Baby Sleepover

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

We had a few visitors on Friday night. This is really one of Lily's first friend sleepovers. Our friend Mike Rose welcomed Baby Michael (Mick) last fall so he is just at five months. We were so happy to finally get to meet him since they live in Chicago. And they were excited to escape the single digit winter for a few days. And Brent is hold his son William (Will) who is about seven months now.

The kids had so much fun! Will is pretty mobile and we had fun laughing at his inch worm crawl. And Mick just stared at everyone in amazement. Lily was very well behaved and gave the boys kisses and hugs and even shared her beloved Sesame Street stickers.

Michael Rose III

Lily and Michael. She takes after her Mommy who has a thing for Michaels! It was crazy that we had three Michaels in the house. A little confusing too!

This picture makes me laugh. Mainly because you can tell whose the parent of each kid

1. Michael: I can just hear him saying "wassup" is his deep voice, just chillin. Just like Daddy!
2. Lily: I am sooo over this can't I just get back to my toy? Just like Mommy!
3. Will: I heard there was a party and there were going to be chicks! Just Like Daddy!

I think we wore all the kids out! And possibly the parents!

We stayed up waaaaayyyy toooo late. And a lot of dirty looks to the other parent of each other's child were passed as some stumbled out of bed later than others. You could definitely tell which were the parents that had to get up early with the kids! They were the ones not happy :)
We had so much fun and it was so great to see everyone. I will say at one point I looked around the room and the ten people and three kids and thought: Five years ago who would have thought this would constitute and awesome time with friends. But it was great! My house was full of laughter and love for the whole night.


CLARK711 February 25, 2010 at 12:40 PM  

Had a blast! Cannot wait to do it again.