2 Months Old

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

My little Lily turned two months old yesterday! She is getting so big. She started growing out of some her clothes. So I have started an attic bin. She can wear 3-6 month clothes now, along with some of her 0-3 month dresses. Most of the pants and onesies are too small now. She is also busting out of her size 1 diapers. I bought a large box of the size 2 but my cheapness is making me use all the size 1s I have left before opening them. Don't worry we got payback for being cheap when she didn't poop for three days and then proceeded to EXPLODE on Friday night (at Michael's boss's house nonetheless). And when I say explode...I mean out the front, back and sides. GROSS! I didn't think she could poop that much. But that is what three days of not poopin' does to you. Luckily Daddy got to change that diaper. I just couldn't do it! Normally I don't mind...but it really didn't smell good either. Our first blowout! How sweet of Lily....

Lily is very alert most of the day. She is very smiley in the morning. When I go to pick her up out of the crib in the morning she gives me a huge grin like I saved her! It makes my morning and melts my heart. She even smiles during her morning diaper change and gives me a few coos. Of course I would smile too if the 5 hour pee diaper was removed from my booty.

She has begun to notice the bugs on the wall above her changing pad. We have her name and some decals over the dresser. She examines them very closely now. As well as the butterflies I have hanging above the glider. I think she even coos at the bugs a little. She is close to making a eye/hand connection with the toys I show her. On the playmat she bats at some things. But you can tell she is struggling to get her mind to make her grab them.
"Me and Stork are tight. You mess with him you mess with me"

Lily is almost sleeping through the night. I think she is doing really well. If she does get up its only once and that one time seems to be getting later and later. It used to be 2am but now sometimes it is 4am or not at all. The few nights she has went down after 9pm because we were out, etc. she has slept until 6 or later. I think a lot of this is because she has moved up to a 5 ounce bottle at night. It knocks her out. I will say she now seems to resist going down at 9pm some nights. She doesn't fuss a whole lot, but she will lay in her crib and look at her soother with the occassional yell "hey mom the blue light went off come hit the button!" And sometimes we have to go back in and rock her some more. But this is hit or miss and she is not too hard to get down if we focus on it. She tends to be the worse when we are distracted and just trying to get her down so we can get what we need to done. But we are well on our way to Mommy getting a short full nights sleep (6 hours).

We had a busy weekend and Lily went to Aunt Brookie's on Sunday for a babysitting trip. Michael and I had tickets to see Heart with some friends so they offered to watch her. It was hard to leave her! Brooke could tell I was nervous. It didn't help she was really fussy as I was leaving (she was hungry). But she did really well. They wore her out though because she was asleep when I got there at 11, slept the whole way home, and went right down after 2oz of milk. She slept until 6:30am so maybe I should take her over there more often! Although I did here Scott didn't do well with the poopy diaper. But honestly are we surprised?? Babysitting...the best form of birth control!