Verizon Update!

>> Monday, May 17, 2010

Verizon's response to previous post on May 13th. My comments in RED!

Dear Stephaine Eads,

Good evening, thank you for contacting the Verizon Wireless website, my name is Anita. I apologize for the delay in responding to your email. I certainly understand your request to upgrade both lines at the same time. I will assist you with your feedback.

I attempted to reach you by phone. Since you were not available, I left a message on your voicemail. That is becasue the damn thing cut off.

We would hate to lose your business. I have added a 10% discount to 919-621-0734 for 6 months. The 10% discount will expire on November 15, 2010. No contract extension is required. YOU REALIZE YOU JUST OFFERED ME A 99 CENTS A MONTH DISCOUT FOR SIX MONTHS. $5.94 IS ALL MY BUSINESS IS WORTH?? 99 freaking cents a month. SERIOUSLY!!!!!??????

I have reviewed your account and found you last upgraded on April 17, 2009 to a phone that didn't work!  whereby you accepted a two – year Customer Agreement. Our Equipment Upgrade policy requires you to have 20 months or less remaining on the Customer Agreement in order to receive another phone upgrade with a discount. You will be eligible to upgrade on or after December 17, 2010.

You can purchase new equipment at full retail price aka 400 dollars with no extension of your current Customer Agreement and your eligibility to participate in our Equipment Upgrade Program will not be affected. To view currently offered equipment, please click on the following link, which will direct you to the "Products" page of our website:

According to our records, you accepted a two-year minimum term, which will expire on August 12, 2010  and April 17, 2011 . Per the Terms and Conditions of your Customer Agreement, if you cancel service prior to completing your minimum term, you will be charged an Early Termination Fee of $70.00 and $115.00  through your current bill cycle, which ends May 15, 2010. Still cheaper than buying the new phone! This amount may vary based on the actual date the cancellation takes effect.

To cancel your Verizon Wireless service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-922-0204 or *611 [send] airtime free from your wireless phone. If you plan to port your number to another carrier, your Verizon Wireless service must remain active until the port is complete to ensure your wireless number(s) remain available. Thank you for giving me this value knowlegde. This was the most useful piece of information in this email.

Enjoy your evening! I just threw up in my mouth. We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless.



Verizon Wireless

Customer Service

Whew I feel better now! Don't you??? In the mean time if you google LG EnV randomly shuts off (so popular google knows what I am about to type in) then you will see this is a known problem.