Bad Ass Potty Training .5 Day One

>> Saturday, February 27, 2010

I look rough as I am unshowered for my day of pee and poo so cut me some slack. But here is a virtual update


Flawed Life: Not so Happy Birthday to you!

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

To be honest...I have not been myself lately. I have been a little down. Not sure why. Maybe I am lacking a project or a sense of direction. I don't know. I wasn't excited about my birthday at all this year, which is really unlike me. so maybe that is why it sucked. But why ponder the reasoning of a woman? I don't have that kind of time. Instead I will entertain you with an email I sent my girlfriends this morning describing my birthday.

Hey Girlie,

Thanks so much for calling me yesterday. Sorry I didn't answer the phone. I kinda had a rough day. So of course on all days I find out I didn't get the new writing oppurtunity yesterday via email. Blah! Then after shopping for a week for me all Michael could come up with to get me was a 20 dollar target purse that I pointed out to him a few weeks ago. I mean seriously? I know I told you not to spend alot but a little surprise? Then I go to Old Navy to buy myself something and my freaking ON credit card gets declined because I started getting paperless statements and missed the bill they sent me last month when I changed my email. The bill was 23 dollars. The late charge is 20 dollars. Now I have a 43 dollar bill for a cheap shirt. Embarrassed and price raped I left to head home.

Then most people didn't even bother calling me. I mean seriously what a crappy day.

But anyway Michael did get me a cold stone cake which was yummy, but I had to wear a girdle to get into my pants this morning. I seriously want to stab myself in the eye right now. Deep breathes it will get better....I mean at least I am not thirty yet.



Bad Ass Potty Training 101

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello my name is Stephaine and I am crazy. I am a mother of a 21 Month old and I am going to start potty training this weekend. I am a bad ass potty training momma.

I know I have been talking big game since January but this is it. Balls to the wall. No diapers starting Saturday. Well except for at night....she is still in a crib.

I feel like a bad ass. I am bucking tradition. I am a rebel. You say she is too young I say HA! They said she was too young to get off the bottle, they said she was eating table food too early, I say HA! They say she will never sleep through the night that young, I say HAHAHAH! You should really fear my awesomeness.....

Okay to be honest I am really terrified. I actually almost threw up in my mouth when I pulled the size 2T underwear off the Target rack. This overwhelming sense of panic consumed my whole body as I went around the store and gathered my supplies. Which by the way rung up at a whopping $130 dollars. WTF! I thought this was suppose to save me money.

But why Steph why?

Because who am I to hold my child back? She is ready. I know it! I will not have Mommy Instinct Doubt! Most of my Mommy friends are telling me I am crazy for starting so early, but my question is: This is early? I guess I just always had the mindset that she would be trained by two. I think it is a mindset. Honestly you have to be just as ready as the child. I know it is going to be a lot of work. Most likely I will be tied to my house for the next few if I don't call you, or if you see me out and about and I have a poop smear on my face, please be a good friend and hand me a wipe.

Also daycare apparently is bad ass too. I just asked them to start taking her to the potty like we were and see how it goes. But they said "oh no...we don't half ass it" Apparently. Next week she will have seven changes of clothes delivered everyday for the next two weeks. If she goes it will be in her pants not in a diaper. "We don't do pull ups. It just confuses the kid" Mmmm interesting.

So what is the plan?

Saturday we begin a weekend crash course of the Dr. Phil method. This involves our potty doll (more to come) and a potty party. I encourage you to read this short and sweet article about it. Basically I plan on letting her run around in just her undies all weekend. I am going to go with my friend Katherine over at the Bagely Circus's advice of setting a kitchen timer for every 15-20 minutes to remind us to go a lot and often. This will continue through Sunday and then Monday Daycare is going to take over.
What am I expecting?
A whole lot of pee and crap. Everywhere.
Washing a lot clothes. ALOT!
Being tied to the house the whole weekend.
Being tied to my downstairs where there is no carpet!

What did you spend $130 dollars on???!!! This does not include the Elmo Potty she got for Christmas or the insert I bought last month.

1. Seven pairs of stretchy, easy to pull down, leggings
2. Seven adorable matching shirts...I mean she still needs to be cute?!
3. Two 8-count packs of panties: Elmo and Minnie Mouse of course
4. A 6-pack of socks
5. A pair of crocs
6. A ton of stickers in her favorite shapes and characters
7. A few $5 dollar toys
8. Baby Alive Doll that pees

So I got the clothes for obvious reasons. No diapers=mess. Also I don't think she should be wearing jeans during this adventure. They are too hard to take on and off. The socks and shoes were a last minute epiphany as crap runs down hill and socks and shoes are included. The shoes are easy to clean, unlike pee soaked tennis shoes. The stickers and toys are rewards. A sticker for every time she pees or poos in the potty. I got extra to send to daycare. She loves stickers so I know this will work. The toys are for really good days. Or in case of emergency this weekend from house stir craziness. And lastly, the baby alive doll is for demonstration purposes.

Okay can I tell you about this doll? Please. First I really have been looking for a doll for over a month. That is some of the reason I didn't start earlier. But they are hard to find and they are freaking expensive. I went with the cheapest I could find which was $20. The one that pooped was $50 and the one recommended was almost $70. Puh-lease! Two of the ones I found were so creepy looking I couldn't even get them into my cart. So I settled on this semi creepy looking Baby Alive "Get better soon" doll. It didn't have a potty but I figured I could use Lily's little Elmo potty. But I took it out for a practice run last night and it is not easy to master. You have to basically give it drink on the potty as the liquid goes right through. Not easy but I am thinking she will get the picture. I felt like a perv holding my finger over her peehole to get the thing to potty before it leaked on me. So without further ado...creepy baby doll my friends.

Now you may say "Steph...she isn't that creepy." But she hasn't been looking at you with the creepy plastic eyes and she hasn't already peed on you. Real live demonstration pictures/videos to come.
I have to succeed now. Because if I don't my failure will be all over the Internet world. I expect you all to support me. And if I do fail to at least offer a chuckle while I am washing the poo off my face. I will do a follow up post for your personal viewing pleasure next week.....
And remember: It is so awesome to be bad ass. I ain't scared of no poop.


Just Like Mommy!

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

first grade girl handed in the drawing below for a homework assignment...

After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note:

Dear Ms. Davis,
I want to be very clear on my child's illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This drawing is of me selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington


Impact Dash: Consignment Sales Part One

Check it out!

Consignment Sales
Part One: Shopping

Consignment sales are popping up all of the country from churches to local mother’s groups. The basic concept of a consignment sale is families selling their gently used children items at a centralized location. The sponsor keeps a cut of the profits and the families get a check for their sold items and the satisfaction of a clean closet. The primary difference between a consignment sale and a consignment shop is the length of the sale. A typical sale last less than a week, has a larger selection, and boasts lower prices than a shop.

There are more reasons than simple economics to consignment shop. Consignment sales reduce waste by reusing toys, clothes, and shoes. Furthermore, little to no packaging waste is present from these items. Most toys are out of the package and ready for play. But we must not forget the personal benefit of not having to assemble the toys and fight with the torturous twisty ties. After all these are a parent’s arch nemesis.

I remember exactly when my Mommy friend introduced me to the world of consignment sales in February 2008. I was six months pregnant with my daughter and determined to raise her on a limited and eco-friendly budget. My friend Baker said she had just the place for me: consignment sales. I didn’t even know these existed in a context other than my local thrift store. But Baker had been consignment sale shopping since she was pregnant. With her recent decision to be a stay at home Mom, she found it a necessary task to help maintain their current lifestyle. She now volunteers and sells at a handful of sales around the area.

When I walked into the warehouse style building it was liked I had walked into the pearly gates of Mommy heaven. But heaven was a bit overwhelming. Every item imaginable for children, newborn to teenager, was within view. I was an amateur at the time, and just wandered around grabbing what I thought was a good deal and throwing it into a stroller. I remember looking over at Baker and wondering how she seemed to be doing so much better than me. Of course her daughter was six months old at the time and she had obviously been to more than one of these sales. With list in hand, and a sense of focus, she trucked on and ended up with more than one envy-worthy deal. Over the year I have become quite the professional consignment shopper, and can clothe my child for an entire season for about 150 dollars. This includes holiday dresses!

There are some definite tricks of the trade to be a successful consignment shopper. This is not an instance you can go in blindly and wander the racks for the deals as I once did. At least not if you want to come out with items you actually need. Here are a few secrets to effective consignment shopping:

1. Early shopping. Look into early shopping opportunities. For example, a lot of sales will let volunteers, sellers, first time mothers, mothers of multiples, or pregnant mothers shop a day early. Just search the website and register. This guarantees you get the best loot and the crowds are smaller.

2.Map. Obtain a map of the sale layout. This is especially useful in larger sales. This will keep you focused and prevent aimless wandering. The sales are fairly busy so keeping focus is important in the madness.

3. Lists, lists, lists. Pre-plan by making a list of all your needs/wants. For example, in January I look for spring/summer clothes for my toddler including shorts, short sleeve shirts and sandals. Sales are usually bi-annual and seasonal making this task easier. Be as detailed as you can by listing the number of a certain item you need (i.e. five pairs of shorts, two pairs of jeans, white sandals). Use your map to locate where listed items are located and plan accordingly.

4. Research. If your kid loves the kitchen at Susie Q’s, note the make and model and tuck it away. Even better look up the retail price, that way you know if you are getting a good deal. It is not unusual to see a few of the same toy with different prices. Knowing in advance the new price will help you determine if it is a good deal for the condition it is in.

5. Think Big. Big ticket items should be your first stop. I remember when I was looking for a wagon for Lil’ E it was impossible to find. This is a hot consignment buy. Clothing should be your last stop. Just like any good sale, the good stuff goes first!

6. Think Fancy. I buy all of Lil’ E’s special occasion attire at consignment sales. Every Easter, Christmas, or portrait dress has been second hand. The reasoning? These are items your kid only wears once. That means the other kid probably only wore it once as well. They are always in great shape, and they are easy to spot on the racks. I usually don’t pay more than $5-15 dollars for a dress on consignment where at retail prices would cost me no less than $50. Don’t forget dress shoes!

7. Bring a stroller and reusable bags. Carts are not usually provided so this is an excellent way to cart your goodies while shopping. If you are just clothing shopping a large reusable shopping bag is extremely handy. Also beware that some sales charge you for bags, and they are mandatory for security reasons. If you bring your own you can avoid the added cost.

8. Bring a friend, but leave your children at home if you can. The lines can be long during core hours so be prepared to wait. A friend to chat with, or divide and conquer, can be a valuable tool. If you do have to bring your children, be prepared with entertainment such as a favorite book, and a few snacks.

These combined with a little bit of practice can help you to be an effective shopper. It is very easy to be overwhelmed or get wrapped up in the excitement of it all and end up with a huge pile of items you didn’t necessarily need. If you do feel overwhelmed just refer back to your list and ask yourself if you really need it.

Remember to wash all of your clothes when you get home, and wipe down all toys with a disinfectant prior to play.


Jackson's 2nd Birthday

This weekend we went to Charlotte for a birthday party for adorable Jackson over at Just the Two of Us. It was at Gymboree Play and Music. Let me tell you that place ROCKED! It is on my list of places to have Lily's birthday party. Mainly because you get the whole place to yourself which is pretty much awesome.

Lily loved climbing on the obstacles. She wasn't the best at following the directions of the party leader/instructor. Being one of the older toddlers there I expected more but there was so many cool things to distract her it made it impossible to focus.

She climbed over and through a ton of things. One of my only complaints is she kept tripping over the mats. It may be useful to make the whole room a mat.

This is her not following directions but intent on concentrating on the teacher. The teacher was a young guy that did great with the kids, including learning most of their names. Lily was the only toddler girl there so he took a liking to her, even if the feeling wasn't quite as mutual. She wasn't a fan of him pulling her around in the carts, etc. She preferred to be running or climbing.

The theme of the party was "things that go" which is Jackson's favorite right now. This is the birthday boy on his pretend truck! Vroom Vroom. I wish I had an adult size wheelie thing! It looked fun!

This is Jackson's friend Nate. Adorable! He is not quite one and walking like a champ already.

This is Lily doing the "airplane" She walked on top of the tube only to jump off the end in what I called a crash landing!

I love this picture. She was so good during the party and climbed over everything with little to no help. Of course I still hovered like she needed the help!

And these two just make me laugh!

Is it bad I wanted to roll her and push the wheel off the base? It sounds fun to me!

Lily found a square block.....

And then a square smart. Actually I was more impressed she was tall enough to get it in there. She does love shape sorters.

Mommy and Lily pitching a fit....

Bubble Time. This place had the coolest bubble blower. I have to get one. If you see a Gymboree bubble wand anywhere buy it STAT! It rocks. And make sure to pick me one up too. The guy said they are a hot commodity. When the hit the shelf they are gone!

Daddy and Lily popping bubbles; I guess that is better than making bubbles (SNL!)

Parachute time. Old school. I didn't know they still did this stuff but it was my favorite in school.

Lily wore this hat! She wouldn't wear the one on her birthday. Maybe we will have to try again this year.

Or maybe not....

Jackson refused to wear his on top of his head and preferred the unicorn look.

Thanks for inviting us Jackson we had so much fun!


Baby Sleepover

We had a few visitors on Friday night. This is really one of Lily's first friend sleepovers. Our friend Mike Rose welcomed Baby Michael (Mick) last fall so he is just at five months. We were so happy to finally get to meet him since they live in Chicago. And they were excited to escape the single digit winter for a few days. And Brent is hold his son William (Will) who is about seven months now.

The kids had so much fun! Will is pretty mobile and we had fun laughing at his inch worm crawl. And Mick just stared at everyone in amazement. Lily was very well behaved and gave the boys kisses and hugs and even shared her beloved Sesame Street stickers.

Michael Rose III

Lily and Michael. She takes after her Mommy who has a thing for Michaels! It was crazy that we had three Michaels in the house. A little confusing too!

This picture makes me laugh. Mainly because you can tell whose the parent of each kid

1. Michael: I can just hear him saying "wassup" is his deep voice, just chillin. Just like Daddy!
2. Lily: I am sooo over this can't I just get back to my toy? Just like Mommy!
3. Will: I heard there was a party and there were going to be chicks! Just Like Daddy!

I think we wore all the kids out! And possibly the parents!

We stayed up waaaaayyyy toooo late. And a lot of dirty looks to the other parent of each other's child were passed as some stumbled out of bed later than others. You could definitely tell which were the parents that had to get up early with the kids! They were the ones not happy :)
We had so much fun and it was so great to see everyone. I will say at one point I looked around the room and the ten people and three kids and thought: Five years ago who would have thought this would constitute and awesome time with friends. But it was great! My house was full of laughter and love for the whole night.


Happy Birthday Uncle Craig

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Craig! I love you!



Find a Cure for MID

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My friend Nicole over at Fantabulous Faby's is going through what we went through twice in the same year...ear tubes. But as I read her post of the frustrations of worrying about her toddler, I started thinking about mine as well. It seems like eons ago when I too was in a constant state of tension with illness and decisions, and information overload. I feel like I am constantly scared of something for her, which is normal. But it is frustrating. And although at the moment we are not struggling with those decisions it is a situation that is constantly in flux.

Nicole, just like me, is going through what I call MID (Mommy Instinct Doubt). I obviously do not think this is a technical term for the subject but it is what I find myself doing more often than not when it comes to medical decisions, or evaluations, or preschool decisions, basically any decision.

It starts before they are born. Do you want the first trimester screen, do you want the 18 week scan for down syndrome, do you want...blah blah blah. Yes I want it all! Or do I? Constant state of doubt. I have started to tell all my friends to not read "what to expect when you are expecting" because all it does is scare the crap out of you.

Then Lily got her first ear I let it run its course? Do I get another antibiotic? Is she going to get some incurable strand of a staph infection from all the antibiotics? Do I get the tubes? OH MY GOD!

Even after you make a decision you doubt it. We got the tubes and as she screamed after waking from the anesthesia I questioned my decision. What have I done to my poor child?! I am a horrible mother. Then they did a follow up hearing test post tubes and she still didn't fair to well. All that for nothing!?

And then I remembered what I should have looked to (and maybe had and didn't know it) from the start. My Mommy instinct. It usually does not fail me. Like when they told me she failed her hearing test and I immediately got the tubes, mainly out of fear (or so I thought). But really I had been leaning towards the tubes anyway because it was a continual relief that didn't require medicine. I knew the side effects of the medicine bothered her. Then she failed it after the tubes and I panicked. But then I realized that I knew she could hear fine because it never failed to wake her if the dog barked outside at the passing deer. The technician doing the test didn't know my child. She didn't see her hear an Elmo song from downstairs and get excited. They just used some nonprecise method to determine how my child ranked against others. Little did she know the toy they gave her during the excercise was identical to one of her favorites at school. But I knew that.

I remember the time I came home from a bike ride and my mother came rushing out to meet me. She just knew something was wrong. I wasn't crying when I pulled in but when I saw her I burst into to tears. I had fallen off my bike on the way home and was pretty banged up under my jeans and in a lot of pain. She knew, although visually you could see nothing.

So remember to just trust in what we know is there; the fact that we know our kids is the what really matters. And for those Mom's that know something is wrong and no doctor can pinpoint it, keep pushing. Because Mommy Instinct usually ends up being right! We just need to have more faith in ourselves and what we are capable of. No one knows your child better than you....So don't let MID rule your life. Don't we have enough day to day stuff to worry about? Like how to hide a toddler's busted lip in an upcoming family portrait?


Beautiful Blogger

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So here's The Rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on you blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about you

Thanks Suz over at Suz's Treats for nominating me. Suz and I have known each other since college and she pretty much rocks. No really she does. First she is sorority sister of mine so she definitely rocks a little more in my heart. Second she always cooks and forces me to eat fabulous goodies when I see her. Third we always rock out country music together at concerts. KENNY! And finally she is a sweet as the treats she makes. So to sum it up a country music loving Chi Omega who is sweet and can cook. Lots of brownie points in my book!

1. I was a childhood model...for Roses. Not saying much :)
2. My Old Navy Credit Card stays maxed out....which is why I won't let them raise my $200 dollar limit from college.
3. My favorite Winter Olympic sport is Curling....shuffleboard with a twist!
4. I love taking pictures, writing, anything artsy. But I just don't have as much time as I would like for it.
5. My husband and I have been together ten years this month...including our almost five years of marriage.
6. I drink soda straight out of the 2L...but don't worry I always open a fresh bottle of Cola for guests :)
7. I only like water out of straw where I don't have to taste it's nastiness. My addiction to diet soda plays into this a bit. I am seeking help with my local addiction agency.


Potty Animal

Lily went PooPoo in the potty today. The very first time any activity other than singing and reading has occurred! It was the worlds littlest poopoo but it still counts. I would compare it to a wet fart actually. But either way it happened suckers! I have the smartest kid in the whole world.

hahahahaahahaah that is my insanely happy laugh in case you were wondering.


Happy Valentine's Day

>> Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here is one of my Valentines! My little Lily. Our Vday was low key this year. Michael and I decided to just do cards and something small. So I got him some candy and he got me flowers. We got Lily a little Elmo story reader. The best $1 I ever spent was on some Elmo Stickers and Big Bird, Cookie, and Elmo action figures from the dollar bin in Target. I should have benched the story reader! Michael made a big breakfast and we all ate together as a family.
Still carrying around the action figures....
We put Lily to bed early so we could have a quiet dinner by ourselves. I made fondue. Can I say fondue cheese that you buy from the fancy cheese department at Lowe's food is PRICEY! 13 dollars each for the cheese and chocolate. Holy Moly! Then all the sides: bread, apples, cheesecake, brownies, pound cakes, brocolli....I can actually here myself getting fatter. So I would say we spent 40 bucks on everything. But that is still about $100 bucks cheaper than the melting pot and boy was it yummy. It was nice to get some quiet time. Then we curled up in bed and watched some TV after we put up a mountain of laundry.

I realized halfway through dinner that I had not showered and had no make up on. I was wearing an old ratty Tshirt and sweatpants. Wow. Seriously? I should have made a little more effort?! At least Michael showered. He didn't seem to notice though. That is why my Valentine rocks. He likes me sweatpants and all!
Here is a goofy picture of my Valentine! He didn't even wait for me to sit down before he chowed down on the fondue. It looked like so little when I melted it but we wobbled away from the dinner table after only eating half. I wonder if Fondue saves overnight and reheats decently? We will see!

Happy Valentine's Day!


20 Months

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lily is 20 months old today. Wow! Really? No really! It amazes me even writing it. But alas she is. Her biggest accomplishment at 20 months old is her language explosion. She can repeat anything. I mean anything! She just goes on and on. Most long conversations I cannot understand, but I sure pretend I do and she will just go on and on. mmmmm does anyone else know anyone like that?

She saying simple complete sentences
-I fix it
-Mommy fix it!
-I help it
-I love you Mommy
-I love you Daddy

She is giving clear and concise demands
-Open please
-Eat please
-Stuck Mommy
-Up please
-Hurt! (with finger stuck out ready for a kiss!)

She has started talking on the phone to people
-I love you!
-Bye Bye Mommy, I love you!
She always seems to be talking to cousin Renee on the phone. Which is odd since she has never talked to her on the phone!

Her favorite toy is her Zhu Zhu pet that she simply puts in and out of its hamster ball. The ZhuZhu is "mouse." Sometimes the mouse gets stuck in the ball and Mommy needs to "open please" to free him or some other poor unsuspecting toy she has trapped in there. She carries the ball around putting things in and out and "fixing it"

She has also started getting potty introduction. We have yet to get a pee pee in the potty but we sing about it and watch Elmo talk about it. Now I am looking for a doll that pees in the potty before we dive head, or should I say butt, first into learning.

I can tell she is getting taller and taller everyday because her pants actually fit her now! Some are even getting too short. Maybe she won't be of midget status like her Mommy. There is hope. But I have started looking ahead and all clothes are in 2T and 3T from now on.

All I know is that when I see her now she is a big girl. Not a baby. From her personality and appearance to her expressions, she is big all the way around.


Nearly Wordless Wednesday

A sick family led to some silly pictures this weekend.....

Curled up in our chairs watching TV, because that is what sick people do.

And sick people pitch fits for no apparent reason.....

But by Sunday Lily was feeling better so she entertained Mommy and Daddy while we laid on the couch.

Silly faces mixed with silly hats!


McFatty Monday Week 5

>> Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One day late! Sorry....I mean in snowed in NC! The city shuts down as does McFatty Monday.

I lost two pounds. That is impressive after being snowed in and eating pizza for an entire weekend! Why do we always crash and burn on the weekends. If I had the will power I exhibit during the week on the weekends I would be a size 2. Okay a size 10...but who is counting. Seriously the weekends kill me.

As does the Papa Johns they just opened next to my house. Stephaine, you do not have to make up for five years of not having Papa Johns in the first month it is open. I promise it will still be there when you are twenty pounds lighter.

I even exercised twice this week. Now I know you are like twice? Seriously she is excited about that? What a loser. I sit on my arse all week! This is an accomplishment for me. Most days I am too tired to watch TV on the couch and I just go upstairs to pass out. So WHATEVER!! I am pumped.

Now my goal was to exercise way more than that. But small steps, small steps. I am getting there.

I increased my water a lot this past week. A lot. I am limiting my soda (so only three a day-ha!) and chugging water the rest of the day. My goal is to have one soda in the morning and then switch to water all day until I get home. That is a compromise, right? I can't give up EVERYTHING I LOVE!


5 Things that happen on 2 hour delay days....

1. We get to sleep a total of eight hours during the week (well at least Mommy and Daddy do!-Lily always sleeps at least ten hours.

2. We get to read books and play!
3. We get to say goodbye to Daddy before a business trip :(
4. We get to relax and not feel so rushed...there is a change
5. We get to take pictures of all the fun!


Baby Bauer Weekend

>> Monday, February 01, 2010

This weekend I traveled to Gtown to help host a baby shower for my lovely friend Brooke. Now anyone that lives in NC knows that we had a major snow storm this weekend. So needless to say the days leading up to the shower were extremely stressful. Do we cancel? Do we move it? Do we continue on? Well little did Brooke know that her best friend Erin and Erin's cousin Emmy were flying into to Charlotte for the weekend. Hence canceling was not really an option.
After a little convincing and a bribe of driving her to Gtown myself we pushed on. We left early Friday to avoid the storm, and her husband was coming up later in the night (right in the middle of the storm!). We made it safe and sound (as did Scott later that night) and even detoured to get Meg (yet another hostess from Winston). After a lot of back and forth we decided to move the shower to Brooke's Mom's house, and away from the ice house that was the original location.
First can I say that we invited about eighty people to this shower, and as of that morning we were expecting about eight due to the weather. This was a massive shower that was threatened by crazy NC weather. A little disappointing but we knew Brooke seeing Erin would make up for any sadness she had over the weather effing with her weekend.
Well the shower was a hit. We had a little over TWENTY show up, and Brooke cried when she saw Erin. Win-Win! Can I just say our friends are the most awesomest of all friends. Everyone of our circle showed up and braved the weather. Every one of them. How freaking great is that. It even made me a little emotional to see how great everyone was to come out. It was definitely unexpected and showed how we all stick together.
I don't think anyone could have been happier. It was the perfect sized shower and I think the perfect people were there to share in the celebration of Baby Bauer. She got some ADORABLE stuff, and it was all so tiny. (:Sigh: this is not helping my baby bug. Thanks Brooke!)
We still had enough food for fifty which was our pre weather number attending and I am sad to say we devoured most of it! But it was so yummy. Erin made these Cake Pops that were a huge hit. I mean it is cake mixed with icing and dipped in candy. What is not to love?
After the shower some of us headed back to Jenna's to hang out since we were all going a little stir crazy from the snow. I unsuccessful tried to talk everyone into night sledding. This just proves how old everyone is! What party poopers.
Jenna made a fab chili and we turned in early (for us anyway!)
A good weekend for a Baby Party! See I don't care what anyone says....the weather can't hold us down. We never miss an excuse for a party. And baby Bauer will be the same, and that is an order, sir.
We made it back Sunday as well. It was not easy and the four wheel drive on the Pathfinder blew threw more than a few tanks of gas but it was so worth it to see Brooke so happy and spoiled! We dropped Meg off in Winston and headed home to play in the snow. It was nice to come home to a winter wonderland. Even if I did have to go to work the next day!

Note: the adorable baby is my friend Mandy's little girl freaking adorable is she?