11 Weeks

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lily is doing great! This week she is sitting up (with assistance) and holding her head up like a pro! We even sat her in the exersaucer today. Her feet can touch although she is a tad skinny for it so I shoved a towel in there. She still cannot grab the toys but I hit some and let the lights and noise entertain her. Here she is gazing at the toys.

We also had our first plane flight over the weekend to go meet grandpa and Great Aunt Sandy. She was awesome on both flights. No fussing at all. I had a tip from a friend to breastfeed her during takeoff and landing to help with the ears and that worked wonderfully. She slept and cooed most of the time. I don't even think most people knew there was a baby on board. I will say air travel with an infant is a whole new adventure. Between security, packing, WALKING through the airport, and many other issues (how are you suppose to check a pack and play??) we almost didn't make it. We packed bare minimum so we only had to check one bag. Then we decided against taking a stroller or pack and play so our only piece of gear was the carseat (NOT easy to lug around the airport!) So we checked one suitcase. Carried a boppy, diaper bag, breastpump, and Michael's laptop. Oh and the baby! The best piece of advice I got was to carry her in the baby bjorn through the airport and security. It doesn't have medal so you can walk through the detectors with her in it. It made carrying the bajillion things much easier. The second best advice was to gate check the carseat so you know it gets there! Luckily both there and back the plane was not full so we carried it on but either way that is a good piece of advice.

On a nonLily note. Michael and I went to Kenny Chesney on Friday night and rocked it out. Meanwhile Lily went to visit Aubrey. I got TRASHED! (1/2 Gallon Margaritas I love you!)This was scheduled to be my last Hoora before going back to work. But not so smart considering we had a 7:30 flight (uh we barely made the flight...RUNNING to catch it baby in tow!). I had to pump and dump that night AND the next morning! Wow! But it was fun. I heart Kenny so much! We figured it out that was our sixth (maybe seventh) time seeing him in concert. It's an annual tradition. Here is a self shot of us right before we went it. I amazingly don't look too bad here...must not have kicked in yet.
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