) and holding her head up like a pro! We even sat her in the exersaucer today. Her feet can touch although she is a tad skinny for it so I shoved a towel in there. She still cannot grab the toys but I hit some and let the lights and noise entertain her. Here she is gazing at the toys.

We also had our first plane flight over the weekend to go meet grandpa and Great Aunt Sandy. She was awesome on both flights. No fussing at all. I had a tip from a friend to breastfeed her during takeoff and landing to help with the ears and that worked wonderfully. She slept and cooed most of the time. I don't even think most people knew there was a baby on board. I will say air travel with an infant is a whole new adventure. Between security, packing, WALKING through the airport, and many other issues (how are you suppose to check a pack and play??) we almost didn't make it. We packed bare minimum so we only had to check one bag. Then we decided against taking a stroller or pack and play so our only piece of gear was the carseat (NOT easy to lug around the airport!) So we checked one suitcase. Carried a boppy, diaper bag, breastpump, and Michael's laptop. Oh and the baby! The best piece of advice I got was to carry her in the baby bjorn through the airport and security. It doesn't have medal so you can walk through the detectors with her in it. It made carrying the bajillion things much easier. The second best advice was to gate check the carseat so you know it gets there! Luckily both there and back the plane was not full so we carried it on but either way that is a good piece of advice.

On a nonLily note. Michael and I went to Kenny Chesney on Friday night and rocked it out. Meanwhile Lily went to visit Aubrey. I got TRASHED! (1/2 Gallon Margaritas I love you!)This was scheduled to be my last Hoora before going back to work. But not so smart considering we had a 7:30 flight (uh we barely made the flight...RUNNING to catch it baby in tow!). I had to pump and dump that night AND the next morning! Wow! But it was fun. I heart Kenny so much! We figured it out that was our sixth (maybe seventh) time seeing him in concert. It's an annual tradition. Here is a self shot of us right before we went it. I amazingly don't look too bad here...must not have kicked in yet.
More Lily Shots!


Blanket Giggles

>> Friday, August 22, 2008

Laughing at the feeling of a blankie Aunt Brookie got her!


Naked Baby Giggles

>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lily's new obsession...the itsy bitsy spider. She just laughs and laughs when I sing it to her. At least someone enjoys my singing! Here is a video of her giggling to it.

We decided to have a naked baby day!


10 Weeks

>> Monday, August 18, 2008

Smiley baby

Little Lily is 10 weeks! Only two more weeks til the real world of work begins. She has had a good week. Grandma and Grandpa visited, along with Aunt Shannon. They moved Kevin into NCSU this weekend. Because it was a special occasion I let Lily stay up with us on Friday night. Well she then decided it was an all night party and didn't go down til midnight! They left on Saturday but she continued the party until one that night. You give an inch they take a mile!! But she slept until eight both nights and then went down last night at her normal nine and slept until four. Then four to eight. So as long as she gets back on schedule I don't mind.

She is definitely cooing more and more. Her facial expressions are hilarious (see some below). She smiles all the time, and is getting better head control. We even tried to put her in the exersaucer but she is still a little short for it. But she was interested! She liked the colors. She is getting more resistant to the playmat though. I think I need to cycle toys in and out. For the past week she screams if you put her under the mat. Oh how easily they bore.

Here are a few pics
Daddy torturing Lily during the birth announcement debacle
Out like a light
And again....
And yet again...
I think this is the look I will be getting when she is a teenager.
Flirting with Mommy
Sitting up in the boppy
A little concerned at the situation
The "Mom you don't know what your talking about" look


2 Month Check Up

>> Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today we took Lily for her 2 month check up. Here are her stats

11 pounds 11 ounces
23.5 inches long

That puts her in the 75% for weight and 50% for height. I mean honestly are we surprised she is short? I was surprised she was not fatter though! She was a little skimpy on eating that morning though, and when I weighed her here she was over twelve. But they said she is doing well and growing consistently.

This was suppose to be a big vaccine visit. Which leads me into my next topic. After some research Michael and I decided on doing the alternate vaccine schedule suggest by Dr. Bob Sears. His book "The Vaccine Book" is a book that I recommend every parent read. It breaks down each vaccine, how it is made, side effects, concerns, etc. All of his information is taken from the vaccine pamphlets contained in the vaccine box, the AAP and the CDC. So it basically facts. Which I like. He is definitely pro vaccine so if you are anti vaccine (I still recommend you read it), this may not be what your looking for. With all the conservancy surrounding vaccines this offered a, what I think, safe alternative. Below is a comparison of the AAP schedule and the alternate schedule we chose.

American Association of Pediatrics Schedule
Birth: Hep B
2 months: DTaP, Rotavirus, HIB, IPV, Hep B, Pc
4 months: DTaP, Rotavirus, HIB, IPV, Pc
6 months: DTaP, Rotavirus, HIB, Hep B, Pc
12 months: HIB, IPV, MMR, chickenpox, PCV7, Hep A
15 months: DTaP
18 months: Hep A
4-6 years: DTap, IPV, MMR, chickenpox
Plus a yearly flu shot after 12 months

Dr. Sear's Alternative Vaccine Schedule
2 months: DTaP, Rotavirus
3 months*: Pc, HIB
4 months: DTaP, Rotavirus
5 months*: Pc, HIB
6 months: DTaP, Rotavirus
7 months*: Pc, HIB
9 months: Polio (IPV)
12 months: Mumps, Polio (IPV)
15 months: Pc, HIB
18 months: DTaP, Chickenpox
2 years: Rubella, Polio (IPV)
2 1/2 years*: Hep B, Hep A (start Hep B at birth if any close relatives or caregivers have Hep B)
3 years: Hep B, Measles
3 1/2 years*: Hep B, Hep A
4 years: DTaP, Polio (IPV)
5 years: MMR
6 years: Chickenpox
12 years: Tdap, HPV
12 years, 2 months*: HPV
13 years: HPV, Meningococcal
(once Meningococcal vaccine is approved for age 2, Dr. Sears will move it there and delay Hep B by 6 months)

Now as you can see the alternate schedule is a bit more complicated, alot more visits, but still achieves the goal of having a fully vaccinated child. My concerns included the autism speculation, the overload of vaccines at some visits such as 2 months and 1 yr, and just general safety. For example the DTaP vaccine that replaced the DTP vaccine we were given as children has not been on the market that long in the lifespan of drug safety. Just things like that. But everyone has their own opinions this was just mine.

Right before I went to the appointment I glanced at my pediatricians website and noticed they had posted a new vaccine policy. I knew this was not previously there. So I read it and immediately I realize it is going to be a fight to get them to agree to the alternate schedule. Who knew I was going to an ultra conservative doctors office? They are actually dismissing patients that refuse to vaccinate, or not follow the schedule. There was a small blurb that said on a limited basis they would discuss altering some vaccine timelines. Oh great! I just want to say I really like my pediatrician so the thought that she wouldn't agree to my wishes was heartbreaking! I didn't want to search for a new doctor and Michael said he didn't know if he felt strongly enough about either side to fight for it. So we scheduled extra time and did talk to her about it. She flat out told me she did not like the alternate schedule and thought we would take advantage of people that vaccinated their kid on time, that there is no way the vaccines cause autism, and that we would be spending a lot more money, and our child could die from some of these diseases. Honestly I am an educated woman and had done my research, which she noticed since I knew most of the stuff she was telling me. I know the risks, and they are minimal. i.e. what harm is it to delay the polio vaccine until nine months. I mean seriously there has not been a case here in like three decades. I don't think she is going to die of polio, or become paralyzed. She did say they will not split up the MMR virus under any circumstance so I asked if we could delay it until two years old. She said we would deal with that later and agreed with a note in my chart and waivers to Lily only getting the DTaP and Rotavirus today. I think it went well. I am not getting kicked out! Which is what I was scared about! But I am wondering if every time I go in there it will be a fight. So we will see. I am staying put for now. But once again I recommend this book. It really was a big help in just becoming knowledgeable in the vaccines. It doesn't site all the speculations, just info which is nice and doesn't freak you out like some books.

Lily screamed from the shot and it broke my heart. The alternate schedule will cause her more visits of traumatizing shots vs. fewer and more at one time so many heartbreaks in the future! The rest of the day she was a little sleepy, but no fever and temperament was pretty good.

Funny story about the rotavirus oral vaccine. They gave that to her first and then had me hold her arms and coddle her during the DTaP. Well she started crying after the shot and I gave her kisses, right on the mouth not thinking. The Rotavirus is a live attenuated virus so there is a chance I could get it through stool/oral contact. Real Smart Steph. If I get sick who takes care of the baby?? The chances are small but I mainly felt like an idiot!


Busy Mommy

>> Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I don't know what it is about having a baby that has made my memory/time management skills diminish, but lately I am having a hard time keeping my schedule straight. And I am not even at work yet! So I decided to invest in a new toy. This is my new 'smartphone' to help me remember all my appointments. I think it is funny that they are called smartphones...as opposed to dumb phones? I didn't need something with email/web crap just something that had organizer abilities. This has all those features plus the email stuff I don't need. It is cute and smaller than the crackberries as I call them. Plus I didn't have to sign up for access that is mandatory with Blackberry phones ($30 extra dollars a month)!

So hopefully I can keep track of all my doctor appointments, Alumni appointments and maybe even some of the birthdays I never remember. Although I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you!


2 Months Old

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

My little Lily turned two months old yesterday! She is getting so big. She started growing out of some her clothes. So I have started an attic bin. She can wear 3-6 month clothes now, along with some of her 0-3 month dresses. Most of the pants and onesies are too small now. She is also busting out of her size 1 diapers. I bought a large box of the size 2 but my cheapness is making me use all the size 1s I have left before opening them. Don't worry we got payback for being cheap when she didn't poop for three days and then proceeded to EXPLODE on Friday night (at Michael's boss's house nonetheless). And when I say explode...I mean out the front, back and sides. GROSS! I didn't think she could poop that much. But that is what three days of not poopin' does to you. Luckily Daddy got to change that diaper. I just couldn't do it! Normally I don't mind...but it really didn't smell good either. Our first blowout! How sweet of Lily....

Lily is very alert most of the day. She is very smiley in the morning. When I go to pick her up out of the crib in the morning she gives me a huge grin like I saved her! It makes my morning and melts my heart. She even smiles during her morning diaper change and gives me a few coos. Of course I would smile too if the 5 hour pee diaper was removed from my booty.

She has begun to notice the bugs on the wall above her changing pad. We have her name and some decals over the dresser. She examines them very closely now. As well as the butterflies I have hanging above the glider. I think she even coos at the bugs a little. She is close to making a eye/hand connection with the toys I show her. On the playmat she bats at some things. But you can tell she is struggling to get her mind to make her grab them.
"Me and Stork are tight. You mess with him you mess with me"

Lily is almost sleeping through the night. I think she is doing really well. If she does get up its only once and that one time seems to be getting later and later. It used to be 2am but now sometimes it is 4am or not at all. The few nights she has went down after 9pm because we were out, etc. she has slept until 6 or later. I think a lot of this is because she has moved up to a 5 ounce bottle at night. It knocks her out. I will say she now seems to resist going down at 9pm some nights. She doesn't fuss a whole lot, but she will lay in her crib and look at her soother with the occassional yell "hey mom the blue light went off come hit the button!" And sometimes we have to go back in and rock her some more. But this is hit or miss and she is not too hard to get down if we focus on it. She tends to be the worse when we are distracted and just trying to get her down so we can get what we need to done. But we are well on our way to Mommy getting a short full nights sleep (6 hours).

We had a busy weekend and Lily went to Aunt Brookie's on Sunday for a babysitting trip. Michael and I had tickets to see Heart with some friends so they offered to watch her. It was hard to leave her! Brooke could tell I was nervous. It didn't help she was really fussy as I was leaving (she was hungry). But she did really well. They wore her out though because she was asleep when I got there at 11, slept the whole way home, and went right down after 2oz of milk. She slept until 6:30am so maybe I should take her over there more often! Although I did here Scott didn't do well with the poopy diaper. But honestly are we surprised?? Babysitting...the best form of birth control!


2 month Photo Shoot

>> Saturday, August 09, 2008

Two Month old Princess
We took Lily to Portrait Innovations Friday for a two month photo shoot. We are sending out or baby announcements and wanted to have a little wallet for everyone. Overall we had a great experience. I will say they were a little late on our appointment which lead to a fussy baby by the time we started taking pictures. Of course she was all smiles in the waiting area. But as soon as we set her down Screamfest2008 began. We brought all these outfits and the best ones were her diaper shots! Of course! The ones posted here are the ones we bought. They were zoomed/cropped when we printed them but you get the cuteness factor.


Making Friends

>> Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lily had a visit with Aubrey today. They were so cute! Aubrey is already walking (10 months old) so it is interesting to see them interact at different ages. Lily just stared at her in extreme interest. At one point Aubrey tried to show us where Lily's eyes were, but other than that she was very gentle. Here are a few pics of them "playing."
Why Hello little baby...welcome to my house!
Aubrey making sure Lily is tucked in

Steph and Lily

After a long day of making friends Lily came home to a spend some QT with Daddy in his chair.


Lily is a ROCK STAR!

>> Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Snuggling with her toy

My little princess must have known I was talking junk about her sleeping pattern. She proceeded to sleep through the nightafter my post! From 9 PM to 4 AM....hey that counts. And she was very reluctant to wake up at four. She was not fussy at all just let Michael change her and pop some food in her.

I think I found the secret...more food. I bumped her up about an ounce and viola!


Baby Announcement Debacle

>> Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I have been looking for the perfect baby announcements for two months! Something that would live up to my high standards of craftiness. I had pretty much come to realize I was going to have to make the perfect baby announcement when alas I came to terms with the fact that I have a NEWBORN! Who has the time...or the patience? Michael tried to convince me not to do them, claiming too much time had went by. But then how would everyone see the princess? Not everyone is Internet savvy enough to keep up with these postings.

But AT LAST I have settled on some cute ones (Martha Stewart nonetheless!) that should be arriving here this week. Keep your eye on the mailbox!


8 Weeks

I don't want Mommy to go back to work!
If I wasn't taking FMLA I would be going back to work today. YUCK! I am so lucky we planned for this. But everyday I spend with her makes it harder to go back. Siff Sniff. Maybe if she wasn't so dang perfect...well minus that whole crying/screaming flaw.

Not too many updates this week for baby. She did really well at the neighbors while we went to see Maroon 5. Although the neighbor let her off her sleep schedule. But I would rather her be good at the sitters and be a little harder to put down that night. She did regress a little on sleeping this week. She has still been going down just not quite as easy. So the process has taken almost an hour some nights longer, as where before half hour tops. I think she is going through a little growth spurt and is sleeping too much during the day. One night she woke up at 4am ready to play. Uh no....we don't play at 4am in this house. GO TO SLEEP LITTLE BABY! It was not pretty and I was not happy. So that is when I woke up daddy....hahaha! Here ya go!

She has also taken to trying to stick her whole hand in her mouth. Michael thinks she is the smartest baby in the world and has realized that gets her milk. I think it's pretty boring being a baby and any entertainment is better than none. Maybe she has a personal goal of fitting the entire fist in her mouth. Hey it would make a pretty killer party trick!

Mmmmm Fist!

I had some things this week. I went to my 6 week check up. Although it was really at 7 weeks because they cancelled on me last week the day I was suppose to come in. I am all clear and doing good. I also got my IUD at this appointment. Mirena sounded like the best option for us. I get monster migraines from the hormones in the pill and am super forgetful about taking it. I haven't been on it since we got married...hence the arrival of Eads junior. Mirena is a localized hormone so you don't get any hormonal side effects and it doesn't interfere with Breastfeeding. It last for five years and can be removed any time to immediately try and have another child. Here is the website for those interested. I will preface and say this is not for you if you haven't already had a little one. http://www.mirena-us.com/index.jsp. The insertion felt like getting a PAP but I did have some nausea afterwards (almost passed out). But apparently this happens to a lot of women when there is contact with the uterine wall. I usually get nausea with my PAPs too so it was expected. So now we are all birth controlled up and ready to go. No more little Eads' for awhile. We have to spoil Lily as long as possible.

Everything else at my check up was great. I am still about 15 pounds heavier than prebaby. Not too bad considering I gained 55 pounds! Yes 55. It is scary I know. I am cleared for exercising again. So hopefully Lily and I can start a routine soon to get this last bit of weight off. It is funny that it redistributes though. I feel thinner everywhere except my belly. And I am thinking my boobs weigh 14 pounds from breastfeeding so the last pound should be easy to get off right? At least that is my story...

Here are some 8 week pictures.

A visit from Aunt Brookie!
Sleepy baby! Isn't she getting big!?
The dogs camp out in front of her swing..especially when she cries. Cleo is quite the little Mommy.
It's hard to sleep, pose, and look so dang good...but someone has to do it!