To be back in High School...

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

So I love facebook. For more than one reason. But one of my favorite features is the birthday reminder on the right column. It makes it a lot easier to remember birthday's which I am notorious for forgetting. Unless people like Wayne don't put them in there and then I forget to call you. Sorry Wayne. Happy late birthday! Kisses!

But I digress. I was checking facebook and I realized today is an old school friend's (Nick) birthday. Now it is not like Nick and I are calling each other once a week to contemplate life's questions but we are facebook friends. That counts for something right? But for some reason I always remembered his birthday. Mainly because we were neighbors, I had a huge crush on him in Junior High and his birthday just happened to fall on the day we graduated from High School. Which means that today is the ten year anniverssary of the day I graduated from High School.

Ugh High School. Michael laughs at me because I never talk about it. I hardly talk to anyone from high school let alone rehash the old days. Not that it was miserable.  Well miserable is a lose term. I didn't have a bad experience but it was so long ago! Have you ever met anyone that wanted to go back? Now on a daily basis I want to go back to college and get hammered and party like a rock star. Why is it I never want to go back to High School. I just don't get it.

But seriously? How did that happen? When did I get so freaking old? Okay old is exaggerating. More like where have ten years gone!! I wanted to do so much with my life!! So that got me thinking. Thinking a long train of thoughts. Very quickly and jumbled.  First, would we have a ten year reunion? Would I go? How I could lose a little extra baby weight to look hot for said not planned reunion? Oh I should start that workout plan. Which led me to making sure I wasn't the fat pregnant chick at the reunion (aka double check BC for the next few months). What would I have to brag about at one of those things? You know the one thing that said..hey I made it. Just like the Kevin Rudolph song. Finally am I where I thought I would be? Oh crap what if I am the loser?

Well am I? Hmmmm. Yes and no.  Well I guess that requires me remembering so far back at where I thought I would be.

1. Hot
2. Rich
3. Devilishly handsome husband that caves to my every whim and rubs my feet every night.
4. 1.5 adorably cute kids. Preferably straight out of a gap kids commercial
5. Kick ass job where I am pretty much awesome and make loads of money. Oh and I love it. I am thinking sales or something creative. To go with my bubbly personality.
6. Huge house with a big ol' dog and a picketed fence. Oh in the city...I wanted nothing more than to get out of the burbs.
7. Happiness

Yeah to be young and naive again. I never knew what was coming. Your whole list of worries changes as you get older. You don't just worry about your gas tank and getting a new pair of jeans. So a reality check is always in order. I should I say a status update?

1. Well Check Obviously
2. Yeah not so much
3. Duh. Huge Check. Well except for the foot rubs. I only got those nine months pregnant.
4. 1.0 Check. .5 is still a glimmer in Michael's eye. but someday. maybe. maybe not. 1 is okay right?
5. First I have a pretty boring desk job with this joke of a writing hobby on the side. Although I like to think I am awesome not always a 100 percent everyone else agrees :) Definitely don't make loads of money. Actually I convinced I am severely underpaid. Think you guys could work on that? Not even close to a creative job, nor do I have any type of sales experience. Other than selling else do you think I tricked devilishly handsome husband into marrying me?
6. I never escaped the freaking burbs. Dammit. But I do have a big ol' dog. I mean like huge. Cesna is the biggest lab ever. Not to mention the smaller ones biting at his ankles. Unfortunately I tried to buy a fence but decided it was too damn expensive for my big surburbs yard.
7. And I can't say I am happy every day all day. But who is? Do my goods outweigh my bads? Everyday! Am I happy more than I am not. Of course. I have so much to be grateful for. So much to be proud of

But honestly I look at this list and I think I have done pretty well. Sure I am not in my dream job. But I am proud of the work I do. I take pride in doing it right to best of my ability and I do like to think I help people somewhere deep down the line of the drug industry. Like really far down. To where no one will ever have any idea I helped them. But I like to think that means I am selfless. Sounds good at least.

Sure I could use a little more cash. I mean who couldn't. But we :cough cough I: don't hurt for much.

Michael is good to me. He loves me. Our kid is seriously the smartest and cutest kid that ever tried out for a Gap Ad. Have you seen her baby blues?

And you know what? Other than the ridiculous traffic....I like the burbs. I know right? You spend your whole life fighting to get out of the one place you are dying to go back too. Even worse...I would totally move back to my hometown burbs. But mainly for the free babysitting from my Mother in Law!

But finally the number one thing I would brag about at a reunion? The one thing I am most proud of....

Was there ever a question? These two. Perfection. Right there is what proves I made it.



Trish May 21, 2010 at 9:07 AM  

very well written & oh so true. I just had my 15 year HS reunion...gag...anyhow...I live in another state far away from all the kids I graduated with. I have moved on with my life and made something of myself, not much...but still, atleast something!
I totally agree...perfection, success and riches are all in the eye of the beholder....

...hey wanna go to NYC with me or not chick?!? :OP

I swear if you went with me that city would never be the same!!!

Genny Bigger May 21, 2010 at 5:24 PM  

You said it girl!!!! It is really hard to believe we have been out of shcool 10 years. It look like to me you made it!! You have a beatiful daughter and life doesn't seem to bad. I also love to read your blogs!!!