Eyjafjallajokull Mother's Day

>> Sunday, May 09, 2010

This Mother's Day wasn't exactly what I hoped for. My one wish was to sleep really late and get breakfast in bed. Not change a single diaper, not appease one whine and just chill. Yeah that didn't happen. 

Michael has been traveling a lot for work over the last few weeks. It has been gone a week, here a week, gone a week, here a week, etc. for about the last month. His torturous schedule should even back out in about two weeks but as of now I have been pulling single parent duty for several weeks now. I am tired. I need this day.  

Don't get me wrong. I am the real winner. Lily is loving some Mommy from all this QT. We have played princess dress up.  See exhibit A. 
We laid in bed and watch way too many Sunday morning cartoons. We went shopping yesterday and had ice cream for dinner. We went to the park and played on the slide. An event that gets her giggling with joy! So it has been a good month. 

This week? Michael is in Germany and Switzerland. Remember our European Vacation last July? He went back this week to give a customer the factory tour. Michael's company's headquarters in in Zurich. So off he flew last Sunday morning. With plans to return this Saturday afternoon. Key word, plan. 

Eyjafjallajokull. Ring a bell? No that is not a German curse word. That is that god forsaken volcano in Iceland that grounded Michael's flight yesterday. Yep you heard me right. He officially is missing Mother's Day right now. Well most of it. He is suppose to be home around eight tonight. I won't believe it until he is laying in bed giving me a back massage straight from Heaven. Or rubbing my feet. Or both. Granted it is not his fault. It really isn't. But he will still have to suffer the consequences. Basically the whole month of May just became Mother's Day. Until he leaves again next week. 

What are my plans today? Well right now I have to go change a poopy diaper. Then I am going to give Lily lunch, and put her down for a nap while I sweep and mop the floors. A task I was attempting to save for Michael. The universe is punishing me for being lazy. :Sigh: Heck I might scrub a toilet to make the day perfect. There is always next year right? 

Luckily this came in the mail this week. As if maybe Michael had a vision he might not make it home. I opened it and put it on this morning. A beautiful Mommy necklace that says "Michael Steph" on the bottom with "Lily" on top. It is perfect.