Jackson's 2nd Birthday

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

This weekend we went to Charlotte for a birthday party for adorable Jackson over at Just the Two of Us. It was at Gymboree Play and Music. Let me tell you that place ROCKED! It is on my list of places to have Lily's birthday party. Mainly because you get the whole place to yourself which is pretty much awesome.

Lily loved climbing on the obstacles. She wasn't the best at following the directions of the party leader/instructor. Being one of the older toddlers there I expected more but there was so many cool things to distract her it made it impossible to focus.

She climbed over and through a ton of things. One of my only complaints is she kept tripping over the mats. It may be useful to make the whole room a mat.

This is her not following directions but intent on concentrating on the teacher. The teacher was a young guy that did great with the kids, including learning most of their names. Lily was the only toddler girl there so he took a liking to her, even if the feeling wasn't quite as mutual. She wasn't a fan of him pulling her around in the carts, etc. She preferred to be running or climbing.

The theme of the party was "things that go" which is Jackson's favorite right now. This is the birthday boy on his pretend truck! Vroom Vroom. I wish I had an adult size wheelie thing! It looked fun!

This is Jackson's friend Nate. Adorable! He is not quite one and walking like a champ already.

This is Lily doing the "airplane" She walked on top of the tube only to jump off the end in what I called a crash landing!

I love this picture. She was so good during the party and climbed over everything with little to no help. Of course I still hovered like she needed the help!

And these two just make me laugh!

Is it bad I wanted to roll her and push the wheel off the base? It sounds fun to me!

Lily found a square block.....

And then a square hole......so smart. Actually I was more impressed she was tall enough to get it in there. She does love shape sorters.

Mommy and Lily pitching a fit....

Bubble Time. This place had the coolest bubble blower. I have to get one. If you see a Gymboree bubble wand anywhere buy it STAT! It rocks. And make sure to pick me one up too. The guy said they are a hot commodity. When the hit the shelf they are gone!

Daddy and Lily popping bubbles; I guess that is better than making bubbles (SNL!)

Parachute time. Old school. I didn't know they still did this stuff but it was my favorite in school.

Lily wore this hat! She wouldn't wear the one on her birthday. Maybe we will have to try again this year.

Or maybe not....

Jackson refused to wear his on top of his head and preferred the unicorn look.

Thanks for inviting us Jackson we had so much fun!


Sharla Collins February 22, 2010 at 2:12 PM  
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Sharla Collins February 22, 2010 at 2:13 PM  

I'm so glad you guys could come!!! We had a blast :) Thanks for the post and pics!

Susan February 24, 2010 at 12:33 PM  

I just have to say - Lily looks BEAUTIFUL in these pictures!!!