20 Months

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lily is 20 months old today. Wow! Really? No really! It amazes me even writing it. But alas she is. Her biggest accomplishment at 20 months old is her language explosion. She can repeat anything. I mean anything! She just goes on and on. Most long conversations I cannot understand, but I sure pretend I do and she will just go on and on. mmmmm does anyone else know anyone like that?

She saying simple complete sentences
-I fix it
-Mommy fix it!
-I help it
-I love you Mommy
-I love you Daddy

She is giving clear and concise demands
-Open please
-Eat please
-Stuck Mommy
-Up please
-Hurt! (with finger stuck out ready for a kiss!)

She has started talking on the phone to people
-I love you!
-Bye Bye Mommy, I love you!
She always seems to be talking to cousin Renee on the phone. Which is odd since she has never talked to her on the phone!

Her favorite toy is her Zhu Zhu pet that she simply puts in and out of its hamster ball. The ZhuZhu is "mouse." Sometimes the mouse gets stuck in the ball and Mommy needs to "open please" to free him or some other poor unsuspecting toy she has trapped in there. She carries the ball around putting things in and out and "fixing it"

She has also started getting potty introduction. We have yet to get a pee pee in the potty but we sing about it and watch Elmo talk about it. Now I am looking for a doll that pees in the potty before we dive head, or should I say butt, first into learning.

I can tell she is getting taller and taller everyday because her pants actually fit her now! Some are even getting too short. Maybe she won't be of midget status like her Mommy. There is hope. But I have started looking ahead and all clothes are in 2T and 3T from now on.

All I know is that when I see her now she is a big girl. Not a baby. From her personality and appearance to her expressions, she is big all the way around.