8 Weeks

>> Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I don't want Mommy to go back to work!
If I wasn't taking FMLA I would be going back to work today. YUCK! I am so lucky we planned for this. But everyday I spend with her makes it harder to go back. Siff Sniff. Maybe if she wasn't so dang perfect...well minus that whole crying/screaming flaw.

Not too many updates this week for baby. She did really well at the neighbors while we went to see Maroon 5. Although the neighbor let her off her sleep schedule. But I would rather her be good at the sitters and be a little harder to put down that night. She did regress a little on sleeping this week. She has still been going down just not quite as easy. So the process has taken almost an hour some nights longer, as where before half hour tops. I think she is going through a little growth spurt and is sleeping too much during the day. One night she woke up at 4am ready to play. Uh no....we don't play at 4am in this house. GO TO SLEEP LITTLE BABY! It was not pretty and I was not happy. So that is when I woke up daddy....hahaha! Here ya go!

She has also taken to trying to stick her whole hand in her mouth. Michael thinks she is the smartest baby in the world and has realized that gets her milk. I think it's pretty boring being a baby and any entertainment is better than none. Maybe she has a personal goal of fitting the entire fist in her mouth. Hey it would make a pretty killer party trick!

Mmmmm Fist!

I had some things this week. I went to my 6 week check up. Although it was really at 7 weeks because they cancelled on me last week the day I was suppose to come in. I am all clear and doing good. I also got my IUD at this appointment. Mirena sounded like the best option for us. I get monster migraines from the hormones in the pill and am super forgetful about taking it. I haven't been on it since we got married...hence the arrival of Eads junior. Mirena is a localized hormone so you don't get any hormonal side effects and it doesn't interfere with Breastfeeding. It last for five years and can be removed any time to immediately try and have another child. Here is the website for those interested. I will preface and say this is not for you if you haven't already had a little one. http://www.mirena-us.com/index.jsp. The insertion felt like getting a PAP but I did have some nausea afterwards (almost passed out). But apparently this happens to a lot of women when there is contact with the uterine wall. I usually get nausea with my PAPs too so it was expected. So now we are all birth controlled up and ready to go. No more little Eads' for awhile. We have to spoil Lily as long as possible.

Everything else at my check up was great. I am still about 15 pounds heavier than prebaby. Not too bad considering I gained 55 pounds! Yes 55. It is scary I know. I am cleared for exercising again. So hopefully Lily and I can start a routine soon to get this last bit of weight off. It is funny that it redistributes though. I feel thinner everywhere except my belly. And I am thinking my boobs weigh 14 pounds from breastfeeding so the last pound should be easy to get off right? At least that is my story...

Here are some 8 week pictures.

A visit from Aunt Brookie!
Sleepy baby! Isn't she getting big!?
The dogs camp out in front of her swing..especially when she cries. Cleo is quite the little Mommy.
It's hard to sleep, pose, and look so dang good...but someone has to do it!