She wasn't calling you fat...I promise

>> Friday, May 21, 2010

We were eating the other night at Chick-fil-A. Our Friday night ritual. Sad right? Well Lily loves all the cows there. And the playground.

She is adorable so I understand why all the cute little old ladies enjoy talking to her. They waved and said good-bye as we left.

Lily promptly smiled and said...

"Bye Cows"

And walked out the door.

:insert mortification here:

Wow. I swear sweet little old ladies. I taught her better than that. She was talking to the mascot not your trim and petite frame.

My apologizes from the school of mortified mothers.



To be back in High School...

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

So I love facebook. For more than one reason. But one of my favorite features is the birthday reminder on the right column. It makes it a lot easier to remember birthday's which I am notorious for forgetting. Unless people like Wayne don't put them in there and then I forget to call you. Sorry Wayne. Happy late birthday! Kisses!

But I digress. I was checking facebook and I realized today is an old school friend's (Nick) birthday. Now it is not like Nick and I are calling each other once a week to contemplate life's questions but we are facebook friends. That counts for something right? But for some reason I always remembered his birthday. Mainly because we were neighbors, I had a huge crush on him in Junior High and his birthday just happened to fall on the day we graduated from High School. Which means that today is the ten year anniverssary of the day I graduated from High School.

Ugh High School. Michael laughs at me because I never talk about it. I hardly talk to anyone from high school let alone rehash the old days. Not that it was miserable.  Well miserable is a lose term. I didn't have a bad experience but it was so long ago! Have you ever met anyone that wanted to go back? Now on a daily basis I want to go back to college and get hammered and party like a rock star. Why is it I never want to go back to High School. I just don't get it.

But seriously? How did that happen? When did I get so freaking old? Okay old is exaggerating. More like where have ten years gone!! I wanted to do so much with my life!! So that got me thinking. Thinking a long train of thoughts. Very quickly and jumbled.  First, would we have a ten year reunion? Would I go? How I could lose a little extra baby weight to look hot for said not planned reunion? Oh I should start that workout plan. Which led me to making sure I wasn't the fat pregnant chick at the reunion (aka double check BC for the next few months). What would I have to brag about at one of those things? You know the one thing that said..hey I made it. Just like the Kevin Rudolph song. Finally am I where I thought I would be? Oh crap what if I am the loser?

Well am I? Hmmmm. Yes and no.  Well I guess that requires me remembering so far back at where I thought I would be.

1. Hot
2. Rich
3. Devilishly handsome husband that caves to my every whim and rubs my feet every night.
4. 1.5 adorably cute kids. Preferably straight out of a gap kids commercial
5. Kick ass job where I am pretty much awesome and make loads of money. Oh and I love it. I am thinking sales or something creative. To go with my bubbly personality.
6. Huge house with a big ol' dog and a picketed fence. Oh in the city...I wanted nothing more than to get out of the burbs.
7. Happiness

Yeah to be young and naive again. I never knew what was coming. Your whole list of worries changes as you get older. You don't just worry about your gas tank and getting a new pair of jeans. So a reality check is always in order. I should I say a status update?

1. Well Check Obviously
2. Yeah not so much
3. Duh. Huge Check. Well except for the foot rubs. I only got those nine months pregnant.
4. 1.0 Check. .5 is still a glimmer in Michael's eye. but someday. maybe. maybe not. 1 is okay right?
5. First I have a pretty boring desk job with this joke of a writing hobby on the side. Although I like to think I am awesome not always a 100 percent everyone else agrees :) Definitely don't make loads of money. Actually I convinced I am severely underpaid. Think you guys could work on that? Not even close to a creative job, nor do I have any type of sales experience. Other than selling else do you think I tricked devilishly handsome husband into marrying me?
6. I never escaped the freaking burbs. Dammit. But I do have a big ol' dog. I mean like huge. Cesna is the biggest lab ever. Not to mention the smaller ones biting at his ankles. Unfortunately I tried to buy a fence but decided it was too damn expensive for my big surburbs yard.
7. And I can't say I am happy every day all day. But who is? Do my goods outweigh my bads? Everyday! Am I happy more than I am not. Of course. I have so much to be grateful for. So much to be proud of

But honestly I look at this list and I think I have done pretty well. Sure I am not in my dream job. But I am proud of the work I do. I take pride in doing it right to best of my ability and I do like to think I help people somewhere deep down the line of the drug industry. Like really far down. To where no one will ever have any idea I helped them. But I like to think that means I am selfless. Sounds good at least.

Sure I could use a little more cash. I mean who couldn't. But we :cough cough I: don't hurt for much.

Michael is good to me. He loves me. Our kid is seriously the smartest and cutest kid that ever tried out for a Gap Ad. Have you seen her baby blues?

And you know what? Other than the ridiculous traffic....I like the burbs. I know right? You spend your whole life fighting to get out of the one place you are dying to go back too. Even worse...I would totally move back to my hometown burbs. But mainly for the free babysitting from my Mother in Law!

But finally the number one thing I would brag about at a reunion? The one thing I am most proud of....

Was there ever a question? These two. Perfection. Right there is what proves I made it.



Lonely Momma

>> Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing my husband. He is traveling for work AGAIN! Isn't he handsome? He would be a whole lot more handsome if he was at home.

And you know who misses him just as much as I do? This princess right here.....

Do you see something missing from this picture? Michael! And I would settle for a Skype Talkfest...but his work computer doesn't have a webcam or a microphone. So WTF is the point!?? There is none. Cheapies. So we settle for a phone call via cell.
Oh wait his cell phone cut off mid call...DAMN you Verizon!!!!



Verizon Update!

>> Monday, May 17, 2010

Verizon's response to previous post on May 13th. My comments in RED!

Dear Stephaine Eads,

Good evening, thank you for contacting the Verizon Wireless website, my name is Anita. I apologize for the delay in responding to your email. I certainly understand your request to upgrade both lines at the same time. I will assist you with your feedback.

I attempted to reach you by phone. Since you were not available, I left a message on your voicemail. That is becasue the damn thing cut off.

We would hate to lose your business. I have added a 10% discount to 919-621-0734 for 6 months. The 10% discount will expire on November 15, 2010. No contract extension is required. YOU REALIZE YOU JUST OFFERED ME A 99 CENTS A MONTH DISCOUT FOR SIX MONTHS. $5.94 IS ALL MY BUSINESS IS WORTH?? 99 freaking cents a month. SERIOUSLY!!!!!??????

I have reviewed your account and found you last upgraded on April 17, 2009 to a phone that didn't work!  whereby you accepted a two – year Customer Agreement. Our Equipment Upgrade policy requires you to have 20 months or less remaining on the Customer Agreement in order to receive another phone upgrade with a discount. You will be eligible to upgrade on or after December 17, 2010.

You can purchase new equipment at full retail price aka 400 dollars with no extension of your current Customer Agreement and your eligibility to participate in our Equipment Upgrade Program will not be affected. To view currently offered equipment, please click on the following link, which will direct you to the "Products" page of our website:

According to our records, you accepted a two-year minimum term, which will expire on August 12, 2010  and April 17, 2011 . Per the Terms and Conditions of your Customer Agreement, if you cancel service prior to completing your minimum term, you will be charged an Early Termination Fee of $70.00 and $115.00  through your current bill cycle, which ends May 15, 2010. Still cheaper than buying the new phone! This amount may vary based on the actual date the cancellation takes effect.

To cancel your Verizon Wireless service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-922-0204 or *611 [send] airtime free from your wireless phone. If you plan to port your number to another carrier, your Verizon Wireless service must remain active until the port is complete to ensure your wireless number(s) remain available. Thank you for giving me this value knowlegde. This was the most useful piece of information in this email.

Enjoy your evening! I just threw up in my mouth. We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless.



Verizon Wireless

Customer Service

Whew I feel better now! Don't you??? In the mean time if you google LG EnV randomly shuts off (so popular google knows what I am about to type in) then you will see this is a known problem.



Monday Happiness

Heidi over at Its Just Me Heidi D noiminated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award. What better way to start a Monday that to be told how awesome you are?

Award rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.

2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.

4. Tell us 7 interesting things about myself.

5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.
First I have to admit this is the first time I have been to Heidi's blog. Sorry Heidi! I didn't even know you followed the blog. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I personally love to meet new readers and you have given me a NEW blog to start reading and following. I am sure my husband will be sending you a nastygram at any moment. But can I say that background is presh! Go over there and check it out people. Click Here
Mmmm seven interesting things. Let's see.
1. Diana this is for you....I too pee in the shower. Every morning. Yes I admit it. But it all goes back to learning something about atheletes foot and peeing kills the bacteria. Have you seen Michael's feet? That is enough to get anyone peeing in the shower.
2. I hate mayonaise. I hate anything that has it in it and I refuse to eat a sandwhich if it has it on it. I will sit there and not so silently suffer from hunger before I consume it. Ew. Ew. Ew.
3. Actually I am not a fan of condiments in general. Except BBQ for a chicken nugget.
4. I used to hate Chick Fil A. I mean hate it! To the point my husband questioning marrying me. His family is obbsessed. There is not a Eads Family function without a nugget platter. But then I got pregnant with my husband's child and all I wanted was Chicken from Chick Fil A. Notice that a lot of these are about food....I am really hungry. Mmmmm Chick Fil A.
5. I started doing a load of laundry every day or every other day and my life is so much easier. Do it. Send thank you notes to
6. I am ruined of reading all fiction after the Twilight Series. Because I thought it was that awesome. Team Edward thank you very much.
7. I blog because I love it! I never thought I would but I can't help but imagine Doogie Howser as the first blogger. Do you remember his computer journal? It is like a journal that is not so private but I think that is what makes it a better form of therapy. Although I just wish I had been smarter and made a pen name. Dangit Blair...where were you when I needed your idea then? Why you ask? Because there is seriously some stuff that pisses me off that I really don't put up here because I know that person or this person reads. :sigh:  Now I need to start a secret blog about things that piss me off about people I know as a form of therapy. Add that to my to do list.
So who are my seven lucky people? Well I follow a few not as well know blogs because they crack me up or make me remember the good ole days and some really popular ones. Check them out or better yet start following....
1. Ministry so Fabulous. Okay I seriously love this blog. I actually found Amy Beth through another blog via a prayer request. She is struggling right now with a lot and her raw writing and honesty draws me to this blog. The good work she does for so many other women keep me coming back.  Plus people with two names rock.
2. Hormonal Imbalances: Diana also pees in the shower. Enough said.
3. The Bagley Circus: A completely southern Mommy to two adorable boys oh and apparently a PI in her spare time.
4. Raynor Shine. The name of this blog is too cute! Get it...haha. Issac is a month older than Lily so I like to steal ideas from Rachel. Like getting Lily a playground for her birthday. Rachel you too will be getting the stink eye from my husband over the next few weeks.
5. The Bloggess this is a pretty popular blog but literal I am crying on most days I read it. SHE IS SO FUNNY! Make sure to check out her advice column. It is advice anyone should live by. AKA I swear only drunk rednecks write to her. Her responses are priceless.
6. Hancock Heir Aaahhh to be pregnant again. I swear Dana and I are having the same pregnancy!
7. Sassy Sawyer The pregnancy I wish I had....By the time Kari and Dana have their babies I will be have the baby bug in full force.



A Princess Worthy Christmas

>> Friday, May 14, 2010

Christmas?! I know what you are thinking. It is a little early for that. Well it is except for....

Me booking our first official family vacation. To none other than.....

Christmas at Disney. Well not exactly Christmas but December in Disney. You can not look at this picture and not get excited. This is Cinderalla's Castle all lit up for the holidays. What about that is not magical?

I am literally beaming with excitement. How can I wait seven whole months until we leave? I got an awesome deal on the hotel and it is suppose to be perfect time to go before the huge holiday crowds hit. We will see won't we? 

Yes that is snow...snow on Main Street USA. Disney is so kick ass they can make it snow in Florida for Christmas.

Now I have plenty of time to save and plan my little princess's first trip to Disney World and to make it perfect! Because she deserves it.

Now I know what some of you are smirking about. We :Cough ME: really wanted to do a big family vacation with us three before we have another baby. So in order for us to get on that train I need to book the vacation  So you may be thinking she is too young for Disney and will never remember it. But you know who will remember it? Michael and me! We will remember her looks, her giggles, her excitement forever. Hopefully when Lily gets a little sibling we will be able to enjoy it all over again.




Verizon Wireless aka My Arch Nemisis

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let me start off by saying I have been a Verizon customer since before Verizon existed. When I started using Bell Atlantic Mobile I was about fifteen. My phone was HUGE and had about thirty minutes a month on it for emergency purposes. I am not a spring chicken anymore so you do the math. I have been a customer a LONG TIME!! When I got married it was natural for my anti-cell phone husband be beaten into submission to join my carrier. He didn't have a cell phone until 2005. I know right?! So once again...been a customer a LONG TIME!

Not once until this time have I ever been pissed off at Verizon. They have always given me what I need and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Until now.

Now I am irritated. My hubby's phone is a piece of junk. It randomly shuts off and is generally worthless. So I just want a new phone for him. Something nice. That does simple things like stay on during business calls or mid-texting. I even want to get him something a little extra special and upgrade to a smart phone. Droid anyone?

He is not super gadget husband, but I thought this would shut him up for awhile about me always getting the cool stuff. (hello iMac of 2009 anyone?)

Verizon's response? No way Jose! WHAT! Well apparently Michael is not due for an upgrade until December. And they won't budge. You know why? Because he is the secondary line. Well only by default since I already owned the account. And last time  I checked he was the bread winner in the family. Better yet we are both working adults in the same household. That ridiculous cell phone bill comes out of the same joint checking account every month. So why do we get different treatment.

But I can give him my upgrade. Uh how about no? Why don't you upgrade us both. I will even buy two Droids. AKA phone bill will go up 60 god forsaken dollars a month! Reminder: loyal, paying, LONG TERM customer here. I spend more money with the company than I am willing to admit and I just want to throw some more of my money at you please. Why won't you let me?

But nope. Won't work with me, won't do anything. Verizon's suggestion? Give my upgrade to him or add a line to get the upgrade. Or pay 100 dollars to buy a USED refurbished phone. Oh you want a refurbished Droid? That will be 280 dollars.

My suggestion? How about I just cancel? Because you know what? IT IS CHEAPER. Yes it is cheaper to pay out my contract and then add a new line and get the new phone. Oh but Verizon won't let me do that either. We can't guarantee we will approve you for a new line if you cancel. Oh and we will give your hubby's number away to some other poor soul just to be mean. I can't even keep my freaking phone number. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Oh you can port it out but if you cancel and try to work the system we hold your number hostage.

And what is this threat of not approving me? So you don't want fancy phone lovers that have excellent credit and a  long term loyal history with your company? Wow. You must be the only company in the world that would turn down customers like that?! I mean there have to be tons of company's that would want my business. Well Verizon isn't saying they absolutely won't approve me, but they have to make me aware that there is a chance they won't. Oh and you still can't keep your number.

I am so pissed off right now. I know it seems petty. I realize that. But this is about principle. About loyalty. About customer service! For someone that is ranked number one in customer service I am not feeling the love. I am feeling the frustration of talking to a dead line when my husbands phone cuts off mid conversation. I am feeling the panic of not being able to reach him because oops the phone lost power and it is currently off in his pocket. On a brighter note the battery life is decent. BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS CUT OFF!

I have to take blame for some of this. I should carry insurance on the phones. And believe me I will from now on. Because who knew it would be such a pain in the ass to get keep a cell phone that stayed on?

So with that being said maybe I should just cancel. Out of principle. Because you know what? I have had my eye on the iphone for awhile now. And we all know I live in an Apple household.

You know what else? I get 20% off my entire bill because of my job (vs. your 20% off my line and data). And finally AT&T's monthly plans are cheaper. So if I can get over the 180 dollars it would cost me to cancel Verizon this may be worth it. Just to teach Verizon a lesson. A lesson about keeping the business you have instead of only pushing for the new. I am not a customer you have to work hard for, or bend over backwards to please. I just want to get two new kick ass phones. I don't think that is too much to ask. I stay out of loyalty and happiness. But if Verizon has no loyalty to me and is not keeping me happy then why should I stay?


Eyjafjallajokull Mother's Day

>> Sunday, May 09, 2010

This Mother's Day wasn't exactly what I hoped for. My one wish was to sleep really late and get breakfast in bed. Not change a single diaper, not appease one whine and just chill. Yeah that didn't happen. 

Michael has been traveling a lot for work over the last few weeks. It has been gone a week, here a week, gone a week, here a week, etc. for about the last month. His torturous schedule should even back out in about two weeks but as of now I have been pulling single parent duty for several weeks now. I am tired. I need this day.  

Don't get me wrong. I am the real winner. Lily is loving some Mommy from all this QT. We have played princess dress up.  See exhibit A. 
We laid in bed and watch way too many Sunday morning cartoons. We went shopping yesterday and had ice cream for dinner. We went to the park and played on the slide. An event that gets her giggling with joy! So it has been a good month. 

This week? Michael is in Germany and Switzerland. Remember our European Vacation last July? He went back this week to give a customer the factory tour. Michael's company's headquarters in in Zurich. So off he flew last Sunday morning. With plans to return this Saturday afternoon. Key word, plan. 

Eyjafjallajokull. Ring a bell? No that is not a German curse word. That is that god forsaken volcano in Iceland that grounded Michael's flight yesterday. Yep you heard me right. He officially is missing Mother's Day right now. Well most of it. He is suppose to be home around eight tonight. I won't believe it until he is laying in bed giving me a back massage straight from Heaven. Or rubbing my feet. Or both. Granted it is not his fault. It really isn't. But he will still have to suffer the consequences. Basically the whole month of May just became Mother's Day. Until he leaves again next week. 

What are my plans today? Well right now I have to go change a poopy diaper. Then I am going to give Lily lunch, and put her down for a nap while I sweep and mop the floors. A task I was attempting to save for Michael. The universe is punishing me for being lazy. :Sigh: Heck I might scrub a toilet to make the day perfect. There is always next year right? 

Luckily this came in the mail this week. As if maybe Michael had a vision he might not make it home. I opened it and put it on this morning. A beautiful Mommy necklace that says "Michael Steph" on the bottom with "Lily" on top. It is perfect. 


Naturally Trouble...

>> Saturday, May 08, 2010

What the Mommies walked in on at a recent playdate at my house. You leave for one second to move the toys in the garage and the kids have broken into the pantry and raided the Fruit Loops!

What can I say? She is her father's daughter. 


Easter 2010

>> Friday, May 07, 2010

Finally I know right! I am so behind on editing pictures it is no joke. This are only...errrr a month late. Oops. Well nonetheless, here they are. We had Michael's family in town. Like I mentioned previously this has been declared our holiday. yay! Next year by goal is to have more grass and less weeds in my yard. Think I will succeed? Yeah me either. 

Going to get eggs! We divided the yard up into halves. Morgan had one half and Lily had the other. I don't know what we will do if there are more kids! The other half of the yard is the dogs toilet. mmmmm may have to work on that one. 

Hey Hey that is my egg! Lily ROCKED out egg hunting. She even found most of Morgan's! 

One of my favorite pictures of the day. I love the name plate in the back and the generations captured here. 


The Finleys

Morgan and Mommy!
Wayne is so silly. He always keeps the girls laughing. 

Total Sweetness! 

Da Eads

I think the girls had fun! As you can tell by the millions of eggs in the baskets. And the matching babydolls were a hit. Mommy (Aka Aunt Stephaine) rocks.


Bag Boy Heaven

>> Monday, May 03, 2010

I bought an adorable plaid dress last week at Old Navy. I know what you are thinking. Plaid? Not my usual style but the reviews talked me into and I love it! It is so bright and springy.

I of course strutted my stuff in it today at the grocery store. I went to return my Redbox. (PS The Blind Side is AMAZING!) But while holding Lily my fab dress became not so fab...

How you ask? Well really this is my fault. Just like in High School you have to remember to double knot those halter dresses. Remember those immature boys that would pull on your bikini top or dress string at the most inopportune times? In that moment Lily channeled an 18 year old boy with hormones.

:Yank top starts coming loose:

OMG it was almost so bad. Right in the middle of Lowe's food I about gave the hormone crazed bag boys a peep show.  Luckily my cat like reflexes were intact despite holding a thirty pound toddler. I could have died right there. The guy in behind me at Redbox just stood there with saucers for eyes.

Well at least Mommy still knows she's got it!


Bad Ass Potty Training: Revisited

I have been a little hesitant to say anything but.....

Lily has been rocking out the potty. Hey she isn't even two yet. Give it up people. Questioning my tactics? See here for original visitation

No really. At least once a day (even daycare days: think maybe three hours at home) she is going at least once sometimes two times a day.

She started asking to go to the potty last week.

I moved the potty out of the closed bathroom and she went and sat unattended and peepeed all by herself.

Yeah my kid is a rockstar.

Now to get her to go at daycare...



Flawed Life: You get what you need....

>> Sunday, May 02, 2010

I remember when I told my husband about a push present. His response was "A What?! You get a baby isn't that present enough?" I want a present. I mean who doesn't? The further I got along in the horrible adventure of cankles, triple chins, and extreme bouts of stabbing pain, the bigger my push present got in my imagination. About the time I couldn't fit behind my car steering wheel anymore is when I felt like I deserved the diamond off the Titanic.

I did help Michael out a bit. I told him I wanted a ring. A modest right hand ring. I used the words antique and vintage. Specifically diamonds. I even enlisted the help of my friend Jenna who has great taste, if not extremely expensive taste. I sent her a about ten pictures of what I was thinking. Nothing too pricey. I But my pre-pregancy body is priceless, and I needed retribution.

My friend Jenna prepped me a few weeks before Lily was born. "Michael was determined in what he wanted to get you." Uh..okay. Does that mean I won't like it? All she could respond was "I tried." Oh crap. Seriously? My poor husband. I admit I picked out my engagement ring. The exact one, but we shopped for what I liked prior to proposal. He has no taste. When we registered for wedding gifts...everything was white. Why? Because he has no taste. None. We couldn't agree on anything. So white it was.

So when the big day came,  Michael handed me a ring box while I was holding my little girl just hours after a day's worth of labor only to be cut wide open. My enthusiasm wasn't what it was the months leading up to the day. I was exhausted. Both emotionally and physically. I guess I didn't give the best reaction. I was not myself. I opened the box and looked at the ring and my heart sank. This was not anything close to what I wanted. Not. even. close. A pearl ring. Many thoughts ran through my head. Does Michael even know my taste at all? I am going to kill Jenna! I wouldn't say I hated the ring. I think the right word was disappointed. I had formed such a clear picture in my head of what I wanted. Unfortunately so had Michael. I didn't even get why he picked a pearl ring. Why was he so dead set on this?

Although Jenna had warned me that Michael had been stubborn the emotions of the day prevented me from hiding my disappointment. When I opened the gift Michael was so proud of,  he could tell immediately I did not like. But I tried to put on a happy face and thank him like a good southern girl. But I failed miserably. He kept pushing and I finally admitted it was fine, it was just not what I had wanted. I was disappointed. I should have just smiled and not said anything. But I hadn't slept in a day and a half. Not that this justifies it. Apparently I am just a brat. But then he explained. Well this is Lily's birthstone. Oh....well aren't I a piece of crap. He had picked out an emerald one just in case she was born in May, and a pearl one for June. He was so proud. I was such a piece of crap.

He offered to take it back and exchange it and I declined. He had worked so hard and was so proud. If this is what he wanted to symbolize the birth of our baby girl then this is what I was going to wear. Even if it had been gold bling in the shape of a dollar bill sign I needed to put my big girl panties on and be grateful. Amazingly it looked fabulous on me. I have really big fingers for a girl. I wear like a size 8. It is insane. It took us a lot of shopping to find an engagement ring that didn't look like a spec of dust on my ginourmous hand without getting a ridiculous amount of carats. But this dainty pearl ring looked really great. I started getting compliments wherever I went, people admire it frequently. Michael had it engraved with Lily's name about a week after she was born. I wear it almost as loyally as my wedding set.

Then last month the pearl popped right off the top of it. Luckily Michael has bought the replacement plan, so they took the ring to reattach the original pearl and called me to come pic it back up. I felt naked for a week! When I picked the ring up they had incorrectly repaired the ring, and I had it sent back. I went another whole week and when I went back they had scratched my pearl trying to correct the damage from the first repair. My patience was getting thin. Now they had to replace the original pearl with a new one. I wasn't happy. The manager came out and told me they were just going to order me a whole new ring for my troubles. I found myself tearing up. I don't want a new ring! I want my ring! This one. The one that my husband gave me the day my daughter was born. The one that has her name etched on the inside close to my skin and my heart. I think the look on my face and the tears in my eyes let him know this was not an option. Needless to say the ring has been sent back for a third time for repair. It has been nearly a month without my ring. A month of nakedness. I have tried to fill the void with other cutesy rings but it is not the same.

So there you have it. The ring I barely wanted, that I kept out of guilt and loyalty to my husband became one of my prized possessions. A symbol of the life I gave my daughter and of the love we share. A symbol of my husbands pride for what I provided to our once family of two. Sometimes he surprises me and knows me better than I know myself. Although he might not always give me what I want he always provides me with what I need.