10 Weeks

>> Monday, August 18, 2008

Smiley baby

Little Lily is 10 weeks! Only two more weeks til the real world of work begins. She has had a good week. Grandma and Grandpa visited, along with Aunt Shannon. They moved Kevin into NCSU this weekend. Because it was a special occasion I let Lily stay up with us on Friday night. Well she then decided it was an all night party and didn't go down til midnight! They left on Saturday but she continued the party until one that night. You give an inch they take a mile!! But she slept until eight both nights and then went down last night at her normal nine and slept until four. Then four to eight. So as long as she gets back on schedule I don't mind.

She is definitely cooing more and more. Her facial expressions are hilarious (see some below). She smiles all the time, and is getting better head control. We even tried to put her in the exersaucer but she is still a little short for it. But she was interested! She liked the colors. She is getting more resistant to the playmat though. I think I need to cycle toys in and out. For the past week she screams if you put her under the mat. Oh how easily they bore.

Here are a few pics
Daddy torturing Lily during the birth announcement debacle
Out like a light
And again....
And yet again...
I think this is the look I will be getting when she is a teenager.
Flirting with Mommy
Sitting up in the boppy
A little concerned at the situation
The "Mom you don't know what your talking about" look