Baby Bauer Weekend

>> Monday, February 01, 2010

This weekend I traveled to Gtown to help host a baby shower for my lovely friend Brooke. Now anyone that lives in NC knows that we had a major snow storm this weekend. So needless to say the days leading up to the shower were extremely stressful. Do we cancel? Do we move it? Do we continue on? Well little did Brooke know that her best friend Erin and Erin's cousin Emmy were flying into to Charlotte for the weekend. Hence canceling was not really an option.
After a little convincing and a bribe of driving her to Gtown myself we pushed on. We left early Friday to avoid the storm, and her husband was coming up later in the night (right in the middle of the storm!). We made it safe and sound (as did Scott later that night) and even detoured to get Meg (yet another hostess from Winston). After a lot of back and forth we decided to move the shower to Brooke's Mom's house, and away from the ice house that was the original location.
First can I say that we invited about eighty people to this shower, and as of that morning we were expecting about eight due to the weather. This was a massive shower that was threatened by crazy NC weather. A little disappointing but we knew Brooke seeing Erin would make up for any sadness she had over the weather effing with her weekend.
Well the shower was a hit. We had a little over TWENTY show up, and Brooke cried when she saw Erin. Win-Win! Can I just say our friends are the most awesomest of all friends. Everyone of our circle showed up and braved the weather. Every one of them. How freaking great is that. It even made me a little emotional to see how great everyone was to come out. It was definitely unexpected and showed how we all stick together.
I don't think anyone could have been happier. It was the perfect sized shower and I think the perfect people were there to share in the celebration of Baby Bauer. She got some ADORABLE stuff, and it was all so tiny. (:Sigh: this is not helping my baby bug. Thanks Brooke!)
We still had enough food for fifty which was our pre weather number attending and I am sad to say we devoured most of it! But it was so yummy. Erin made these Cake Pops that were a huge hit. I mean it is cake mixed with icing and dipped in candy. What is not to love?
After the shower some of us headed back to Jenna's to hang out since we were all going a little stir crazy from the snow. I unsuccessful tried to talk everyone into night sledding. This just proves how old everyone is! What party poopers.
Jenna made a fab chili and we turned in early (for us anyway!)
A good weekend for a Baby Party! See I don't care what anyone says....the weather can't hold us down. We never miss an excuse for a party. And baby Bauer will be the same, and that is an order, sir.
We made it back Sunday as well. It was not easy and the four wheel drive on the Pathfinder blew threw more than a few tanks of gas but it was so worth it to see Brooke so happy and spoiled! We dropped Meg off in Winston and headed home to play in the snow. It was nice to come home to a winter wonderland. Even if I did have to go to work the next day!

Note: the adorable baby is my friend Mandy's little girl freaking adorable is she?


Trish February 2, 2010 at 8:29 AM  

glad you guys were still able to have the shower...the weather has been horrible. I love the sports theme for the shower, what a cute idea!